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past times

17 Dec

Lately I’ve really been working on tummy time with Rider. He’s starting to gain a lot of strength in his neck and I think he might even roll over soon! We will see. He laughed for the first time last week, and I actually caught it on video!! So, the milestones are really picking up now that he’s 3.5 months and I have to say, these are the things that I look forward to very much. I enjoy the newborn stage for certain things, but the truth of the matter is, is that it’s just really hard. It’s such a period of transition, adjustment and learning new things about yourself, baby and a whole new family dynamic. It’s a time of little sleep, lots of tears and also a lot of joy at the same time. It’s an amazing time, as it’s all new and exciting. But it’s just really hard. With Cruz and Rider both, once they hit about 3 months old is when I truly started really enjoying them. Is that bad to say? Their personalities just start coming through at that point and it starts to get really, really fun. And both of their sleep patterns got very consistent at about 3 months which obviously helps a lot.

That goes without saying.

So I’ve been giving Rider a lot of tummy time and he’s starting to notice his surroundings a lot! He smiles at Cruz (who is STILL trying to figure out his little brother) and he loves smiling and “talking” to Jason and I. It’s the best to hear his little coos and see his little smile. I love all the stages he’s about to hit. I honestly can’t wait for him to start crawling and walking.

Gosh it’s just really fun.

So that’s what we’ve been up to! Actually, truth be told, we’ve been up to A LOT more than that lately. Jason has been UBER busy so I’ve played “single mommy” roll a lot lately. He obviously helps tremendously when he’s home, but tis the season for him to be gone a lot with work etc. So we are all pretty tired and I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet. People that are done shopping before Thanksgiving are my heros. I’ve just never been that ambitious I guess! Ha!


We’re hanging in there. Trying to enjoy the season as much as possible. Loving the rainy days we’ve had this week. Pretty much the same as everyone else. And I can’t believe it’s going to be 2011 in a matter of days. DAYS.

And this is a pretty recent past time for Cruz. We always tell him that that is ‘yucky’, but he still can’t help himself. Ha!

dear rider,

1 Dec

Want to know a secret?

Although I would love to go to bed earlier than I do and not have to do a ‘dream feed’ anymore, secretly, I really don’t mind it. Not only do I not mind it, but I don’t want it to end.

It’s at this time during each night (about 10:30 pm) that it gets to be just you and me. After you are finished filling your little belly, I let you rest on my shoulder while I’m hoping that you’ll burp. But you are always asleep, breathing softly and cuddling up to my neck. It’s really such a sweet time where I can somewhat peer down at you, resting there on my shoulder. I can look at your little lips, nose, eyes. And I can hold you close and really take in the moment.

The amount of nights I have to do this with you is limited. You are growing so fast. You will be 12 weeks old this Friday and I can hardly believe it. You are doing so many new things and your little personality is really starting to come through. You are such a little sweetie. Very laid back and you still sleep a lot! There’s so many milestones that lie ahead for you and it’s going to come and go so fast.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s to try to take in the moment. Because once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

So every night after your last feeding, although I’m more tired that you can ever imagine, I try to take the time to stare at your little features. Because they won’t be little for too long. And I don’t want to miss it.

I especially don’t want to miss it because I was too tired to take the time.

You are special, my little Rider man. I love you more than you know.


cloth diaper update

9 Nov

I’ve been meaning to write this update for about a week now. And things have been so busy. Such is life, right? It never ends. But I have a free minute and wanted to give all of you an update on the cloth diapers I’m using! Many of you asked for this update and I’m so sorry it didn’t come sooner!

So I have been using the gDiapers, and it’s going really, really well! I actually really do like them! Cloth diapering really isn’t AS big of a deal as it was in my head. The problem is, is that there’s A LOT of information which is really overwhelming. As with anything in parenting, there’s many, many different ways to do things and you’ve gotta find what works for you. This was frustrating for me when I was pregnant because I couldn’t diaper Rider if he wasn’t here, obviously. So I had to purchase everything and just hope it worked for us, which is one aspect of cloth diaper I didn’t like. I am a big time planner and making a big purchase ahead of time, hoping that you like it, was frustrating for me.

