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happy father’s day

20 Jun

I am so blessed beyond words… To have married a man who is the greatest husband, father and companion I could have ever asked for. Once again, I am reminded of all he does for us. How hard he works for us. How involved he is with Cruz. How much he values me, supports me, loves me, loves us, and the man of God that he is. When I would pray for my future husband, I had no idea to what degree God would bless me with this leader in our home. Through all ups and downs, he puts God first. Through all ups and downs, he loves me. I’ve watched him love Cruz and step into fatherhood effortlessly. Never have I felt like we weren’t a team in marriage and parenthood. He walks right next to me through it all.

I am so incredibly blessed that Jason is the father of my children. And that he is my husband for all of my life.

Happy Father’s Day Jason! There is no greater man I could have ever chosen to do this thing called ‘life’ with me. And I love you and appreciate you more than you’ll ever know or realize.

And um… Let’s please not forget how incredibly CUTE this was! I came across Cruz’s first Halloween and I had to share this picture again. Holy smokes, this was the best thing ever!

date night

12 Dec

Date nights have to be one of my favorite things ever. Jason and I used to have date nights all the time- especially since we’ve been married. We always said that once we had kids that that would be one thing we’d always hang onto.

Well, we had a kiddo and the first thing to go was a constant date night.

It wasn’t intentional or entirely our fault. When we decided that I was going to stay home full time with Cruz, our finances were cut in half. So there wasn’t much money- at all- to just be doing much extra. We’ve had months where even buying an ice-cream cone at McDonald’s would have been a big time bad move on our finances. So movie night/dinner dates/coffee dates were definitely not always a possibility.

Time was also an issue. We started our own business, which has completely taken off, and almost all of our extra time has gone into editing- which takes hours and hours and hours. We definitely love it and it’s a creative process for us and we work together. But editing for an entire evening is not date night. And our business is our livelihood right now, so we can’t really afford to let it slip by the wayside.

But the other issue is that we just haven’t made it a big priority like we normally have. And it’s taken it’s toll a little bit in the sense that we just feel like we are always working- all of the time. We need a break too and we need a regular one without Cruz.

So we went on a date night last night and it was so much fun! We both agree that we have to get back to having a weekly date night. And that is our commitment. To make sure that we are constantly doing the things that we’ve always loved to do together. This whole season has really made me realize that marriage takes a lot of work. And I wouldn’t give anything that we have to be newlyweds again. Life definitely gets so much better as the years go by because we have experience behind us and we grow together. But we’ve always said that we never want to stop dating, even when we’ve been married for 25 years. And that’s a good thing because no matter how hard life gets, I never want to stop dating Jay.

list update

8 Dec

Remember the 101 Things in 1001 Days list that we started working on a few months back? We are still chipping away at it, one item at a time. I thought I’d post a list update of all the things we have accomplished this far.

I love having goals. I love completing goals even more. I’m the girl that has a ‘To Do’ list every single day. I love crossing things off my list each day. It’s dumb, but it gives me a sense of accomplishment and it makes me feel like I’m actually getting stuff done! This has given Jason and I a tangible way of looking at the things that we want to do in the next 1001 days.

If you have the time, you should make your own list. Trust me, it’s a lot harder than you might think! It took us an entire car ride back from California and a couple days later to complete our list. It was hard for us.

So here’s the update! All the items in bold are the ‘things’ we’ve completed since we started this list.

