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stupid comments

30 Aug

Do you ever wonder why people feel the need to make stupid comments to pregnant people? I’m not talking about the usual, “How are you feeling?” “Are you hanging in there?” “When’s your due date?” etc. THOSE are normal questions. Normal questions that don’t bother me at all this time around and questions I get every day. It’s ok. I am surrounded by great friends, near and far, that only care for me and my family and want to make sure I’m hanging in there now that it’s the end. I get it.

I’m talking about stupid comments from people who you DON’T know. Complete strangers that feel the need to speak up, ask dumb questions, make unnecessary comments and for why? WHY? Why is it necessary that if you DON’T KNOW ME that you must open your mouth to say stupid stuff? I’m not understanding. But my ENTIRE weekend was filled up with me running into complete strangers that just felt the need to speak their mind, regardless of how it might make me feel. Now I understand that they probably didn’t mean harm. And that I shouldn’t care what strangers think- and I DON’T. But when you’re in public, it can be embarrassing because there are usually other people around. Plus, I’m usually with Cruz, it’s hot outside AND I’m uncomfortable. So please, Mr. Cashier, please make my day worse by your small talk that is only making you sound like a moron.

Situation #1:

I was in a Starbucks and I had just finished meeting with a client who hired us to photograph her wedding. She was super sweet and we had just finished the greatest conversation. I was in a great mood, so I thought I’d grab an ice tea as I was on my way out the door. I’m standing in line- I’m NOT EVEN NEXT IN LINE and the associate behind the counter says,

“Oh my gosh! Are you carrying twins???!”

To which I smile and say,

“No… No I’m not.”

And then SHE says,

“There’s no possible way there’s only ONE baby in there! You’re HUGE!”

I smile a courtesy smile, take a deep breath and say,

“Ya, I just have large babies. There’s only one in there and I’m due in less than two weeks.”

I’m glad she’s still smiling at me because I can feel my mood changing and I can feel my conscious telling me to guard my mouth and not to say what I’m REALLY thinking. Before I have a chance to say anything else, it’s my turn to order. So I step up to the counter, not remembering the drink I wanted because I’m so caught off guard at how rude she was, when all of a sudden ANOTHER associate comes out from the back and starts unpacking boxes. I order my drink and look down the counter to notice that he’s staring at me. I smile (kind of) and HE says, (and I’m NOT joking)

“Wow! Are you having twins??”

I laugh a little, but I’m really thinking This is unbelievable! and I say,

“Nope. There’s just one in there and I’m due in less than two weeks.”

And then HE says,

“No way! There HAS to be two in there!”

To which I say,

“There’s really, really not two in there. But thanks!”

By then my drink is ready and I grab it and leave. I make it to the car in time to burst out in sobbing tears. I couldn’t help it. All of Starbucks was looking at the huge pregnant lady who was being asked loudly by their workers if she’s having twins when I’m not. As if I REALLY wanted to stand there and discuss how big my belly actually is. I KNOW IT’S BIG. It was even bigger when I was pregnant with Cruz! Why do strangers feel the need to bring it up? And then doubt me when I say I actually AM only having ONE baby???

Situation #2:

So later that day I had a Boudoir photo shoot lined up. I ran into The Cheesecake Factory to grab a slice of cheesecake for a prop for the shoot (ooo la la!) and I was feeling pretty good and excited for the afternoon that lied ahead. The girl behind the counter was perfectly nice and making small talk with me while I ordered my cheesecake to go. In the middle of our conversation, a waitress (who didn’t need to be apart of our conversation) came behind the counter, looking at me and asks,

“Oh my gosh! Are you having twins??”

I courtesy smile again, but kind of pissed now, and say,

“No. I’m not having twins.”

To which she says,

“Do you just carry really high then? Because that’s a pretty good baby bump you’ve got going there!”

To which I say,

“Thanks. Ya, I must.”

That remark was followed by her asking when I’m due, what I’m having etc. And I didn’t leave sobbing, but I did leave wondering what on earth is going on?? I’m over nine months pregnant! You aren’t supposed to look perfect, but I didn’t think I looked like I was carrying TWINS! I never got that remark when I was pregnant with Cruz and I WAS actually huge! So I was completely dumbfounded and I sent Jay a text telling him what happened, AGAIN, and you can imagine how the rest of that conversation went. Good grief.