Luckily, it’s working great and our investment in these diapers has been well worth it!

I really love the gDiapers, above all other cloth diaper. Rider doesn’t have to wear larger clothes JUST so the diaper fits. I didn’t want that. I want his clothes to fit right for his body, not to fit the diaper. The inserts are awesome. Right now, I use cloth when he’s awake and the disposable inserts when he sleeps or when we are out. We were gifted many packages of the disposable inserts so I’m definitely taking advantage of that luxury while it lasts. The cloth inserts are awesome too though! We haven’t had many leaks. Obviously, no diaper is perfect so he has peed out of them a time or two (or three! ha!) so no matter what diaper you’re considering, you have to expect that. It comes with the territory. I definitely have to change the cloth more, but it’s really not a huge deal. When I change them, I put them in a wet bag and I wash them with the liners every three days. Washing them has been no big deal as well! I do a rinse cycle and then do a full cycle in hot water. Throw them in the dryer and you’re done! Simple. It really has been that easy!

So I’m glad to say that I’m very satisfied with these specific cloth diapers. There is a couple extra steps with everything that is involved, but once you get your rhythm down, it’s not a huge deal. I haven’t really found them to be THAT much extra work than disposables. I’m just doing more laundry instead of running to the store all the time for diapers. I’m still not keen on carrying poop in my purse. Seriously. I can’t get over it. But it is what it is, I guess. I got myself a really cute wet bag to carry when I’m out which helps a little. Mostly right now, I’m using the disposable inserts while we’re out so I haven’t had to carry too much poop in my purse quite yet.

So it’s working! And to top it off, the diapers are pretty cute and NOT bulky. I can’t stand the bulk. I just don’t want his little butt to look bigger than the rest of his body. And it doesn’t with this thin adorable cloths. I’m all about it for now. And you obviously have to shop for and purchase the ones you like the best and think are cutest. Every mamma has a different opinion. Every diaper works differently for each mamma and baby. That’s why being a parent is so confusing. Because no matter how often we ask each other for advice, you ultimately have to decide what works best for your family. Maybe it IS disposables. Maybe it’s Fuzzibuns. Maybe it’s gDiapers. Maybe you make your own cloth diapers! Whatever the case may be, you gotta find what works for you. If it’s gDiapers, definitely go for it! I have nothing bad to say about them and they haven’t been as hard as I imagined.

Good luck if you’re considering it! It’s a great way to go if your considering cloth. That’s my opinion, of course.

quiet time

28 Oct

After I put Cruz down for his nap on most days, I usually have at least an hour or so where Rider is awake and Cruz is not. And don’t get me wrong here- I love Cruz to pieces. But he is a crazy kid full of energy! So when he’s awake, it’s hard to get any quality time with Rider since I’m running around and talking to Cruz all morning long. And Rider usually sleeps a lot in the mornings.

Well, he still sleeps a lot anyways.

But after I put Cruz down for a nap, Rider is usually awake for a little while longer. And the house is quiet. And it’s just me and him. It reminds me of what life was like when Cruz was that small and I didn’t have a second child to tend to too. It made me think about how Rider has had a significantly less amount of time with ‘just mommy’. And it made me appreciate it today! So of course I busted out my camera and had a lot of fun playing with and talking to him. He’s starting to smile at us, which is loads of fun! Of course, in true Williams fashion, he won’t smile for the camera so I haven’t caught it on film yet.

When I do you’ll see it, I promise!!

But it was nice to spend some quality time with my Rider-man. I want to know what he’s thinking because he always looks like he’s super deep in thought. Maybe I don’t want to know. Either way, he’s a sweet little guy who’s already almost seven weeks old. It’s moments/hours/days like this that make me remember that although raising these two boys is hard, there’s nothing I’d rather be doing. Laying on the floor with Rider today was exactly what I needed.

And it was quiet.


