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saturday favorite #31

14 Aug

I had a pretty bad day yesterday. I was an emotional wreck, that’s for sure. I think I woke up crying, not kidding, and I pretty much didn’t stop all day. I woke up feeling awful and it’s really hard to start your day knowing that you have to get through the entire day, but your whole body hurts terribly, and you have a toddler. Thank God Jason was home all day yesterday! So then we went to the doctor and the nurse talked with me about weight, stretch marks and delivery- you know, all the horrible stuff that every pregnant lady wants to FORGET. Needless to say, she left my room and I started sobbing. Jason was just looking at me like, seriously? HA! And I knew the nurse meant well, but I just feel yucky these days. So then my doctor came in, as I’m crying of course, and I proceed to cry through the whole visit. She leaves and asks me if there’s reason for her to be worried about me, which of course I say no. I’m just having an emotional day and we’re all allowed to cry a lot once in a while, right?

But she did tell me that maybe I should get a belly band of some kind. That it would relief the pressure and life the baby up a little bit helping take some of the pressure off of my joints. I smiled and nodded thinking, yep we aren’t going to be spending money on that! But then I got in the car and told Jay that it might actually really be worth it for me to get one if it means I can be even a sliver more comfortable than I am now.

He completely agreed. Thank God for amazing and supportive husbands!

So to Babies R Us we went! They didn’t have a huge selection of belly bands, and I probably could have shopped around a little more. But I didn’t really want to. So I ended up getting the Support in Style Maternity Band from Boppy and boy oh boy- it TOTALLY helped! We purchased it and I headed straight to the bathroom to put it on. It definitely lifted my tummy and did relief a lot of pressure from my hips, which made this purchase MORE than worth it!

The rest of my day was still pretty emotional, I’m not going to lie. I think I cried at almost anything. But I could at least stand or sit or bend over without wanting to die, making this Saturday Favorite a big time keeper!


alphabet toys

1 May

My mom loves getting Cruz the coolest toys. Sometimes they’re small. Sometimes they’re big. But mostly, they are educational in some way! She loves having a grandson and is beside herself that there’s another one on the way.

Last week, we were in Scottsdale on a Sunday and she surprised Cruz with these awesome blocks. They are called Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks by Melissa & Doug. They are super cute too and Cruz LOVES them. They are very brightly colored, have animals and letters of the alphabet all over them and they can stack up to 3 feet high! They are made of very thick cardboard and so far, Cruz hasn’t destroyed them- knock on wood!! And then when he’s finished playing with them, they ‘nest’ together and all fit into a small carrying case. So it doesn’t take up a lot of space but Cruz loves when I get these blocks out. It’s just giggles galore!!

I’m not sure exactly where she got them, but you can get them on the site above or even at Target.

They’re really cute and inexpensive.

And Cruz loves it. Have I mentioned that? Check these pictures that I snapped on my phone real quick- so forgive the quality!

nursery love

24 Apr


Minus the chandelier since I’m having a boy. Otherwise I’d love that too!

mrs. dash

16 Jan

I know this isn’t really a new product or concept, but it’s one I’ve really been enjoying lately.

My mom recently introduced me to Mrs. Dash products, which were introduced to the world like, 1,000 years ago. But I’ve never really been a huge spice person. I have a few spices from Pampered Chef that I really, really like. Other than that, I use salt & pepper and a few other seasonings occasionally.

But we’ve been at my mom’s house quite a bit in recent weeks and our times there usually involve a meal. My mom has found a way to use Mrs. Dash for a lot of the meals we’ve had there recently. She’s got all different flavors of these spices and it really just makes everything taste good!

Well, my mom’s cooking is always good. With or without the spice.

As you may know, I’m all about using things that are simple and easy. Cooking isn’t really my forte- I’m not that great at it and I only like doing it sometimes. So having recipes and products that help make it quick, simple and yummy are the way I like to go. I hate being in the kitchen longer than I need to be. Mrs. Dash is a salt-free, flavor-full, no MSG seasoning that you just sprinkle into or on top of your recipe. And there’s many different flavors to choose from.

I know it’s not a new idea. But it’s been making my life easier in these past couple weeks. And I’m all about that.


19 Dec

I needed a little ‘pick me up’ the other day while I was at the store. I think I was there for diapers or something. Who even knows. And I was lingering down the cosmetic aisle when I saw this Maybelline New York Shiny-licious lip gloss on sale. Not only was it on sale, but it was on clearance! I’m a sucker for a good deal, especially for something that is girly. I love makeup- especially lip glosses. Getting new makeup completely makes my whole day. So adding this little splash of color to my list of favorites was a no brainer.

I love it.

date night

12 Dec

Date nights have to be one of my favorite things ever. Jason and I used to have date nights all the time- especially since we’ve been married. We always said that once we had kids that that would be one thing we’d always hang onto.

Well, we had a kiddo and the first thing to go was a constant date night.

It wasn’t intentional or entirely our fault. When we decided that I was going to stay home full time with Cruz, our finances were cut in half. So there wasn’t much money- at all- to just be doing much extra. We’ve had months where even buying an ice-cream cone at McDonald’s would have been a big time bad move on our finances. So movie night/dinner dates/coffee dates were definitely not always a possibility.

Time was also an issue. We started our own business, which has completely taken off, and almost all of our extra time has gone into editing- which takes hours and hours and hours. We definitely love it and it’s a creative process for us and we work together. But editing for an entire evening is not date night. And our business is our livelihood right now, so we can’t really afford to let it slip by the wayside.

But the other issue is that we just haven’t made it a big priority like we normally have. And it’s taken it’s toll a little bit in the sense that we just feel like we are always working- all of the time. We need a break too and we need a regular one without Cruz.

So we went on a date night last night and it was so much fun! We both agree that we have to get back to having a weekly date night. And that is our commitment. To make sure that we are constantly doing the things that we’ve always loved to do together. This whole season has really made me realize that marriage takes a lot of work. And I wouldn’t give anything that we have to be newlyweds again. Life definitely gets so much better as the years go by because we have experience behind us and we grow together. But we’ve always said that we never want to stop dating, even when we’ve been married for 25 years. And that’s a good thing because no matter how hard life gets, I never want to stop dating Jay.


7 Nov

This has been my most favorite thing this week. I found it at Forever 21 while I was at the mall, and it’s kinda hard to come by.

Yes, my friends. I am talking about yellow nail polish.

It was only $2.80 (yet another reason why Forever 21 is my all time favorite) and it’s not a pastel yellow, which is usually what I find if I find yellow at all. It’s bright, it’s cheery, it’s fabulous. And it’s totally made my week!

My splurge