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swim lessons, 2012

19 Jun

This post should appropriately be titled, ‘Swim Lessons, 2012 AKA Cruz hates his life’. This kid seriously, SERIOUSLY HATES swimming lessons. But his teacher is awesome and I just really, STRONGLY believe that it should be a law that EVERY kid gets swim lessons. Drowning shouldn’t even be an option!! Gosh, that freaks me out in a state where EVERYONE has pools in their backyards. Well, we put him in swim last year and he SCREAMED the entire time. I mean, I understand it can be quite unsettling as a little kid. And I even remember loving the water when I was a kid, but not being particularly fond of swim lessons. But he really hates it.

But he’s gotta swim, so we go back.

And he’s really getting the hang of it! I’m so proud of him. This year, he wimpers a little bit when we get there, he cries when the instructor pulls him in for the first time, and then he’s actually ok. And does a great job. It’s nice that he’s an entire year older because I feel like he understands things A LOT better. Last year I think he was slightly confused. HA. Poor kid. But I’m so grateful I’ve found a great instructor who is patient, loves kids, and does an amazing job to do her best to make them feel comfy in the water. I can’t wait until he can swim on his own. How crazy it will be to watch him go!

I’m planning to get Rider into swim too. This particular teacher doesn’t take them until they’re two, so I was going to wait until next year. And THAT thought proved to make me a true idiot. Watching Rider around water has made it ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to get him into lessons as SOON as humanly possible. The kid has ZERO fear. I mean, seriously, he’ll jump right in if no ones looking. So you ALWAYS HAVE TO BE LOOKING. Scary stuff. This teacher we are going to is full for the summer, so I’m coming up with plan B for him. But next year, he will go to her too WITH Cruz. Oh man. Talk about cute overload. HA.

Here’s a few photos I snapped on my iPhone while there these past two days. And if you want to check out last years video, you can see it HERE.

swim lessons

22 Jun

We decided to put Cruz into swim lessons this year. I found a FANTASTIC instructor who is just simply awesome with the kids. Cruz started on Monday and it’s Wednesday today and he’s already making HUGE strides. No pun intended.

Except that he HATES it. And he screams the entire time. Poor kid.

And while it is kind of painful for me to watch him scream and kick and cry and BEG for MAMMA!!!!!, I do realize that this is not about me in any way shape of form. He HAS to know how to swim and he’s GOT to be comfortable in the water. More importantly, he needs to know how to get to the edge and to climb out should he ever fall in. Accidents happen way to often during these Arizona summers, and while I realize that we aren’t off the hook just because he can (or will) swim, it IS something that all of my kids will know how to do.

Scary stuff.

Anyways. He hates it. And he BEGS to sit by the towels the whole time. And he runs from his teacher when she announces it’s his turn. But it’s a two week class and I’m told that he will be swimming by the end of it! We will see!

I included a little video of it here if you want to check it out. I film him every time he’s in the water because I want to be able to see his progress. And I’d pretty much die if he accomplished something big and I missed getting it on film. AND the movie maker in me would LOVE to put all the clips together to document his first time having an activitiy in which I wasn’t really a part of.

Even though there is NO movie maker in me. That’s just wishful thinking. But maybe I’ll try it? No?


Check it out. Certainly don’t feel like you need to watch the whole thing. It’s two minutes long. But he screams the whole time and says some pretty funny stuff. Little does he know, he’s got SEVEN more days of swim lessons. Ha. Poor kid. But I don’t care. He’s gotta know how to swim.

It’s not an option.

Oh and don’t mind the ‘mom chatting’ that goes on. I mean, it’s what women do, you know?


12 Apr

Moving is kind of intense. But we made it and we are getting settled as we speak! We love our new place and I’m pretty happy that we won’t have to move again for awhile. At least that’s the hope! Internet is hit or miss because we are still waiting for ours to be reconnected. But once it is, I’ll be posting Tip #6 on my series for the Working/Stay-at-Home Mammas. So, stay tuned for that.

Until then, aren’t you enjoying this gorgeous weather that is AZ this time of year??? It’s going to get hot so soon!

But actually, secretly, I really love the summers here. I know, I know. Most people hate it. I’m an odd bird. Monsoons are my favorite.

I can’t wait for summer. And all that it always brings!

pool on the porch

29 Aug

Lately, our days have been filled up with this:

Since I am at the end of my pregnancy, I’m sure you can imagine that the last thing I feel like doing is getting into my bathing suit (that doesn’t fit anymore) and lugging toys, towels, water and a toddler down to the pool everyday. Which we literally used to do almost every day for a couple months. But now that I’m at the end, we definitely don’t go to the pool as often. It’s hot. The water’s not even cold. So this pregnant lady doesn’t even get a cool off that would be worth the trip since the pool water is probably almost 90 degrees.