101 in 1001 Days

1. Get out of debt

2. Go to New York

3. Have another baby

4. Go to San Francisco

5. Photograph a wedding- Completed 10.31.09

6. Complete P90X

7. Sky dive

8. Take the X Train Photoshop Class

9. Visit the Strehle’s

10. Get a second camera

11. Buy a new car

12. Go to a Coldplay concert

13. Take Cruz to Sea World- Completed 09.22.09

14. Redo our back yard

15. Visit Aunt Teri & Uncle Bill in Georgia

16. Finish creating our dream board

17. Go to The Ellen Show

18. Give all the money we make from 1 wedding and 1 lifestyle photo shoot to someone who needs it- anonymously.

19. Eat at Fred’s

20. Learn to play the piano

21. Paint Cruz’s bathroom

22. Take vocal lessons

23. Get our photography blog up and running- Completed on August 12, 2009

24. Go on a missions trip

25. Put Cruz in swimming lessons

26. Go to Yellowstone National Park

27. Take an all girls vacation for one weekend (Jess)

28. Take an all guys vacation for one weekend (Jay)

29. Go fishing

30. Get passports for all three of us

31. Visit Grandpa Stribling’s gravesite

32. Stay at a Hyatt Resort somewhere other than AZ

33. Swim with Cruz in the ocean

34. Go on a Disney Cruise

35. Finish decorating our bedroom

36. Write our will

37. Take a nap together in a hammock

38. Take a dance class (Jess)

39. Print our favorite pictures from certain photo shoots and print on canvas’s to display

40. Finish school

41. Kiss in the rain

42. Visit Grandma in Payson

43. Clean the carpet

44. Eat at Serendipity’s in New York

45. Take Cruz to the snow

46. Lose 15 pounds (Jess)

47. Make our family Christmas card

48. Turn our blogs into blog books

49. Make our promo video

50. Create our family photo albums

51. Read the whole Bible

52. Take a gondola ride

53. Go to The Cinema Supper Club again

54. See Harry Potter in the theatre

55. Take Cruz back to Disneyland

56. See Phantom of the Opera live

57. Serve on a Second Saturday

58. Have dinner at the Compass Room

59. Get all of our personal pictures backed up and organized

60. Buy a new iMac

61. Do a cash flow plan every month

62. Learn how to do couponmom.com the right way

63. Get health insurance

64. Finish decorating/organizing the office

65. Stop gossiping

66. Blog 2-3 times per week (Jay)

67. Get better at sending birthday cards

68. Spend more time together- Ongoing, but accomplished beginning 10.01.09

69. Treat someone to lunch once a month

70. Get a Flip Mini HD Camera

71. Visit Ron & Anna Merrell

72. Set up our business policy

73. Plan Cruz’s 1st birthday party- Completed 11.14.09

74. Go to 3 or more baseball games each season

75. Go to The Oprah Winfrey Show

76. Go to the batting cages and hit balls

77. Get an iPhone- Completed 09.25.09- Jess/Completed 11.04.09- Jay

78. Groom Audio regularly

79. Get ice cream at The Sugarbowl- Completed on 10.10.09

80. Go on monthly date nights (or more if possible!)

81. Go to a concert at The Hollywood Bowl

82. Rent a luxury car for a date night

83. Get a Wacom tablet

84. Ride a zip line

85. Buy a new router

86. Fix the couch

87. Be intentional about sending thank you cards

88. Finish the plate collection

89. Resave our emergency fund- Completed in Oct 2009

90. Read a new book every month

91. Pick a pumpkin at Schnepf farms

92. Purchase a piano and restore it

93. Get a Disneyland pint glass for our collection

94. Clean out kitchen cupboards- Completed 10.09

95. Get ink for our printer- Completed 12.09

96. Get a massage

97. See John Mark McMillan in concert

98. Get a Wii

99. Start working on our next 100 list

100. Book a boudoir photo shoot (Jess)- Completed on 08.11.09

101. Get new curtains

happy 30th birthday!

4 Nov

30th Birthday

Today was Jason’s 30th birthday!! Even though Jason isn’t sure how he feels about it, and even though I’ve made him feel like an old man these past few days, 30 is not old! It’s the new 20 and I’m pretty convinced that Jay is going to look as young as he does for a long, long time. He’ll just be that lucky.

I wanted to plan something special for him, but we don’t have a whole lot of extra cash these days. We have some really amazing friends who all helped me throw Jason a surprise party on Tuesday evening, the night before. He had absolutely NO IDEA and just thought we were going to our regular Bible study that we have each week. Our great friends Katelyn and Casey hosted and Katelyn helped me to get everything set up before we got there (thank you Katelyn!!). It was so great to hang with friends and about 25-30 people came, which was absolutely perfect.

I do have to say that Jason’s cake did look like it was on fire with the amount of candles we put on it! I wanted to make sure he blew out 30 candles and no less! So we all ate cake and relaxed for a little bit and Jason was totally surprised!

It's on fire! Ha!Birthday Boy

Today, Wednesday the 4th we spent time together as a family! We’ve had a lot of those days lately but this day was extra fun! We didn’t have too much planned, but we did manage to make our way into the Apple store. Jay decided that it was time to exchange the phone that he’s had for our ENTIRE MARRIAGE for a brand new iPhone!! I’m not kidding- that phone that he had was seriously one that Zach Morris from Saved By The Bell probably used during his time at Bayside. He’s had it forever! So it was completely time for him to upgrade to the new millenium and join the rest of us with an iPhone. Ha! I’m glad he did!