27 Oct
This is a good day. Rider slept all the way through the night last night! Gosh, what a difference a consistent night of sleep makes! And it hasn’t been horrible- Rider has always been a very good sleeper and has only ever woken us up once maybe twice during the nights to eat. He always goes right back down to sleep and so we’ve been relatively rested since he was born. Well, I’ve still been exhausted but it hasn’t really been because of a lack of sleep. It’s just hard when you aren’t getting consistent sleep, you know?
Last night I fed him around 10:30 and put him to bed. I was fully expecting to wake up around 3:30 or 4 to feed him. But I woke up at 4:30 am, jolted awake wondering why I hadn’t heard from Mr. Rider yet. I went into his room to check on him just to make sure that he was still breathing, and of course he was. He was swaddled in his blanket, sleeping away in his comfy little room. I was for sure that I was going to crawl back into bed and five minutes later he’d wake up. I went back to sleep and didn’t hear from him until 6:30 am!!
We were so excited that he did it on his own. And he’s not even quite seven weeks old yet! I’m so happy that we chose to do Babywise with our kids. Given that if you approach it with balance in your life, it can work for most kids. I am confident in that. Our kids have both gained healthy weight and learned tremendously good sleeping habits through this method. And sleep is something that is SO important for kids and adults. We are a happier family when everyone is sleeping well.
I am aware, however, that it was only ONE night so far. We’ll see how tonight goes. I am grateful for today, however. Jason and I are rested. Cruz and Rider are rested. Everyone wins.

no motivation

23 Oct

I have no motivation to write much tonight. I really, really want to. But I am exhausted.

Truly, exhausted.

When I sat down to write this post, I noticed the time. And I realized that I most likely have 10 minutes until Rider is going to wake up and want to eat again. So that means I will have had a whole ten minutes to myself today, which makes for one exhausting day.

Kids are exhausting. If you’re a mamma, you know that this is true. That the word tired has no meaning until you have children. I can’t believe I thought I was tired before they were born.

Oh well. Some days are better than others. And while I’m exhausted today (and will be praying for amazing sleep tonight), I can only hope, pray and know that tomorrow has to be better. And today wasn’t even a bad day! It was just an exhausting one!

And there’s the baby. Which means my ten minutes are up.

settling dust

17 Oct

Rider had his one month doctors appointment on Friday. I was anxious to take him for a couple of reasons. First is that I was really curious to know what he weighs now and how long he is. Cruz grew so much in his first month and it’s fun to compare and see how well they are growing. Second, I was anxious because Jason wasn’t able to go with me, so I was heading to the doctors office ALONE with two kids under the age of two. ALONE.

It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought. Cruz is always a handful and ever so curious when we are out and about, so I’m used to that. So it went pretty smoothly, actually. Rider’s appointment went awesome! At birth, he weighed 8 lbs 6 oz and was 20 in long. Well, four short weeks later and he weighs over 11 lbs and is 22 in long, putting him in the 80th percentile for weight and height. Yes, you read that right. I have an 11 pound 5 week old! Ha! Cruz did the exact same thing when he was Rider’s age- both of them gaining almost 4 lbs in their first month of life! So I have happy, healthy, and huge baby boys who thrive off of breast feeding all while I’m doing Babywise. And while breast feeding is hard for me, emotionally and mentally mostly, Rider is growing like a champ so I will hang in there! The rest of the appointment went great, followed by one single vaccine for Rider, which I will not be discussing because I do not wish to start an enormous debate on whether or not vaccines should be administered. Good grief.

So after the appointment, I was feeling particularly brave since I had just made it through the appointment with two kiddos alone. So I decided to go grocery shopping- ALONE. With Rider and Cruz. Mistake? It definitely could have been. But it actually wasn’t that bad! I went through the store pretty quickly, only getting what was on my list, praying that Cruz would remain entertained and that Rider would sleep through the whole thing. As I was getting ready to check out, Cruz did start getting a little bored. Wanting him to make it just a few minutes longer (please God!) I grabbed a small pumpkin off the shelf in the produce section and asked him if he wanted one. His little eyes lit up and he was ever so happy to be holding that pumpkin!


We made it out alive.

