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7 Apr

Better than I imagined, our photo shoot today went SO well. This little dude was in such great spirits and even brought his boxing gloves because he’s confident he’s going to BEAT CANCER. What a trooper. And an incredible example of God’s strength. SO many laughs today, we can’t wait to share some more of the images. For now, here’s one I shot through Instagram.

What a great kid. What an amazing family.


7 Apr

We were asked very last minute to do a photo shoot today for good friends of ours. They have just found out that their sweet little son has Leukemia, and they would like photos of him and with him before he looses his hair. Of course we agreed to spend the afternoon with them, to love on them, and to capture them.


Why does cancer even need to exist? My heart burdens for the children that have to go through this. I can’t even imagine what it must be like as a parent to have to walk that road. To have to ask God the hard questions. And to wonder why YOUR child has to endure such a disease. We are always honored when people ask us to step into their lives in such a way, to touch them with our art and to bring to life emotions that they themselves aren’t aware that they are expressing.

But my heart is heavy.

Jesus, I pray that these images we take today would be so deeply special to this family. And that they would have some relief from the pain, fear and burden while they are with us. That they will laugh together and for a time, forget that cancer even exists. I of course pray for ultimate healing. But mostly for your will in their lives and that of all the people this family touches. Strength. I pray for strength. And peace. And healing in his little body. How frightened his mother must be. But I know that she trusts in you, in only ways you can give her strength to do. Give us a remarkable photo shoot for this family. And surround them with your peace in their lives amidst the scary road ahead. Amen.

* Image found on Pinterest.

little ears

17 Mar

So two days ago I just nonchalantly posted THIS comment on Facebook yesterday:

‘Got great news at Rider’s doctor appointment! He PASSED his hearing test! First time ever in his life to pass 100% and there’s no more fluid in his ears!!’

It was later that I realized that not a lot of people really knew what we’ve been praying for and wondering since Rider was born. So, I thought I’d clarify. I never said anything earlier because we just weren’t really sure what the deal was and wanted to wait until we got some specific answers before we just started saying/announcing things that we just weren’t sure of.

Basically, since Rider was born, we haven’t been 100% positive that he could hear. There was even a small period of time that we thought potentially that he was deaf. When he was born, he failed his hearing test in the hospital twice. FINALLY he passed and since he did, none of the nurses were too concerned with it. Getting a false reading on those tests CAN be normal. When he was four months old, we realized that he never turned to look at us when we made noises or called his name. There was probably a good week solid that I had so prepared my heart for the news that he was deaf. Then, when we were at Disneyland, Jason made a REALLY loud noise near him that startled him into a screaming hysteria.

So that answered our questions, or so we thought.

He then proceeded to fail his six month, nine month, twelve month AND fifteen month hearing tests. But all during this time, we HAD discovered that he COULD hear us. He was responding to us, answering to his name when we called, and could follow basic directions that most kids can follow at his age. We just weren’t sure to WHAT degree he could hear. His pediatrician could see fluid in his ears, but nothing too concerning. He never seemed to have ear infections that bothered him. No fevers, no illness, no staying up all night with discomfort. So I never pushed wanting to see a specialist JUST YET. I knew that sometimes fluid in the ears could go away and IF that’s what was causing the problem, we wanted to see if it would clear up on its own.

His doctor agreed, mostly because he wasn’t in any pain. It was to be at THIS last appointment that we would have discussed further options.

BUT, we went and got GREAT news! He has no more fluid in his ears AND he FINALLY passed his hearing test in both ears!! I was so ecstatic when the doctor said that his ears looked great. And I was relieved to know that he CAN hear! The next steps from here is to really work with him and encourage him to start talking. Our doctor wants us to wait until past his second birthday to discuss going to a speech therapist. One COULD say that he’s a little behind on his talking, but we’re going to wait and see how things progress there. He’s not behind on anything else and it could just be that his speech has been a little delayed due to the difficulty he’s likely had with his hearing.

So for today, we are THRILLED to know that Rider CAN hear. Whether he can hear or not obviously doesn’t change how much we love this kid. And if he WAS deaf or partially deaf, we would have embraced that news and made the absolute best of it. But we are thankful for little ears that can hear the way they were intended to hear. It’s a prayer I’ve been praying for since he was born and I’m very thankful to have an answer.

Sorry I wasn’t too public about it! We just wanted to be sure of what was going on before we said TOO much. But thank you to those of you who were aware and who were praying for us too! We are beyond grateful for a community of people who are crazy about our kids like we are.

more than rubies

30 Oct

I’m doing a study of Proverbs 31 on my own. I feel like I always find myself coming back to this passage in my life. And I feel like there’s a lot of wisdom to be gained from REALLY understanding what the passage is actually saying. I find myself constantly having a deep desire to BE this woman. And I know that I have a long way to go before I AM actually her. I wish I could actually know what woman Proverbs 31 is referring to.

Don’t you wish you knew?

I really look up to her. Is that weird? I find myself really WANTING to be all of these things. But it is SO hard. So I decided to somewhat dissect each verse- maybe one or two at a time- from this passage. I’m going to write my thoughts and what I’m getting out of it. I’d love for you to follow along and to gain inspiration of your own from this woman. I feel like it’s so easy to lose sight of what ACTUALLY is important in life as a wife, mom, and woman. And when I feel that way I often turn back to these written words of wisdom to find my way. And it really helps me to put things into perspective. And it really helps me to get my thoughts, actions, and life back on track.

So here’s some short, quick thoughts on the very first verse about the wife of noble character. Whoa. It’s already heavy, right? HA.

