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18 Mar

Monday, March 15th was a day that changed my little sis’ life! My baby sister, Danielle, got engaged to her boyfriend of two years, Cameron! It’s been a long time coming for them. They’ve known each other for almost seven years and Cameron will tell you that he’s been hoping for her to be his wife for a long, long time. Aw!

So Cameron called me almost a month ago to tell me that he was going to ask Danielle to marry him, and it wasn’t a shock to me at all. To be honest, I was expecting the call any day! He had said that he and Danielle had looked at rings and that Danielle had seen one that she loved. She wasn’t expecting an engagement for at least another six months, but he was prepared to propose much, much sooner! I headed to the jewelry shop with him shortly after our convo to take pictures of him purchasing her beautiful ring!

Then the planning began. Cameron and I went back and forth about where the best place for him to propose would be. Cameron asked Jason and I to be there to take some pictures of the entire proposal, so we chatted almost daily about creative ideas. The thing that made it tricky, is that my sister knows Cameron SO well, that he was worried she would know he was up to something. It had to be a proposal that would completely catch her off guard because he wanted her to be completely surprised! To his surprise, a few days before Cameron was going to propose, Danielle suggested that they go to the zoo- on the very day that he was planning to propose!! Cameron decided it was perfect. It was “her idea” and she would suspect nothing. So he totally went with it. It was perfect.

Cameron and Danielle spent the day at the zoo and Jason and I arrived at the zoo right at 4:30. Cameron had to hide the fact that he was texting me to make sure we were in the same spot! Jason and I stationed ourselves right in front of the zebras, in the bushes and brush. I was convinced that a staff member at the zoo was going to wonder what we were up to! Especially since I was hiding behind an electrical box! Ha! I even looked around at one point and couldn’t see Jason anymore- he hid himself SO well! Finally, we saw them coming!! I was more nervous than ever, and Danielle had no idea what was about to happen!!

So they checked out the zebras for a few minutes. And I’m pretty sure I could hear Cameron’s heart beating out of his chest! And right at the moment where I could see Danielle getting impatient and getting ready to take control of the zoo map, Cameron grabbed all of her things out of her arms (purse and all!) and placed it on the bench. He got down on one knee, and gave her the biggest surprise of all!



I was hiding behind the bushes, crying, and taking video because my little baby sister just got engaged!! And after Danielle and Cameron were finished hugging, Cameron pointed over to where I was hiding with a camera and both Danielle and I lost it. Well, Danielle was already crying happy tears! But she was so happy to know I was there witnessing her amazing moment!

Yes, that’s me running to her once she saw me!

Next we all spent the evening celebrating! We had a family dinner celebration planned, but it wasn’t set to start until later in the evening. So Dani, Cam, Jason and I all headed down to Z’ Tejas on Mill Avenue to grab appetizers and to recap the proposal. Then we shopped at Urban Outfitters and roamed the streets, laughed and just had a blast.

Then we headed to Macayo’s for dessert to see the whole family! It was so fun to have everyone together to celebrate Dani and Cameron’s engagement! We all ate way too much food, laughed way too hard, and had so much fun.

The whole day was about Danielle and Cameron and it was very special! Weird that I’m going to have a brother-in-law. Weirder that I’ve known him longer than I’ve known Jason! Ha! But Cameron is just like my brother and I’m so stoked he’s going to be my family. He makes my sister so very happy and I can’t wait to see and be apart of their lives unfolding together.  I’ll be posting pictures all through their engagement, I’m sure. So keep your eyes peeled for updates and such.

Congrats Dani and Cameron! I can’t believe the time has finally come for you guys to get married!! Remember not to stress too much during this time- it’s supposed to be fun and a way to celebrate the beginning of your lives together. Woo hoo!

And these are too funny NOT to post. Hahahaha