He held his little pumpkin the entire way home and before I put him down for a nap he had to give the pumpkin a kiss ‘night night’. Ha! Too funny. He’s been carrying that pumpkin around ever since, just loving it. So it was a good .79 spent, I’d say! And disclaimer- this picture was taken while I was at a stoplight. I do not drive and text/take pictures etc so please, relax.

Doing normal things with two kids now is challenging and it definitely seems overwhelming at times. But it IS getting easier. And it IS feeling more normal. Which is weird. But it’s refreshing to feel the new normal settling in. I don’t do extremely well with huge changes and so when the dust starts to settle, that’s a familiar feeling and place I like to stay.

It’s been a good weekend. I hope yours has been too!

here we go!

13 Oct

Yep. We are venturing into the world of cloth diapers, officially. And I’ll be honest, I’m still not sure how I feel about it. Ha! But I do have to say, the gDiapers are the cutest ones I’ve seen, in my opinion. And when you put them on this little man, they just really do look pretty cute!

I’m still trying to figure out a rhythm with these diapers. We are still figuring out a routine of sorts since this is a brand new world to us. But what I DO love about these diapers is that they have the option to be disposable. And I have a ton of coupons that I have collected for a while now for the disposable inserts which makes the inserts less expensive than buying actual disposable diapers. Which is nice to know, since I’m pretty sure that I’m still going to use disposable when we are out and about. At least for now.

So here we go! Trying new things like this has never been a super strong trait of mine. I like finding what works and I usually stick with it. Very stubbornly, usually. But like I mentioned in this post, we are trying to save our money and be good stewards with what God’s blessed us with. And with that in mind, I’m trying to be open to trying new things.

Even though I still can’t get past carrying poop in my purse. Maybe I’ll come around. Remember I said I’m stubborn? Good grief.


12 Oct

SOMEBODY was supposed to be having waketime and decided that he wanted to sleep almost all the way through it, no matter what I did.

THAT person will remain nameless. But while he was sleeping, I thought it would be a good time to snap a few pictures of what I happen to think is a completely adorable onesie. I got this from a good friend at my baby shower and I couldn’t wait for him to grow a little bit so he fit it! Well, the day has come! I had to snap pictures because they grow SO fast- he’ll probably only wear this a few times! Sad moment. But it’s just oh so cute, I had to share.

Oh, and look who actually decided to wake up during this impromptu photo shoot! He’s such a cool little guy, I just can’t even resist.

one month old

8 Oct

It’s been a month?? A MONTH? Really? That is nuts! Rider is one month old today and I can’t believe it’s been that long! That’s not even THAT long, really. But when you have a newborn, it’s kind of an eternity. If you’ve been following my blog and reading any of my posts, you know that this past month has been one big, giant roller-coaster! Good moments, bad moments, exhausting moments, cute moments- all of it. And while I’m exhausted, I wouldn’t change anything that has changed/happened for us this month. It’s been such a growing experience and I’ve already learned tons more about myself through all of this. What a crazy ride it’s already been! And while I try not to wish for Rider to be bigger than he is, I do look at this little face and remember that this will not last forever. I will blink and he will be walking. I will blink and he will be talking. He’ll be going off to kindergarten and riding his bike and making science projects. This IS a season. One I will miss someday. It’s so hard to remember that when you are completely exhausted and wishing for the days for him to be sleeping through the night. But he will get there. And when he does, he won’t be a newborn anymore. And it will be gone. And I don’t want to look back and remember how I just wished for him to be bigger and onto the next stage. Because the truth is, every stage has it’s ups and downs. And I can’t be always wishing for the next stage, because pretty soon, the next stage will be him moving away to college.

Oh how my heart already hurts thinking about that.

It goes so quickly, this life. It’s passing before my eyes. Between exhaustion, tears and changing more diapers than I know what to do with, I’m taking in the moment and trying to embrace this stage. Although it’s so hard, it’s really not forever. And while I am eager for Rider to be able to do more than just eat and sleep, this stage is precious. And he’s such an endearing little boy. Such a sweet, easy going spirit. He’s such a lovable little guy. It is hard at times. But I AM taking the time to love it too.

Happy One Month Rider! We love you more than you know!