“A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.” Proverbs 31:10

NOBLE character? WHO can find? This passage is describing a RARE woman. A woman who is hard to come by. One who is unique and who is cherished FAR more than even rubies. In a lot of countries, rubies are VERY precious stones and highly esteemed. This verse says that she is worth far more than that.

When I looked up the word noble in the dictionary, these are some of the words and phrases I found:

– of an exalted moral or mental character or excellence

– very impressive or imposing in appearance; stately; magnificent

– of an admirably high quality; notably superior; excellent

– famous; illustrious; renowned

You could fill in the word noble with any of those synonyms. A wife of MAGNIFICENT character. A wife of EXCELLENT character. A wife of RENOWNED character. A wife of EXALTED character. A wife of IMPRESSIVE character.

Who can find her? Because to those that DO find her, she is worth FAR MORE than RUBIES.

I know this isn’t groundbreaking. I know that I’m not revealing any brand new information here. But I AM going to admit to you that when I look at this verse this way, I am totally taken aback. The whole part of this chapter starts off by asking a question. Asking who really can find a woman or wife like this? Because she is rare. And she is precious. And she is very hard to find.

I’m not sure how to become this woman, exactly. But I know I want to be her. Already, one verse in, I desire to be her.

seek out the good

1 Sep

I’ve been trying to go to church more. Even if it means sitting by myself. Don’t get me wrong here. Jason is a worship leader and so we are at church A LOT. But when Sundays roll around, I feel like there’s always something  that is preventing me from going. The boys are sick, I’m not feeling good, I’m exhausted, or just want a day off. And Sundays are hardly a day off for me because Jason is at the church all day. So it’s a rare occasion when we can go to church together and sit together through an entire sermon. And frankly, going alone and sitting there by myself doesn’t really sound that great to me.

But that doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter if it’s FUN or not. I should be going to church every week, even if it means that I need to sit there by myself. So that’s what I’m doing more of. Jason totally comes with me whenever he’s not playing, but those mornings are rare.

So last week I went to church. Dropped the boys off in the nursery/Sunday school and headed on over. I really love our church. I really love our pastor. It’s a huge church and so I know not EVERYone is going to be happy there, but I really am! He spoke on criticism and judgement this week. Uh-oh, right? The topic that makes a LOT of people squirm. But it was really great AND has actually challenged me a little bit. I’m naturally a critical, glass is half empty, too quick to judge type of person. It’s ok. I’ll admit it. It’s WAY easier for me to usually see the negative side of things before I see the positive.

Is this a character trait I’m proud of? NO. Would YOU be proud to admit that?? I don’t really like that about myself and it’s something I’m constantly working on.

At least it feels like it.

It was a good reminder to hear what the Bible says about judgement and criticism. And to reflect for a second on my OWN heart and mind. The thoughts that you dwell on will usually reflect what’s going on inside your heart and what will come out of your mouth. How easy is it to think and say negative things about our situations and others? How easy is it to feel better about our own circumstances by comparing to anothers? But what good does it do? Not much. For a second, it takes your mind off of your own issues and insecurities. But it doesn’t fix them. It may temporarily make you feel better. But the real damage is that that you’re doing to your own heart.

I’m learning really fast, this week especially, not to judge others for what things ‘appear’ to look like. Too often I feel like people just put on a good front, but if you only knew what was REALLY going on, you’d have no room to judge, criticize or to be jealous. I’m trying to let myself see the GOOD in every person and situation FIRST. Before my mind goes straight to the negative. Or BEFORE my mind goes to anxious thoughts. Or judgemental thoughts.

Speak kindness. Think kindness. Isn’t this, after all, what I am trying to teach my kids ALL. DAY. LONG? Why wouldn’t I practice this myself.

Slow to speak. Quick to love. Be kind to everyone. Because you might THINK you know where they’re at. But in reality, you probably have no idea.


4 Aug

The post of this sweet little girl and family is going live on our site today. We had the pleasure of shooting The McRae family about a week ago. If you follow their story, you know that Kate has been battling for her life from a malignant tumor that has resided in her brain. Their story is one of courage, hope, resilience, peace, love. Jesus.

It’s incredible.

Spending time with this family has kind of changed me forever. Watching Kate’s mom be a mother to her three kids all through the shoot and afterwards at dinner put a lot of things into perspective for me. How precious life is. How special is family time. How quickly it goes. How quickly our lives can change.

I have stared at these pictures for countless hours over the past week. And I’ve often, through tears, just sat at my computer PRAYING that God would PLEASE heal this little girl. I know He hears me. He hears the millions around the world that are praying desperately for her healing. He’s already been glorified through her story. How incredible would it be if He would just heal her?

God’s timing is not our own. And He’s in control. And I trust Him.

So does the family of this sweet baby girl.

But how I desperately want her cancer to disappear. She’s such a little girl. Who’s endured so much. It just doesn’t seem fair, does it?

But what a beauty, right? Gosh. Simply stunning, she is.

* See the full post from our time with The McRaes on our website at www.sessionninephotography.com/blog.


22 Apr

There’s a lot weighing on my heart tonight. I sort of feel defeated in some ways. Others, I feel liberated.

It’s weird.

Jay and I have a lot of things to pray about and big decisions to make regarding our business. It’s scary. It’s overwhelming. It’s in God’s hands. This I know all too well.

But still.

I am nervous, anxious, worried, excited, tired, apathetic and I feel like I can’t breathe. All at the same time.

Everything is totally ok. Just big things to talk about and to decide. Please pray for us if you think about it.

I’m sure I’ll update when the time is right.