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dear cruz,

30 Nov

You turned 2 this month. Two years old. TWO. I just know I am going to blink and you’ll be turning 14 soon.

And I am so not ready for that.

It’s been a crazy season, ever since we brought brother home. That first week home with the two of you was probably one of the hardest weeks of my entire life. I thought for sure that you were wondering if things were ever going to be the same again. I wondered if you were confused. I wondered if you were mad at me. And that thought almost killed me. But over the past almost 12 weeks, daddy and I have watched you adapt and grow to really love your little brother. And nothing warms my heart more than when you lean in to give him kisses. Or when you still like to help me burp him. Or how you ask to go see him every morning if he’s not awake when you get up. It’s a special thing, to watch two brother’s relationship and friendship begin to develop. I pray for it to grow every single day. And I can’t wait for the day when you two will be running around wreaking havoc and getting into all sorts of mischief.

But then I can wait. Not just because of all the mischief that’s headed my way. But because I am all too familiar with how horribly fast this life goes. And I don’t want to miss it.

You are such a special kid. You are talking more and more these days- sometimes in complete sentences! You repeat EVERYTHING we say. Everything. It has us laughing all day long. You started sleeping in a big boy bed last week. And while I have an entire post on that coming, I’m happy to report that you have completely blown us away with how easy that transition was!

Can potty training be that easy please?

Your daddy and I often look at each other after you’ve said or done something and we say out loud how truly awesome you are. It’s true. You are seriously one awesome little dude. We have been so blessed by your life and you bring SO much to our lives. When I was a kid and imagined what my future children would be like, I had no idea that God was going to bless me with two of the most amazingly cool little boys ever. You are one special boy Cruz.

You bless my life so much, everyday.

So here’s to another year together little guy. I’m the luckiest girl to be your mamma.

I love you forever!



cruz’s 2nd birthday

27 Nov

I keep saying it, but I seriously can’t believe that I have a two year old. It’s pretty amazing how time flies and how much they change so quickly. I was looking back at pictures of him, and it’s hard to even believe that he was that little once.

It goes too fast.

We had such a great day on his birthday and at his party, which was a few days after his actual birthday. He was actually in a great mood all day long and he was very obedient, which was relieving because I thought for sure he was going to get his fair share of time outs and discipline, due to the nature of the stage we are in (terrible twos). But he was such a good boy all day which made the day a lot of fun and very enjoyable for all of us! Getting presents first thing in the morning probably helped a little.

Then we ate breakfast and I packed up the boys to head to the zoo for the day! I brought so much stuff into the zoo (the joys of having a newborn) and so I wasn’t able to take AS many pictures as I would have liked. We did recently get a new flip video camera, which is super easy to use, so I did manage to get a lot of videos while we were at the zoo, but taking pictures was a little harder. I managed to snag a few though! We went with some ladies, Kristen and Christine, who I have made very good friends with and they have kiddos that are the same age as Cruz. He loves Reagan and Braden and talks about them all the time! It’s always fun when we can get them all together. They’re such great little buddies. I hope we have years of playing with them.

Christine was SO sweet and made cupcakes for the kids so we could celebrate Cruz’s birthday while we were at the zoo. She knows how much he LOVES Toy Story, so she made a few cupcakes and drew the alien from the movie on the cupcakes in frosting. I wasn’t sure if Cruz was going to actually eat the cupcakes. He’s totally hit or miss with what food’s he’ll actually eat. But he dove right in and loved it!

That following Saturday, we had his birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza! I chose to have it here because it’s a fun place and I knew set up and clean up were going to be relatively simple. And I was right! During this season of our lives, I’m all about making things easy. And it was actually perfect. We reserved an entire section for his party and I brought Toy Story decorations for the table. I made super simple cupcakes, we ordered pizza, and I was actually able to relax and talk to our friends and family and didn’t have to worry about refilling chip bowls. It was really great.

Cruz has actually never tried pizza. If he did, it’s a guarentee that he would love it. Who doesn’t love pizza?? So he was the kid that sat and ate yogurt, pretzels and a granola bar while all his little friends devoured yummy pizza. We tried to get him to taste it, but it wasn’t happening. So I let it be.

Everyone ate, played games and it was great to catch up with people we haven’t seen in awhile, as well as with some we see all the time!

I was wondering if we should actually sing to Cruz. I know that’s a stupid thought- OF COURSE you have to sing to the birthday boy! But I know my son well, and I knew that he would not understand what was going on and that he would get upset if everyone started singing. This is him looking at all of us as we were gathering around him, all eyes on him, preparing to sing to him and wish him into his 3rd year of life.

And this is exactly what happened once everyone started singing. Ha! I haven’t figured out what it is about a lot of people singing that he doesn’t like; I think he gets easily embarrassed, but I’m not really sure. We just try to reassure him that everything is, in fact, OK and not to baby him to much. But he got a hug from me because it was his birthday and I didn’t want him to cry. But I DID want Jay to keep snapping through it all. And I’m so glad we captured his infamous lip!

Then we opened presents. He’s finally figured out how to rip into the wrapping, so his birthday this year was a lot of fun in that aspect. He was so blessed at his party. We were surrounded by so many amazing people, he got some really fun new toys (and THREE Buzz Lightyears!) and were able to relax and eat and enjoy the Saturday.

It was such a great birthday for him! We are so blessed by such amazing family and friends; people who genuinely love us and our boys. This season of motherhood has had very difficult moments for me, but it’s also been full of many fantastic moments as well. I feel like I’m always talking about the bad, because it’s so easy to feel so overwhelmed at times. But it’s days like this, that we were able to celebrate our little man, which I’m reminded in a huge way about how awesome this journey is. That we are making memories of his lifetime that he will look back on (in pictures) and remember forever. It was such a fun day for him. When we drive by Peter Piper Pizza now, he points out the window with his little finger and shouts, SHOUTS (in the car!) “BUR-DAY!!”.

And every time he does it, I smile and remember that ALL of this is worth it.

Happy 2nd Birthday Cruz! You are such a blessing to our lives and to our family! I’m so blessed to have been chosen to be your mamma, and I am so excited to watch you grow and to celebrate your life each and every year! We love you so much!