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savers steal

10 Apr

I have a new found love for thrift store shopping. It’s something that I always was interested in, but not something I really found the time to do. BUT, lately I’ve found myself HUNTING for amazing deals, good finds, and funky pieces of clothing to add to my wardrobe. I’m really learning to buy AND wear pieces that I absolutely LOVE. Even if no one else seems to like them. If I like how it looks, fits and feels, then that’s ALL that matters. And I’m having so much more fun shopping for clothes when I don’t really care what others are going to think about it! SO, I’ve been visiting Savers regularly. There’s an AMAZING one that opened near my house and I am always dying to run in and see what I can find. I have YET to be disappointed. So I thought I would start sharing my finds here with you from time to time! Thrift shopping isn’t hard. I hear SO many people say that they just have no luck at stores like Savers. But I think it takes a little time, a little sorting through the clothes, AND a little decision making. Like, deciding whether or not YOU like it and wearing it no matter what anyone is going to think.

I found these black little pretties last weekend and I wore them on Easter Sunday. They were FOUR DOLLARS PEOPLE. What a steal! I am obsessed with flats because I’m tall and I don’t have time for high heels frankly. I love how high heels look, but I just don’t really want to wear them. But that doesn’t mean I need to be stuck in ‘frumps-ville’ in the shoe department!! There are SO many adorable, funky flats out there. You just have to find them! So I saw these, tried them on and they fit like a glove!

Seriously my new favorite find right now. And they were four bucks. You can’t beat that!

* Photo taken on my iPhone.



6 Jun

Over the weekend we went to Coal Burger. Have you been there yet? Ok YUM. It was so good! Jay, the boys and I got out for an evening, went shopping and stopped for dinner while we were out. I’ve been wanting to eat at Coal Burger since it opened so I’m glad we finally got to try it! They have a yummy veggie burger since I’m eating mostly vegan these days (yep, VEGAN) and everything was so fresh and flavorful.

While we were there, Cruz munched on some of our fries. We are going through an ‘eating situation’ with him, mostly meaning that he WON’T eat but the past few days have been better. I packed him a dinner and he ate off of our plates too. No burgers for him yet though. Trust me, I tried. While we were sitting at the table, he pointed to the salt and said,


I mean, SO loud. He kinda shouted it. Ha! He’s been doing that lately. Just shouting things in public. (Even embarrassing things like, “MAMMA GO POTTY!”). So that’s been awesome. But it was so cute and it melted my heart a little that he thought the salt was snow. We explained that it was actually salt and he even tried to sprinkle some on his crackers. Which then make him not want to eat his crackers. Such is life. He’s grown up so much in the past couple weeks. Even starting to talk in complete sentences and less and less on the baby talk. Boo.

Anyways. He’s cute. Coal Burger was awesome. Family time with all my boys rocks. Things are busy, but I love taking time to spend with them and to try new places.

* Pictures taken with my phone. 

noisy cart

22 Aug

We ran some errands today to finish getting a couple things for Rider’s room and some last essentials that I’ll need when I’m in the hospital having Baby #2. Cruz has been pretty difficult these past couple days- not napping, tantrum throwing, super grumpy. I think it’s magnified to me because I don’t feel well these days. So we needed to get out of the house, that’s for sure.

We went to Michael’s because I am painting some wooden letters for Rider’s room that are identical to the ones that are in Cruz’s room and I needed  to pick up some paint. I put him in one of those tiny carts- I never understood why the carts in Michael’s are so small- isn’t that weird? Anyways. I put him in one and we headed around the store. For some reason, I managed to pick the noisiest cart of the whole batch! It would randomly squeak SO LOUD that I’m pretty sure everyone in the store could hear it. Every time it would squeak, Cruz and I would look at each other and just start laughing. Pretty soon, we were both laughing SO hard through the whole store! I was passing aisles that I needed to go down just because we were laughing so hard at this stupid cart! He thought it was so funny and his little laugh and the things that he thinks are funny make my heart melt more than anything. So I snapped a picture on my phone.

It’s been a rough day, but we both really needed a good laugh.

I love him.

finding time

30 Oct

It’s actually been really, really great having Jay home these past few weeks. Honestly, we haven’t had too much down time since he lost his job; our photography business has exploded! It’s just been crazy and so, so good. I don’t think we’ve ever been this busy in our entire lives- and that’s without any solid commitments to ministry at the moment!

That said, we are still finding time- in between all the edits, applying for jobs, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, clipping coupons and applying for insurance- to make time for a few fun things with our little man. Halloween isn’t necessarily one of my favorite holidays ever, but since it’s tomorrow it’s still fun to do a few things to begin to get into the spirit of the holidays! (the holidays?? When did that happen?!)

After Cruz woke up from his morning nap yesterday (which he’s getting ready to drop and I’m not sure how I feel about it), we ate some lunch at home and then headed out to get him some new shoes. Since it’s been chilly here, I’ve noticed that he doesn’t really have any good shoes! Since he’s been such a small little guy up until now and since it’s so hot in the summer, I hardly ever put shoes on him! I just let those little footers go free all summer long! But now he’s starting to walk and it’s getting cold. So we headed to Dillard’s and got him a pair of grey Converse.

And boy, are they cute!!

They also convieniently match his costume that he is going to wear for Halloween- he’s going to be an elephant!! We have a great friend who passed down a costume she had from when her son was Cruz’s age. We are thrilled and can’t wait to post pictures of him in this costume.

So stay tuned for that!

After we bought his shoes we let him play in the toddler play area at the mall. He loved it, even though he hates wearing shoes since he’s not used to it.

New ShoesNew ShoesNew ShoesNew Shoes