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it’s a BOY!!

22 Apr

Yes, to our complete shock and amazement- we are having ANOTHER BOY!!!

You should have seen our faces in the ultrasound room. Shock. Pure shock. Then, we were hit with an immediate wall of pure joy!! Due to contrary belief, I NEVER had my heart SET on having a girl. I just thought for sure that it was one because these two pregnancies have been entirely different. I’ve always seen myself with all boys, but we OF COURSE would have been happy and ecstatic either way! So I never only wanted a girl. I never was going to be sad to hear it was a boy.

The opposite happened.

We are beyond thrilled to be having another boy!! Cruz has been the biggest blessing of our lives and now we get to have another one?? He’s going to be a big brother?? To a little brother?? Geesh. I’m so overwhelmed with the thought of this- and a little exhausted, I’m not going to lie! HA! Boys are a lot of work!

The ultrasound went perfectly. My doctor said that she was “very impressed” with how amazing things look. He couldn’t be healthier. Wow. That’s music to a new mom’s ears! Boy or girl- as long as it’s healthy and happy, then I’m perfect no matter what!┬áHe’s a very active little guy- she couldn’t keep him under the doppler for very long! But she was able to check everything out and everything looks perfect. He’s already weighing (approximately) 11 ounces. I tend to have big babies, so this doesn’t really surprise me. He wasn’t big enough to move my due date, so as it stands, this little man is still due to arrive on September 17th, 2010. But probably more like October. I’m not holding my breath for delivering early. I’ve only gained 4 lbs and the doctor couldn’t be happier with the progress of this little boy.

Little boy??!! My heart is going to explode, I’m pretty sure!

We DO have a name picked out and are thrilled to announce that his name will be Rider Easton Williams. We absolutely love it and can’t wait for Cruz and Rider to grow up, play together, fight together, and be best friends! The idea of raising TWO boys to be Godly men is slightly overwhelming, but God has entrusted us with these two little boys for a reason and a purpose. My heart is beating so fast because I am so, so, SO excited and can’t wait to meet him and introduce him to all of you!

Wow. Two boys. TWO BOYS?!

What a joyful, happy day for us!

Onto the nursery planning! And his crib IS going to be green!

Welcome to our crazy life, Rider Easton Williams! You and Cruz are already our little rock stars!

baby #2!!

3 Feb

Yep, it’s true! I am officially pregnant with Baby #2! It was pretty crazy news to us since it’s not something we were planning just quite yet. And considering that our whole life is pretty unpredictable, why not just throw this in the mix too?! Ha!

In all seriousness, we are beyond thrilled. Even though this is not exactly what we had originally planned or had in mind for our family in this particular moment, we have fully come to realize that God is in complete control and has never given us more than He could take care of. From the moment of Cruz’s arrival into our life, He has shown us again and again and again how He planned to take care of him for us. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that He’s planned and orchestrated all this for us. There’s a small part of me that thinks we are crazy for having another baby. Ha! Somedays I can barely handle Cruz. What am I going to do with two??? But I also have a huge peace about this. And I am excited to become a mommy again to another magnificent little person who will be another huge blessing to us in so many ways that I’ll experience all over again.

And if this kid is as half as cool as Cruz I might just shrivel up and die. Or my heart might explode. Or something.

So this is the piece of the puzzle that changes everything about the thought of moving out of state. I’m completely freaked out to move to Seattle with a two-year old and a newborn with no family and friends. That is very scary and real to me. I’m not opposed to the idea either, at all. But this is what has been making our decision even harder. So we’ll see what happens! I’m trying to rely on God, and go into our trip to Seattle with an open heart and mind. But still keeping our opportunity here in mind as well. We have A LOT to think about and A LOT of factors to weigh. At the end of the day, we are going to do what is absolutely best for Cruz, Baby #2 and me and Jay.

And in the meantime, I’m constantly reminded that Cruz is going to be a big brother. And that thought is super, super weird! Ha!

I am due September 17th, 2010. But really, that means that I’m probably going to have this baby in October. Cruz was like, two weeks late- ok not really, but nine days sure feels like a lifetime when you’re HUGE. So I’m taking my “due date” with a grain of salt for sure.

We’ve already been to the doctors, had an ultrasound and seen this little one’s heartbeat! So pregnancy for me is in full swing and I’m about 8 weeks along- completed with the mood swings, nausea, extreme fatigue, and being starving all the time. But for the most part, I’ve had it easy this far. I seem to have pretty easy pregnancies, which I’m grateful for.

So, onto a new journey! It always seems to be a new journey with us these days. Thanks for riding along with us!