I do still have a toddler that needs to get outside and regardless of how I’m feeling, he’s got a TON of energy that doesn’t expire except for at nap time and at bed time. If he’s not sleeping, he’s running around with endless energy and it’s my job to find constructive ways for him to use it. But then I feel horrible during the end of this pregnancy and all I want to do is lay down, which probably won’t happen until the year 2019. Or later. I’ve accepted it. It’s ok.

So I bought a little pool for our porch that he can at least play in occasionally or if I’m having a really horrible day and don’t feel like going anywhere. He LOVES it. It sits on our porch and I fill it up with water when he wants to ‘swim’. It’s been a blessing because it was very inexpensive ($6.99 at Target) and it allows me to SIT DOWN. I don’t have to put my bathing suit on. I don’t have to get into the water. I sit in the door way and watch and play with him from there. It is awesome and was money well spent for me at this point. Ha!

But he’s so cute about it! He’ll stand at the doorway, ask to ‘swim’, we throw on a swim diaper, I fill it up with water (yes, from the sink) and he always plays in it for no less than an hour! It fills up our mornings if I don’t have errands to run and it also can fill up our afternoons after his nap and before dinner. It’s been such a lifesaver! Once Rider is born, I know this little pool with be a great help to me because it will preoccupy Cruz for small spurts while we all transition to life with a newborn.

The other day, I sat outside with him while Jason filled it with water. I snapped some pictures of him because he’s just too cute and loves it so much. Plus, I always want to remember what we did together in our last couple weeks together of it just being me, him and Jason. Every day is special for this rad little kid. I’m so blessed to have such a great little guy who is a ton of work, but only because he’s full of energy. He’s so full of life and wants to experience everything. And for that, I am so grateful.

What a little stud in his manly swim diaper! I love this age, even though it can be really difficult sometimes. Mostly, it’s a lot of fun and he’s just the coolest kid.

body image

15 Jun

I had another emotional day yesterday. I’m having more and more emotional days as this pregnancy progresses. When I was pregnant with Cruz, I was pretty emotional and irrational from the beginning of my pregnancy. This time around, I’ve never felt more like myself- until lately. And this time around there’s only a few things that make me super emotional, unlike my pregnancy with Cruz in which I could cry at just about anything. And I did. Yikes.

So yesterday, it became completely apparent that I’m going to HAVE to get a bathing suit for the season. I got away with it last time I was pregnant because I just didn’t go swimming. It was as simple as that. I walked malls, I walked neighborhoods, I walked on treadmills as my forms of exercise. Getting into a bathing suit was never an option, I just didn’t do it. I had no desire to swim.

This year, I still don’t really have much of a desire to get into a bathing suit. I mean, what girl really does?? But now that it’s getting hot, I’m realizing that I have a toddler who NEEDS to be outside and who can’t be cooped up all day long. The splash pad is an awesome alternative (see below) but it can’t be the only option. He loves being in the water, once he’s comfortable with it. The times we’ve taken him in the pool he’s just loved it- on his terms of course. But he really enjoys the cool down and it’s great for him. Obviously, he can’t swim yet. We definitely need to get him in swim lessons. But regardless if he knows how to swim or not, at his age I need to be in the water with him, eyes on him the whole time, and attending to him the whole time.

This, my friends, requires a bathing suit. In case you were wondering.

I understand that pregnancy and everything that comes along with it is a beautiful thing. The whole process that is happening is amazing, miraculous, and only happens a few times in a women’s life if we’re lucky. Trust me, I’m trying to take in the entire process every time I’m pregnant and enjoy it. I try not to stress too much about weight gain and just enjoy the whole thing. It’s only going to happen 2 or maybe 3 times to me in my lifetime and I don’t want to look back and wish that I hadn’t relaxed a little more.


I am also a woman. A woman who has body image issues just like every other woman in the world. Do I want to see my body stretch in ways it never has? Do I like knowing that things aren’t going to ever be the same again? That I’m not ever going to have my old body back? NO. Do I struggle with it from time to time? YES. I struggle with it when I’m not pregnant, are you kidding? Who doesn’t?

So today I finally caved and had to go to Target and purchase a bathing suit that I felt comfortable in in public. Cruz and I keep getting invited to go to the pool with other mom’s and friends and I just HAVE to feel comfortable in public so I can play with Cruz in the water. The last thing I would want is for him to miss out on getting into the water because I was too insecure to just put a bathing suit on and play with him.

Needless to say, I was in tears before we even got to Target.