Jay trading in his old phone

Our little man crashed from ‘partying’ to hard with mom and dad. We hadn’t even left the Apple store yet and he was already zonked out!

So sleepy

We ate lunch at Liberty Market after our time at the mall. When it’s your birthday, they give you a meal up to $10 for free!! So Jay got an amazing pizza made by none other than Andrew Sterbenz and we visited with Andrea Alley while we were there too!

Our evening was pretty simple- we had a family dinner at Olive Garden (one of Jay’s favorites!) and then headed home. After we put Cruz to bed, we sat on the couch with baseball on TV and worked. Yes, we had to work on his birthday. We don’t have the luxury right now of having a day off- THAT’s how busy we are! But we are super grateful to have each other and to be able to celebrate another birthday together! Birthdays are super special to me- life is too short and you never know how many birthday’s you’ll have together. Gotta make ’em count for sure.

Happy 30th Birthday to the love of my life, Jason! I love you and I can’t wait till we turn 60 together! I love you!

what if the whole world prayed?

26 May

1yssggI know it’s speculation. And really none of my business.

But I still have so many thoughts about it. And I can’t shake it.

Jason and I watched the season premiere of Jon and Kate Plus 8 on Monday night. I was expecting to tune in and see the opposite of the drama that’s been reported. And I’m not a huge gossip magazine reader… I don’t listen to tabloids… I’m interested like the rest of the world sometimes, but generally, I don’t really keep up too much.

Their drama’s been hard to avoid.

I was hoping to tune in and to see that the media is actually blowing their situation way out of proportion- pictures taken that weren’t actually what they looked like, rumors expelled…

It broke my heart, what we watched.

What we watched was either one of two things. It was either 1). a family on the verge of divorce, under the limelight, stressed, and being pulled apart by the media or 2). a media frenzy being created by starting rumors about this family in order to drive more ratings for the show.

Either way, I am heart broken for them.

After the show, Jason posted on his twitter and he asked ‘What if the whole world prayed for the Gosselins?’ And that really got me thinking.

What if the whole world actually prayed for the Gosselin’s?

That is an amazing thought. I feel as though Jon and Kate have been entrusted with a responsibility. The entire world is watching. And how truly amazing would it be if they were able to salvage their marriage after all this? To work through the extremely hard times and to come through on the other end? To say that by the grace of God they were able to stand by one another as they vowed to do? For God to be glorified through them after this hard time?

Wow. That thought just blows me away.

They have a platform, to say the least. People are watching them. People are waiting for them to mess up and split up. And that makes me deeply sad for them.

The entire energy of the show on Monday was completely different than the Gosslin’s we’ve all come to love. Maybe they are just trying to be honest and display this season in their lives. Maybe it’s all staged, and then that’s an entirely different set of issues. Maybe they’re just caught up in this huge responsibility and have lost sight of what’s important.

We’ve all done that, haven’t we?

I just hope they realize that the best thing for their kids is not to split up. It’s to stick together when things just suck and to complete what they vowed to do when they started their lives together.

highchair time

25 May

Cruz 1st HighchairThis confirms it. Cruz is growing up.

Well, he’s been technically “growing up” since birth, but this made him seem not so small today!

We went to lunch at Someburros and we brought Cruz into the restaurant in his car seat. He can’t sit up completely on his own yet, but we are getting there. So we still carry him in his car seat. It’s just easier.

He can usually occupy his time in his seat for a while. I bring enough toys to over flow my bag- not really, but I bring quit a few things to entertain him. Cruz is getting to the age where he needs to grab everything- so I like to be prepared to keep his little hands busy!

Today he got very antsy a lot quicker than anticipated. So I did the balancing act- Cruz in one arm, eating with the other. If you’re a mom, you know how fun meals are with a baby! ha!

Then I looked across the restaurant and saw another baby sitting in a highchair when it dawned on me- Cruz might, just might, actually be able to sit in a high chair now. Why not?? He sits in his green seat all the time (click HERE to see more of that!).

So Jay got up and grabbed a high chair. We were both kind of laughing together thinking ‘no way, he’s not ready for this- is he?’. A couple tables nearby were watching us get situated- I’m sure we were a sight.

Then we slide Cruz into the chair, strapped him in and yep- perfect fit!

I was beside myself with glee- simply because this will make mealtimes out with him SO much easier! Plus, it was too dang cute to see him sitting, wobbling a little, but sitting in a highchair for the first time.

Then he proceeded to throw every toy I brought for him- directly onto the ground.

Onto the next chapter I guess!