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ok wow.

12 May

This has been one doozy of a week! Just when I think we can’t possibly get busier, we do! Aside from being up to my ears in edits, contracts, emails and publications, my kiddos decided to catch colds this week. And give it to me. And Rider is cutting a top tooth. And then Cruz slipped and fell at Walmart the other night, resulting in this:

And he’s been in a lot of pain. He is OK! No missing/cracked teeth. Nothing is broken. Just a good bruise, scratches, scrapes and a bit lip. POOR KID.

SO, needless to say, I’ve been trying to deal with all of THAT this week, meaning that the first thing to go was my BLOG. And that sucks cuz I love blogging.

Such is life. Here’s to getting back on track!


teething sucks

22 Jan

So the teething is in full swing for my little Rider man. I feel so bad for him. I’m doing everything I can for him, but the honest truth is that teething is hard, it hurts and it’s uncomfortable for the little guys. Well, it’s uncomfortable for the whole family, really, because when he’s fussy and not feeling good it throws us all off.

Teething sucks.

So I tried to snap a few pictures of his new two teeth that have poked through the gums. They haven’t come in any further, but they have broken through the surface. So he’s drooling a lot. (And yes, I caught Cruz actually ‘hitting’ Rider out of some sort of frustration, which and was immediately disciplined by yours truly. Ha!)

He’s ALWAYS serious. He smiles, yes, but this picture completely sums it up. I wonder what he’s thinking. Or maybe I don’t want to know!

He’s chomping on EVERYTHING these days. And while he hasn’t mastered being able to hold or grab toys on his own just yet, I do try to have him chew on cold washcloths or teething rings. He still prefers his hands.

This is me, in need of a new paint job on the nails, trying to snag ONE picture of his new teeth. But the kid loves to stick out that tongue. I didn’t think I was going to be able to grab a shot! And then….

SUCCESS! Can you see them?? Look hard!

It wasn’t good enough for me so I tried again, and I actually grabbed a better shot.

So there they are. Rider’s first two teeth that are coming in AT THE SAME TIME. Poor kid has hardly been himself these past few days. We are going to Disneyland next week so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t have to deal with teething while standing in line for Space Mountain. Not that Rider will be going on Space Mountain, but you know what I mean.

UPDATE: teeth torture

15 Jan

I posted that post about teeth yesterday (see below) and I already have an update. Yes. My four and a half month old son decided to cut his TWO FRONT BOTTOM TEETH OVERNIGHT. He has two bottom teeth. TWO.

He has TWO teeth. Within twenty-four hours.

I am shocked and I can’t stop telling Jason about how much shock I am in. And he’s getting really annoyed and amazed at how shocked I am. Ha! But seriously. I woke up this morning to my little man with toothless gums and as I was putting him down to bed tonight I noticed that his two bottom teeth have cut through the gums. And he hardly made much of a peep! It was a totally normal day. Not a teething day.

If you’re a mamma, you know what I mean!

A teething day includes tylenol, teething tablets, cold compresses, teething rings and lots and lots and lots of patience. And lots and lots and lots of tears. And not much sleep.

My kid was happy as a calm all day long, took perfect naps, didn’t require tylenol or teething tablets and cut TWO TEETH.

Am I bragging?

YES! You would be too! I always knew when Cruz was teething because it was horrible and I knew he was super uncomfortable. Rider’s been drooling a lot, but that’s pretty much it. I don’t even have a picture to show you of his new little pearly whites. As soon as I do, I’ll share it here. But I had to share the update, even if it was picture-less.

I’m astonished. He has teeth. And yesterday he didn’t. Ha!

teeth torture

14 Jan

We are entering the world of teething with Rider. And while I don’t anticipate to see a pearly white poke through his gums for a couple more months, he IS getting awfully drooly and fussy. Plus, we went to his 4 month old doctor appointment and his doctor said she wouldn’t be surprised if he did sprout one early.

Awesome. That’s just awesome.

Teething is possibly one of the worst things ever. I can’t even imagine the pain the little guys go through. It just plain sucks.

My good friend Stephanie posted this teething chart on her blog a few days ago. It’s proof that they actually DO teeth for three years.


Why does it need to take three years? That I’ll never know. But it’s starting now. Here’s to the next three years, Rider! Poor kid.


26 Jul

Good freakin grief. I think this is what’s been going on. Molars. My child is getting his back molars. At least I think this is what’s happening. He won’t let me get NEAR his mouth and anytime I try to stick my finger in his mouth he explodes into immediate tears as if it was the worst thing I have ever done to him.

Poor guy.

So I think it’s pretty safe to say that he’s teething again. Again. AGAIN. These are the things that NO ONE TELLS YOU WHEN YOU’RE HAVING A BABY. That the teething will go on and on and on and on and on. And just when you think it’s over, more teeth decide to pop in! I mean, maybe they do try to warn you but there’s no possible way you could ever possibly comprehend how horrible it is until you’re going through it. And what’s funnier, is that Cruz’s teething experience has actually been pretty easy (relatively speaking). Up until now, we’ll have one day of extreme fussiness, I’ll give him teething tablets and a little Tylenol. He doesn’t really eat or sleep and tomorrow it’s all over and better!

Last week, Cruz decided that he didn’t really feel like eating anymore. He’s a little picky as it is, so it wasn’t too weird. It wasn’t weird until day 4 of ONLY EATING PRETZEL’S AND GRAHAM CRACKERS. I’m not exaggerating when I say that there is not much else that has gone into that child’s mouth in the past few days and I have tried EVERYTHING. He’s been really irritable and kind of disobedient. But he hasn’t been drooling or running a low grade fever. There’s been no diaper rash or any other major teething symptoms. So it wasn’t my first thought that he might be teething because I thought I figured out what he was like when he teethed. So I’ll put meals down in front of him and he’ll protest unless it’s pretzel’s, graham crackers and he will drink milk. He hasn’t touched any of the things that he’s loved his entire life.

