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anthropologie inspiration

22 Feb

I’ve been trying to collect plates for about a year now. I pick them up from here and there and my goal is to have a complete collection of plates, bowls, cups and mugs that don’t match. I don’t want any two pieces to match at all. So I’m always on the look out for awesome pieces to pick up. Usually, I look at Goodwill or at other second hand stores. Someone else’s trash is totally my treasure in this area. But I stumbled upon a couple plates from Anthropologie that I LOVE. I think I might need to go grab a couple. These are my favorite ones I came across:

Aren’t they awesome??? I’m SO inspired by this for some reason. Well, I’m always inspired whenever I visit Anthropologie, not just for plates but for all different kinds of things. How can you not be? Their stuff rocks. But I love, love, LOVE this collection I’ve started and I’m always looking for inspiring pieces to add to it.

What inspires you?? Also, what are your favorite blogs that you go to for fashion, design and photography inspiration?? I need to know. Please and thank you.

post 400

16 Feb

This blog post number 400 comes at no better time.

Every time I reach another 100 posts, I like to take a little bit of time to reflect on the past posts and my life really. I like to think about where I was 100 posts ago and to consider where the next 100 posts are going to take me. This time, I find myself coming out of a difficult chapter in my life. Transitioning with two kids has been pretty hard for me and if you read here regularly, you’ve heard this before. But I really feel like I’ve gained some clarity and that I’m moving forward with some pretty exciting things ahead. I’ve been considering a lot of different things. Researching a lot of different things.

And dreaming about many more.

My whole idea of what it means to be a woman and a mom is completely changing these days. I’ve had some very encouraging and very discouraging conversations with friends and people over the past few weeks that’s really got my brain spinning over what it means to be who I was created to be. I’m really struggling with the typical mom stereotype, but I also find myself enjoying certain aspects of it to. Finding balance, digging to the core of my soul to figure out what I’m passionate about (within my passion, if that makes sense) and working to break the barrier of stereotypes is what I’ve been focusing on.

And I’m not even sure how to do all of that.

We are getting ready to launch our new website for Session Nine Photography here in a couple weeks and I am SO excited about the new direction that we are taking our art, our passion and our business. Things that I find inspiring are shifting. People that I find inspiring are changing. My ideas for this blog are changing- sort of. We’ve got nothing but good and exciting things coming down the pipeline and I feel anxious, exhilarated, inadequate, excited, unsure and totally confident- all rolled into one big ball of emotions.

I’m finding that it sure is complicated being a woman and mom- at least the kind I want to be. And at the end of all of it, it comes down to this for me: I desperately want my boys to grow up and remember how I found passion in this life. I want them to know that I worked hard as their mother, yes. But also as my own self. I am not lost here. I am not forgotten. And while it may be complicated- this place that I am in- I desire to find a balance between all things so that they may know that life isn’t over when you become a mom. Life changes when you become a parent. But it doesn’t have to be what the stereotype says it’s all about. I’m excited to teach them that and to allow them to watch me rediscover who I am, all the while they are a huge part of my life.

So I know this post is weird. I’m in the middle of a transition, so to speak, as I am embarking on the next 100 posts. But I feel like I’m on the brink of something- and I’m not sure what. I guess I feel like I’m on the brink of rediscovering ME.

Isn’t that what this is all about for all of us?

book club

26 Jan

I am a part of a book club with three other ladies, who I just love to pieces. We’ve been in this book club together for I think 4 years! And we’ve met every single month over good food and good conversation about whatever book we just finished. It’s so much fun and something I think I’ll be a part of a long, long time. I don’t get to see these three ladies that often, but we can always count of hanging out once a month for sure. And I love it.

After I had Cruz, I totally stopped reading for book club. My days were crammed full with being a brand new mom and being a brand new business owner. Finding time to read was really hard and something that was put on the back burner. I hated it because I love to read and I missed it. I still went to book club and always came saying, “Yep, I didn’t read… AGAIN.” The girls started not being surprised that I hadn’t read that months selection.

But I FINALLY am getting back into the swing of it. And I actually read our last book!!! We met up last night over pizzas, salads and wine and I was actually able to join the conversation about the book! I’m telling you all of this because I want to encourage you to read the book we just read, and to maybe start a book club of your own! It’s truly one of those things that I only do for me and it’s something that I do that doesn’t require being a mom or talking about being a mom. It’s just 4 women getting together as friends to discuss something other than that.

Which is refreshing.

Of course, we all have kids and it comes up- obviously- but it’s a nice break for all of us to catch up, relax and laugh together as girls and as friends.

I’ll always be friends with these three. They are fabulous ladies.

The book we just finished is called ‘True Colors’ by Kristin Hannah. I know you’re probably wondering when you’re going to be able to find time to read, but if you enjoy reading make time for it. It refuels me in a lot of ways and knowing that three other people are reading the book with me is really a lot of fun!

Check it out. It’s a good read!


19 Dec

I needed a little ‘pick me up’ the other day while I was at the store. I think I was there for diapers or something. Who even knows. And I was lingering down the cosmetic aisle when I saw this Maybelline New York Shiny-licious lip gloss on sale. Not only was it on sale, but it was on clearance! I’m a sucker for a good deal, especially for something that is girly. I love makeup- especially lip glosses. Getting new makeup completely makes my whole day. So adding this little splash of color to my list of favorites was a no brainer.

I love it.