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happy 30th birthday!

4 Nov

30th Birthday

Today was Jason’s 30th birthday!! Even though Jason isn’t sure how he feels about it, and even though I’ve made him feel like an old man these past few days, 30 is not old! It’s the new 20 and I’m pretty convinced that Jay is going to look as young as he does for a long, long time. He’ll just be that lucky.

I wanted to plan something special for him, but we don’t have a whole lot of extra cash these days. We have some really amazing friends who all helped me throw Jason a surprise party on Tuesday evening, the night before. He had absolutely NO IDEA and just thought we were going to our regular Bible study that we have each week. Our great friends Katelyn and Casey hosted and Katelyn helped me to get everything set up before we got there (thank you Katelyn!!). It was so great to hang with friends and about 25-30 people came, which was absolutely perfect.

I do have to say that Jason’s cake did look like it was on fire with the amount of candles we put on it! I wanted to make sure he blew out 30 candles and no less! So we all ate cake and relaxed for a little bit and Jason was totally surprised!

It's on fire! Ha!Birthday Boy

Today, Wednesday the 4th we spent time together as a family! We’ve had a lot of those days lately but this day was extra fun! We didn’t have too much planned, but we did manage to make our way into the Apple store. Jay decided that it was time to exchange the phone that he’s had for our ENTIRE MARRIAGE for a brand new iPhone!! I’m not kidding- that phone that he had was seriously one that Zach Morris from Saved By The Bell probably used during his time at Bayside. He’s had it forever! So it was completely time for him to upgrade to the new millenium and join the rest of us with an iPhone. Ha! I’m glad he did!

Jay trading in his old phone

Our little man crashed from ‘partying’ to hard with mom and dad. We hadn’t even left the Apple store yet and he was already zonked out!

So sleepy

We ate lunch at Liberty Market after our time at the mall. When it’s your birthday, they give you a meal up to $10 for free!! So Jay got an amazing pizza made by none other than Andrew Sterbenz and we visited with Andrea Alley while we were there too!

Our evening was pretty simple- we had a family dinner at Olive Garden (one of Jay’s favorites!) and then headed home. After we put Cruz to bed, we sat on the couch with baseball on TV and worked. Yes, we had to work on his birthday. We don’t have the luxury right now of having a day off- THAT’s how busy we are! But we are super grateful to have each other and to be able to celebrate another birthday together! Birthdays are super special to me- life is too short and you never know how many birthday’s you’ll have together. Gotta make ’em count for sure.

Happy 30th Birthday to the love of my life, Jason! I love you and I can’t wait till we turn 60 together! I love you!


what if the whole world prayed?

26 May

1yssggI know it’s speculation. And really none of my business.

But I still have so many thoughts about it. And I can’t shake it.

Jason and I watched the season premiere of Jon and Kate Plus 8 on Monday night. I was expecting to tune in and see the opposite of the drama that’s been reported. And I’m not a huge gossip magazine reader… I don’t listen to tabloids… I’m interested like the rest of the world sometimes, but generally, I don’t really keep up too much.

Their drama’s been hard to avoid.

I was hoping to tune in and to see that the media is actually blowing their situation way out of proportion- pictures taken that weren’t actually what they looked like, rumors expelled…

It broke my heart, what we watched.

What we watched was either one of two things. It was either 1). a family on the verge of divorce, under the limelight, stressed, and being pulled apart by the media or 2). a media frenzy being created by starting rumors about this family in order to drive more ratings for the show.

Either way, I am heart broken for them.

After the show, Jason posted on his twitter and he asked ‘What if the whole world prayed for the Gosselins?’ And that really got me thinking.

What if the whole world actually prayed for the Gosselin’s?

That is an amazing thought. I feel as though Jon and Kate have been entrusted with a responsibility. The entire world is watching. And how truly amazing would it be if they were able to salvage their marriage after all this? To work through the extremely hard times and to come through on the other end? To say that by the grace of God they were able to stand by one another as they vowed to do? For God to be glorified through them after this hard time?

Wow. That thought just blows me away.

They have a platform, to say the least. People are watching them. People are waiting for them to mess up and split up. And that makes me deeply sad for them.

The entire energy of the show on Monday was completely different than the Gosslin’s we’ve all come to love. Maybe they are just trying to be honest and display this season in their lives. Maybe¬†it’s all staged, and then that’s an entirely different set of issues. Maybe they’re just caught up in this huge responsibility and have lost sight of what’s important.

We’ve all done that, haven’t we?

I just hope they realize that the best thing for their kids is not to split up. It’s to stick together when things just suck and to complete what they vowed to do when they started their lives together.