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15 Aug

We made it home from California yesterday! What a trip! What a week! I didn’t bring my computer ON PURPOSE so now I’m playing massive catchup. But I haven’t had a TRUE vacation with no emailing and no blogging since, well…. since Cruz was born I guess! Crazy. It was so great to get away. We started the week with a few days in San Diego before heading North to photograph the wedding we had. And I have to say that San Diego has GOT to me on the top of my list of places I’d move to tomorrow. I mean, for real. If we had a chance to move there, I’d move in one big, huge giant heartbeat.

We love it there.

The wedding we shot was fabulous. Filming our promo video was a insane amount of fun. We have more filming to finish up in October, so I’m really looking forward to that. Mostly, I can’t wait to see it all come together and to use it as a way for couples to visually see who they are hiring for their wedding day or Lifestyle Session. We’ve dreamed about doing our promo video since very early on in our business, so it’s pretty nuts that it’s here and that we are doing it.

Then we went to Disneyland! And it was such a blast, except taking two kiddos who are in diapers and strollers is a MESS LOAD of work. And I made the decision this time that we were NOT leaving the park for naps so they just had to sleep wherever we were. It was interesting. No one napped, really. But it actually really did beat having to trudge OUT of the park and back IN to the park all in the name of good naps. It was better this way! But, still exhausting because Cruz didn’t nap at all and then had a really hard time crashing in the stroller come bedtime because he was WAY to excited to be at Disneyland. So he didn’t go to bed until past eleven for both nights we were there. Which made the car ride home, well…. interesting to say the least!

All in all, we had a GREAT time. It’s awesome to be home. We are back to the grind and hitting the ground running this Monday morning. Although I DO wish I could be on vacation, permanently. Wouldn’t that rock? Yes. And I DO have a major itch to move to San Diego now. It’s pretty much my dream place to live someday.

Maybe someday!

I hope everyone has a great Monday! Here’s to a fresh week of work, creativity, and exhausting new hurdles to jump through with my ‘terrible two’s toddler’, I’m sure!



26 Apr

Tomorrow, we are heading here:

Yes, we are going to Austin, Texas!! We are photographing a wedding out there for a very sweet couple and we are so excited! They have been on our calendar for a year now so we have been anticipating this for awhile now! So stoked that it’s here!

We decided to stay a few extra days while we are there AND we are bringing the boys with us! Little mini-vaca while we work. We’ve landed some other Lifestyle Sessions and the wedding is on Friday! So while we are there, we are going to try to see this:

Did you know that a million bats fly out from under a famous bridge EVERY NIGHT in the downtown area at dusk??? CRAZY and I can’t wait to see it!

Pray for us as we fly with the boys. Cruz is SO excited to go in an airplane! And my sister and her husband are coming with us to help us with the crazy monkeys.

So fun!

favorite pictures lately

19 Oct

It’s a crazy season for us in our house. Not only did we just have a baby, but this is the busiest time of year for us for Session Nine Photography. Don’t get me wrong; we are SO grateful that God is blessing our business like He is. I am so blessed to stay home with our two kiddos and work at the same time.

But we are BUSY!

Since I had a c-section, my doctor doesn’t really want me working until I’m at week 6 or 7 post baby. I’ve done a couple family shoots, that lasted an hour, but weddings are pretty much out of the question. Weddings are one of my favorite things to photograph, so it’s been a bummer to sit out of the FOUR weddings we had this month. But I do need to heal and take care of myself and my family, so I haven’t pushed the issue. It’s only a season.

So Jason’s done a huge majority of the photographing for us this past month and he’s just doing awesome! I wanted to post several of my favorite pictures that we’ve taken as of lately to share with you what we have been working on. You can also check out our work on our website too. We have a few more posts this week that I’m pretty excited about too. So take a peek there this week too!

It’s been a good season for us, although incredibly busy. And even though I haven’t been able to photograph as much these past few weeks, it’s still so amazing that we get the privilege of working at our art to provide for our living. It’s something I won’t ever take for-granted.


26 Apr

It’s been busy. We’ve been busy.

Things are good though! I’d rather be busy than not… I mean, aside from the lack of time I’ve spent with some of my besties, I’m happy to have business and with the ability to do something that I’m so passionate about.

We’ve been blessed to have our wedding calendar fill up, which I’m thrilled about! There is just something about a couple in love that is just so perfect! When their love is infectious and contagious, you can’t help but long to be apart of it- even if you’re just catching a glimpse of it. Just long enough to take a picture. And even the picture doesn’t quite capture how deep their love is.

I love that.

I thought I’d post a few pictures of a wedding we recently did and an engagement session we recently did. These are two completely different couples, both of which were exactly what I described above.

In love. Excited to be starting life together. And loving every minute of it.

We love every minute of this. Have I mentioned that we love what we do? It still rocks my face off that this is my profession.

Check out these lovelies…

And the greatest of these is love….”