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lists are your friend

31 Mar


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard women say,

“I don’t need to write down lists because I keep everything inside my head.”

I’m sorry… You keep EVERYTHING inside YOUR HEAD? My head would definitely explode. No wonder women and mammas all around are stressing out and on the verge of nervous breakdowns! I mean, I know that this isn’t the sole reason for the stress, but seriously?? How can you just keep everything that you need to do and get done for the day, week, and month inside your head? I mean, if it really is truly working for you, then go for it I guess? But I’ve come to learn very, very quickly that writing stuff down is not only an important key in maintaining your organization, but it’s absolutely vital to my sanity.

Lists are your friend.

I have so many lists going at any given time. I have a list for groceries, toiletries, daily to-do’s, areas that need to get cleaned, clients to call back and so on. It’s helpful because I know I can write it down and then I don’t have to worry! I don’t have to worry that I MIGHT TOTALLY DROP ALL THE BALLS I HAVE IN THE AIR.

<insert panic mode HERE>

No. There’s no panic mode. If I start to feel uneasy about the tasks I need to do, instead of WRACKING my BRAIN, I just reference the list. It really is that simple you guys. I know this isn’t rocket science or brand new information by any stretch of the imagination. But it really helps me to stay focused on the day to day, and I don’t need to be a stresscase wondering if I’m forgetting anything!

Get an organizer. I love my organizer. I got mine from Target and it’s a Mead Planner. It’s simple, inexpensive, no bells and whistles and has room for any and everything that I can put in it. And boy do I! It can LOOK a little chaotic at times, but it’s my chaos. And everything’s written down so I understand it. So it actually is quite organized and it really helps me to see the week at a glance. If ever I’m feeling like I’m forgetting something, I just reference my organizer.

It’s really amazing what just writing stuff down will do for your day. When something you need to do pops into your head, add it to a list and write it down! I try to prioritize my lists by important to not as important. That way I know right when I get up what it is that needs to get done that day.

It’s so easy you guys. Yes, it takes a little bit of discipline. But it will really turn you from a stresscase to someone who has it together and who knows what comes next during the day. It’s all about having a plan, and sticking to it. That way you can be that working mamma and get outside with your babies in this glorious weather that is Arizona. Well, right now. Later we’ll be living in the pool. But that’s completely off the topic.