It’s easy to remember WHY you’re body is changing. I mean, I’m growing a human being! I understand the process and I would do it a thousand times over if it gives me little gems like Cruz each time. I mean, seriously. It’s completely worth it. But as a woman and as a human, I keep having moments throughout my pregnancy where I just am completely insecure with what is happening. I hate how other pregnant moms compare each other to one another. I hate how you hope everything will go back to where it was, but in truth your body will not ever be completely the same. But most of all, I hate how Satan takes this beautiful process and somehow makes me feel bad about how I’m starting to look. Making me feel insecure about my body when really this process has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with getting Rider here safely.

And most of the time, I’m good with that and understand that I’m going to gain weight, get stretched out and have another beautiful son. So bring on the stretch marks!¬†But even still, I am human. And it’s so hard not to get caught up in looks and weight gain and media. And it’s something I’ve really struggled with the past couple days.

Especially having to face getting into a bathing suit almost everyday.


I actually ended up finding a bathing suit at Target that worked out for me! So I left a happy camper and actually DO feel comfortable in the pool with him. What a relief. And every day, I just try to remind myself that I am taking care of myself the way I need to. I am gaining the weight I need to. And I’m trying not to get caught up in comparing myself to others during this time in my life. It’s so hard not to feel like you’re a giant blob when your pregnant. And it’s hard for me not to get down on myself about it. I’m just being honest.

But I am trying to just focus on playing with Cruz in the water. I did find something I’m comfortable being outside in. And I’m trying to truly enjoy this pregnancy all the while enjoying these last few months of it being just Cruz and myself. Because it’s going to fly by and I’ll be able to get back into shape before I know it.

** This is a picture of Cruz swimming last year! How crazy that this was a year ago!!

** Um, ok and a couple more for a bonus because, wow how cute is he??

hotel del

29 Aug

We are at the Hotel Del Coronado this weekend. It’s obvious why this place is one of my favorite places. It’s gorgeous, it’s historic, and it’s on the beach in one of my favorite places ever- San Diego. And not just San Diego- but on Coronado Island.

We are here this weekend for Megan & Doug’s wedding! Megan is Jason’s cousin and we are so super excited for their marriage and that Doug is going to be apart of the family. We love them and are so happy to share this with them!

Besides it actually being pretty hot here, this weekend could not get any better. We plan to spend the day out by the pool, at the beach and taking pictures of Megan & Doug as they get ready for their wedding day. It’s going to be amazing!


car seat drama

16 Jul

We purchased a new car seat for Cruz. We were gifted with the ability to get him a brand new one, so we did!

Putting in the car was an ultimate let down, immediately followed by punching the seat and foaming at the mouth.

We could not- COULD NOT- get the stupid car seat into the car correctly. We followed all the directions. We tried several times. No victory. We are returning it to Costco tomorrow to get a different brand- that’s how frustrating it is.

And I really liked this car seat too. Total bummer.

In the meantime, a very dear friend of mine is letting us borrow her car seat (she has two) so that Cruz will be comfortable on the drive to California next week! So he will be traveling in that as we head to Scottsdale today to swim and hang out with my sister, who is also known as Aunt Tina.

It should be a great day!

my little fishy

8 Jul

DSC09218I have figured out the water dilemma! Well, Jason and I figured it out together.

I think I have mentioned before that Cruz hasn’t really like the water. I didn’t really know what to make of it because he loves baths. But whenever we could put him into a pool of any kind, he would just cry and cry and cry.

Great, I would think, I have the only kid in history that is not going to like to swim.

I am aware that that is an exaggeration, but I really hope that he likes to be around water! We live in the desert and the only thing to do in the summer is go to water parks and BBQ’s- all of which involve water.

So we started to try new things. We would inch, and I mean inch, him into the water slowly because we thought it was a temperature thing. We brought bath toys because we thought maybe he’d associate it with bath time and realize that it is actually a lot of fun! We tried making sure that he wasn’t scared in the water because I thought maybe the pool was just so gigantic to him that it was overwhelming.

Then- then, a friend of mine gave me a couple of her swim diapers to try. I have been avoiding purchasing them because it is a rip off. They are so expensive and you get approximately 4 diapers for thirty bucks.

I am aware that that is an exaggeration as well, but you catch where I am going with this. They are expensive and we are trying to pay our bills. I didn’t think it would matter- you see kids all the time in their regular diapers in the pool and it’s not a big deal. So I didn’t think it was either.

I thought I would try to put him in them since a couple were given to us and just see if it made a difference.

And it made ALL the difference!

He LOVES the pool. We take him all the time now and he is happy as a clam in the pool and even tries to blow bubbles with his face in the water! So I had to cave and go buy the diapers that are kind of a rip off, but it’s worth it because now we don’t have to stay indoors for the entire summer.

I actually found a good deal on them. I bought Huggies brand at Walmart and I had a coupon. It only cost me $8.

I can afford that if it’s going to get my little man outside and enjoying life!