Situation #3:

Fast forward to Sunday. I had breakfast with a dear friend in the morning and after I left, Cruz and I headed over to Target to get some diapers. It was very busy, so I stood in line for a while until another line opened up. Once it did, I moved over to the line that had just opened because Cruz was getting fussy and I needed to get out of there. So I walk up and the cashier is oooo-ing and aaahh-ing over Cruz. And he’s saying ‘Hi!’ and being his charming little self. Then she looks at me and says,

“When are you due?”

And I say,

“In less than two weeks.”

And she says,

“Aw that’s great! Do you know what you’re having?”

And I said,

“Yes, I’m having another boy!”

She scrunches up her nose and says,

“Aw… well that’s too bad. Maybe next time!”

I am shocked at her response and say,

“No I’m beyond thrilled to be having another boy! I don’t care whether I have boys or girls- as long as they’re healthy I’m happy!”

And she says,

“Oh really? Well that’s good I guess.”

I finished paying and walked away thinking, What on earth JUST happened? Should I not be excited because I’m having a BOY? What is WRONG with people? Who says that to a pregnant lady who is about to burst at any second with her SON?? Of course I’d love to have a girl, but the truth is, if boys is all we have I will be THRILLED. Coming from someone who’s had two miscarriages, I’m thrilled to have healthy children at all! It doesn’t matter one bit to me if we have boys or girls but,


I was so confused when we left, I just laughed to myself wondering if I had just imagined that conversation. Did I imagine it?? I don’t even know. I would NEVER say something like that to a pregnant lady. Is it just me? Do these places need to review their customer service etiquette? I stopped taking in personal, because I know people don’t mean harm, but seriously? Isn’t it common sense that you aren’t supposed to INSULT someone to their face?

I can laugh about it now and I am awaiting the comments while I’m out. I seem to be a magnet for them these days. Or maybe it was just last weekend? Who knows. I really think people need to think before they speak to anyone. Especially someone who’s about to birth an ENTIRE HUMAN.


nine months pregnant

20 Aug

Today I am exactly nine months pregnant. 36 weeks. Almost done.

You know, they should REALLY rewrite all the school books and educate our young women so that they know that most women are ACTUALLY PREGNANT TEN MONTHS. NOT NINE. I still have 3-4 weeks to go and that’s if Rider doesn’t decide to come early! Which, let’s face it. This is MY child we are talking about here. He won’t come early on his own. I’ll be shocked if he does. I have no expectations for an unplanned surprise such as my water breaking or going into labor at 37 or 38 weeks. Do I want it to happen? Um, YES. Am I expecting it? Um, NO. My pregnancy with Cruz was 10.5 months, as he was almost 2 weeks late.

Remember how I keep saying that there’s SO MUCH STUFF that people don’t tell you before you get pregnant? Yes. That’s one of them. Most women are actually pregnant for more than nine months and usually more than ten.

I had my 36 week appointment yesterday and everything looks great! He’s healthy, happy and I’m not dilated at all. This wasn’t a surprise to me, but it’s good to know where I’m at right? I’m going to the doctor every week now. I’m super uncomfortable, dealing with joint pain and hungry ALL THE TIME. Kind of like how I was in my first trimester. So I’ve stocked up on carrots and hummus because you can only eat crap for so long before you start feeling like, well… crap. I’m not swollen at all, which is different than my pregnancy with Cruz. When I was pregnant with Cruz I couldn’t wear my wedding ring starting my 8th month. This time around I actually still have my ring on! I didn’t gain any weight this week, which was surprising, bringing my weight gain to just over 30 lbs. Also refreshing from the 54 lbs I gained with Cruz.

So things look good! I’m starting to pack our hospital bags because before you know it, we’ll be there and we’ll be holding our little Rider man! It’s pretty nuts how fast this pregnancy went. I’m SO anxious to be a mamma of two babies and the adjustment that’s going to take place. I pray every day that it won’t be as hard as I’m anticipating it to be. But if it is, I know that God won’t give me more than we can handle and that it will all be ok.

You might have to remind me that I said that on some days. Or maybe not. Who knows.

Thanks for journeying with me these past nine months. They have been full of so much change for us. It’s been a whirlwind that’s for sure! And I can’t believe in a couple short weeks I’ll have my second little guy in my arms. A mom of two boys.

How’d I get so lucky?