Yesterday was the worst day we had of the week. Finally I noticed him chewing on his finger with his far back teeth. That’s when it dawned on me that he might be cutting more teeth. So I tried to feel his gums in the back and it was the worst thing I could of done. He immediately burst into huge crocodile tears! So I knew this whole week had to have been because he’s cutting more teeth. This thought was followed by a large amount of guilt because he’s probably been in a lot of pain all week and I just thought it was behavioral issues.

Gosh. Knowing exactly what your child needs all the time is super hard and exhausting.

So I gave him some Tylenol to dull the pain and I’ve been letting him eat what he wants in the mean time. I know that he’ll eat when he’s hungry and that his appetite will come back once his molars break through. I’m trying to be patient with him in the meantime and not be too harsh on him now that I’m aware that he’s probably in a lot of pain. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner!

Now I can stop feeling like the ‘Bad Mom of the Year Award’ will go to me and I can stop feeling guilty for only feeding him graham crackers and pretzels. If it’s his teeth, the pain will subside and he’ll go back to his regular appetite.

Let’s hope at least!

weary day

7 Feb

I’m not really sure what’s going on. But it’s been a very, very difficult weekend for Cruz. I mean, he’s been really acting up and just extremely difficult this weekend. And if you know my kiddo at all, you know that he is anything but difficult. Even Jay, who characteristically gives everyone the benefit of the doubt, agrees that Cruz is just kind of being a terror this weekend.

And we can’t figure out why.

He had a difficult time on the airplane and never really recovered since we’ve gotten here. He’s still his happy self at times, but just being really naughty, moody, fussy and difficult. Way more than usual. I can’t tell what the deal is. He hasn’t been eating well at all. Grapes. The kid has been filling up on grapes. But he doesn’t really want much else- even his favorites! He’s drinking a lot of milk and water, so that’s good at least, because I know he’s hydrated. And at least he’s getting some nutrients from the milk. He’s not sleeping super well. We were up and down with him last night and couldn’t figure out why. He has a small diaper rash. Is it his teeth? I haven’t ruled it out, but he’s not drooling like he usually does when his teeth are bugging him.


I’ve almost had a breakdown a few times while we’re here, I’m not going to lie. Traveling with a kiddo is an entirely different ball game. I’m exhausted from the weekend and I’m 8 weeks pregnant. I’m worried about Cruz a little bit, simply because he’s been acting so weird. I don’t believe in signs really, but is it a sign that we aren’t supposed to be here? Ha! When we’re outside and when he can run around, he’s a happy camper. I just don’t know what to make of this.

I’m just really exhausted physically and mentally. I’m praying for some clarity tomorrow (Sunday) because until now we seriously don’t have an answer either way as to what we want to do. Or what we should do. Or what God’s telling us to do. I’m just feeling completely overwhelmed and have to trouble shoot with Cruz like I’ve never had to before. All while keeping a smile on my face since we are in fact, being interviewed.

All I really want to do is take a five hour nap and watch HGTV all day long. Especially Color Splash. It’s my favorite.

So we are tired and running on empty a little bit. Please say a prayer for us if you think of it. I don’t remember the last time I’ve been this tired and anxious about our situation and really need some strength. It was just a long, weary day. And I’m ready to come home, know the plan and get working on moving. To either city we decide. I just want a decision. And to go to bed. And for Cruz to sleep all night long.

sick on the couch

22 Jan

Cruz woke up yesterday from his afternoon nap with a 100.9 fever. It literally came out of nowhere- he had been fine all day long! So it kind of caught me off guard slightly, but I gave him a little bit of Tylenol, got him a sippy cup of milk and turned on Sesame Street.

And he just laid on my lap for the rest of the afternoon. Poor little guy.

Then I had to get up to make dinner and whenever I would stand up and put him down to play, he would just cry and cry. You know when you don’t feel good and you just want your mom? I could see that he just wanted me to hold him for the whole night long because he didn’t feel well.

So I picked him up and explained that I had to make dinner and told him I’d make him a little bed on the couch with giraffey (his stuffed giraffe that he sleeps with every night), and that he could lay on a pillow and watch Elmo. He pouted out his lip because I think all he wanted to do was lay down. So I laid him down on the couch, pulled a blanket over him and handed him giraffey, fully expecting him to get up immediately.

But he didn’t!

He rested there the whole time I made dinner and watched Sesame Street, hanging onto his little stuffed giraffe. Jason and I were silently laughing in the kitchen pretty hard for a good while because it was possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. And then I realized that it was the first time, out of many more to come I’m sure, that he will be sick on the couch with his blanket and stuffed animals watching TV. I couldn’t help it but snap a picture with my phone.

It was the cutest thing ever, that also kind of broke my heart since he wasn’t feeling well.

I pretty much narrowed it down to teething, which I think was cause for the fever. He had the fever until about midnight, waking up once to get a little more Tylenol and a damp cloth to the forehead (which he hated). This morning he woke up with no fever, but he’s been super fussy all day with little outbursts of random crying which I am assuming are because his teeth hurt so bad. And he’s been drooling. I’m pretty sure it’s his molars.

It’s fun.

But I’ll never forget his first time being sick on the couch. It was so cute, we couldn’t stop laughing about it!