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let it go

26 Feb

I definitely watch too much Oprah. BUT she’s in her 25th season, which will be her last season, and I’ve really, really enjoyed some of the shows she’s done. Do I agree with everything she stands for? NO. Do I watch every single show? NO. Honestly, it’s always on during the boys nap time and so I usually have it on to ‘watch’ while I’m working. I like it. So sue me.


I was watching one of her shows last week and David Arquette was on talking about his troubles and being in and out of rehab. It was on in the background and I was half listening to it but mostly working and answering emails. Halfway through the show, he said something that really stuck with me and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. It was about anger. He said,

“Anger is like YOU drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

Whoa. How true is that? How often do we hang onto things in our lives that make us angry and all it really is doing is festering within our own souls? Usually, the person that made you angry to begin with doesn’t even know that you are STILL angry at them. It doesn’t affect them any longer. But you are still hanging on to it. But hanging onto anger, is only poisoning YOU. It’s not hurting the other person. It really IS as if YOU drank poison, but are waiting for the other person to die. It’s not going to happen, but it IS only harming you.

It’s something to think about. What are you hanging onto? Who are you still angry at? It’s only poisoning your soul.

And life’s too short to live that way.

*I found this gorgeous photo HERE.


the helicopter mom

5 Sep

I love reading other people’s blogs. I don’t get to do it nearly as often as I would like, but I try to keep up as much as I can. I was reading my sweet friend Stephanie’s blog the other day and came across this fun quiz that she posted. It’s a quiz that Oprah had encouraged her viewers to take and it’s called “What Type of Mom Are You?”. So I was intrigued and took it! It only takes a few minutes and the results I got were surprising, but also not at the same time. Here’s my results:

The Helicopter Mom

Helicopter Mom is hovering just out sight, keeping an eye on her kids and yours. She is fully supplied with a first aid kit, a GPS and a complete computer printout of the week’s homework for all her kids. She could teach a master class in calendar-keeping, managing the family schedule like an orchestra conductor. Don’t forget to refuel, Helicopter Mom!

While it’s never a good idea to live by quizes like this (and I definitely don’t) it’s funny, the results I got. I guess it IS somewhat true here. I am very organized most of the time, our family has a schedule, I HATE being late (or when others are late or make me late!), and I AM paranoid about where Cruz is at all times. I try to trust the people we let babysit him, even though my deepest rooted fear is that he will be hurt in some fashion or that he won’t be taken care as well as I do it. When we are in public, I’m deathly afraid of Cruz disappearing. You hear so many horror stories of children going missing, I can’t help but be slightly paranoid. And when I pack my diaper bag, it is full of things ready for any case scenario.

So sue me!

But the truth is, I don’t really WANT to be a helicopter mom. And I don’t know if I really consider myself one, completely. But it is hard to let go when you’ve been entrusted something so special, so huge, and SO important as raising a child. My biggest fear is that I would fail at it. Isn’t every parent afraid of that? So I try to take a deep breath, every day, and let him experience new things. I try to relinquish control, because ultimately I’m not the one who was ever in control anyways! But it’s hard not to helicopter parent. And while I don’t think I’m nearly as bad as it could be, there are many things I could be working on as a mom. Isn’t that true for all of us?

Take the quiz! And I’m totally not a quiz taker. But it’s fun to see ‘what type of mom you are’. It at least gave me some stuff to think about!


24 Oct

Ever since Jay was laid off from his job, I have really felt the need to simplify our lives. It’s weird. I’ve never felt more free, more liberated and more excited for our future than I do right now at this moment. It’s like we can go anywhere and do anything- the options are endless.

We are in a great position and I never thought even a month ago, that I could possibly be this stress-free. I’m ‘breathing’ about a lot of things for the first time in a long time.

Yesterday, I was catching up on the shows that are on our DVR, and I will proudly admit that I love watching Oprah. She did a show on how different people live all around the world and I was just fascinated. It made me want to travel all around the world in the worst way ever and it inspired me tremendously.

I was specifically fascinated with how the people live in Denmark. Everything just seems so much more simple. I would love to live in a place where I can take my bike instead of my car and where I can walk to the market. She went inside a couple of homes there, and I found myself wanting to live like that. Why do I need a huge house? Living in a loft or town home suddenly seems so appealing to me. Jason and I talked about how people with pretty big families live in very small homes, all over the world! Why do I need all this ‘stuff’? There’s nothing wrong with having a big house- we are in one that we are still growing into! But I’m finding my ideas of happiness shifting.

And it’s incredibly freeing.

We are still trying to decide where we are going to go and what we are going to do. Are we going to move? Are we moving out of state? Are we staying here? Working at a church? Just working our photography business? Maybe both?

We are considering everything and anything is possible. We could be across the nation in 30 days if the right opportunity presents itself- that’s how open we are. Or we can stay here if that’s the right opportunity.

All I’m saying is that I am digging deep into myself and my ideas of happiness, home, style and life- is changing. So what is the point of this post, you ask? Simplifying is where I’m at. Not that we’re moving to Denmark or anything (well, not today at least! Ha!). But my favorite thing about where we are at is that we are going to start over. Whether down the street or down South.

I’ve never felt this excited and liberated!

* These pictures are of a couple apartments in Denmark that I loved. I love the cleanliness and the simplicity of it. Beautiful.

Love this style!Love it!