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7 Apr

We were asked very last minute to do a photo shoot today for good friends of ours. They have just found out that their sweet little son has Leukemia, and they would like photos of him and with him before he looses his hair. Of course we agreed to spend the afternoon with them, to love on them, and to capture them.


Why does cancer even need to exist? My heart burdens for the children that have to go through this. I can’t even imagine what it must be like as a parent to have to walk that road. To have to ask God the hard questions. And to wonder why YOUR child has to endure such a disease. We are always honored when people ask us to step into their lives in such a way, to touch them with our art and to bring to life emotions that they themselves aren’t aware that they are expressing.

But my heart is heavy.

Jesus, I pray that these images we take today would be so deeply special to this family. And that they would have some relief from the pain, fear and burden while they are with us. That they will laugh together and for a time, forget that cancer even exists. I of course pray for ultimate healing. But mostly for your will in their lives and that of all the people this family touches. Strength. I pray for strength. And peace. And healing in his little body. How frightened his mother must be. But I know that she trusts in you, in only ways you can give her strength to do. Give us a remarkable photo shoot for this family. And surround them with your peace in their lives amidst the scary road ahead. Amen.

* Image found on Pinterest.


on repeat

15 Dec

I went through a time in my life, not too long ago, where everything- EVERYTHING made me anxious. I could take no thought captive. I couldn’t sleep well. I worried about everything. Stupid things, important things, real things, made up things. I was anxious about it all. Past, present, future. Things that already happened. Things that hadn’t happened. Things I feared would happen. It’s no way to live.

I am going through a similar time in my life. Taking thoughts captive is a huge struggle for me right now. What is prompting it? Nothing. Everything.

When I went through a time similar as now, Jason knew I was struggling big time. One morning when I got out to my car as I headed to leave to work, I noticed he had left a note in my car. I won’t say word for word what the note said. It’s special to me and I prefer to keep it that way. But he just wanted to encourage me in my anxiousness. He wanted me to know he was praying for me. And that he loved me. And that there wasn’t anything we couldn’t face together. He left a CD in my car that I listened to, on repeat, for no less than a month. Maybe more than that. The CD was Tim Hughes, Holding Nothing back album. It’s a phenomenal album and it is a reminder to me of God’s grace in my life when I’m struggling to rest in Him. It’s a reminder of how amazing my husband is. It’s a reminder that I’m being held, by the Creator, who sees my thoughts and knew about them before I even thought them.

One song imparticular holds a dear place in my heart. It’s called ‘Everything’, which is fitting. But I could pretty much sob every time I hear it. Sometimes I just sit and soak in the words. Sometimes I repeat them as if I’m victoriously declaring the truths. Sometimes I just listen, as if God is actually speaking over me. Do I sound weird? I don’t care. It’s a constant struggle for him to be MY everything. This song is such a reminder that he needs to be my everything, in everything I do, say, speak… think.


It’s on repeat today as I work. Such amazing words of hope. Amazing words of truth. And it’s soothes me to the core on days, weeks, months when I can’t get my thoughts and anxiety under control.

Check it out on iTunes. The album is amazing. That song is incredible.

small encouragement

17 Dec

I went to breakfast with my sister Danielle yesterday morning. We don’t get together nearly enough and it was so fun. We always laugh way too loud- I actually found myself wishing that the music in the restaurant was louder so that our laughs didn’t seem SO loud.

But in the middle of our laughing and conversation, I was yet again reminded of God’s faithfulness. We had been talking about life and churches and God and other stuff- not even realizing that our waiter had been listening to our entire conversation. Well, it wasn’t hard to hear us. We were talking and laughing LOUD.

He stopped at our table and asked if we needed anything. We said no and then he said,

“What church do you go to?”

Both of us just stared at him for a second, completely caught off guard. I think we had been laughing about something so completely random, so we were thrown a little by his blunt question. Plus, I didn’t know what to say. We are in-between churches right now and aren’t really going to any one church at the moment. I quickly was trying to think about how to explain why we are in-between churches without taking up his entire day.

I gave him the short of the long story, and he told us that he had just planted a church in Gilbert 5 weeks ago. He said that he knew Jason because he had led at Highlands church a couple times and we chatted about a few other things. He left pretty quickly, probably to check on his other tables and we thought that was the end of the conversation.

Right before we left, he stopped by the table again. He said that he just felt the need to remind me that God has us in His grip and that He’s going to provide for us. Without knowing our full situation, he just spoke these words of wisdom over us that reminded me, once again, that God is in control and the He is faithful. He’s even faithful to provide words of encouragement and truth at the moment when I least expect it.

But he is so right.

This has been a tough season. A season of pain, fear, anger, relief, some doubt, and also joy. And it’s been rough. And while we are facing a world of change in the upcoming months, God never fails to use others to intervene to remind me that I AM in His grip. He has not forgotten me. And He will not forsake me, even if others have.

Be encouraged today. He will never leave.


9 Nov


I shot this picture while I was photographing the boutique at Cornerstone on this past Saturday. It’s a picture of some of the decor inside the bookstore, and I was just super inspired by it for some reason. It felt like my life in a lot of ways- hanging by a thread at the moment but bright and colorful- hopefully bringing joy and hope to many soon or someday or now. A symbol of the season, which actually ISN’T about shopping and things and presents. But is actually about a baby that was born to bring hope to us all. And this season I am full of exactly that- HOPE. Not that I haven’t had hope, but it’s been hard to find these past few years- at least for me. But I am starting to see why God has removed us from Cornerstone and I am grateful, hopeful and thrilled for the future.

Jason and I have made a decision about where we are going and what we are doing. I am not quite ready to discuss all the details, but we have found a place that is thriving and healthy and amazing. We couldn’t be happier and more excited for this time in our lives. God is so good and keeps revealing things to us that completely confirms that He has moved us for a huge reason. And he is taking care of us and protecting us- in more ways than I ever thought possible.

It makes me feel silly that I ever doubt Him and His plan for our lives.

So this picture might not have any significance to you. But it’s a fun picture to me; one that is symbolic in a lot of ways. And one that inspires me to keep pushing forward. Our future is bright and I am finally excited about this community of people and all the changes it’s going to bring for our lives.

I hate to leave you hanging, but more details will come once we can share them.

I promise.

please pray

3 Jul

l.RrpnyGOPRQOOibfwSweet little Kate McRae was just diagnosed with a brain tumor. She is going in for surgery this morning at 9:00 am.

Her dad, Aaron, is a pastor at Cornerstone, the church that Jason works at and that we go to. I cannot imagine the whirlwind of a week that it’s been for Aaron, Holly, Kate and their two others, Olivia and Will.

All that we can do for her is pray. Please join me in praying for her miraculous healing. I don’t know about you, but I follow a God in which all things are possible. I know that He has sweet little Kate right in the grip of His palm. I know that He will and has surrounded this family during this time already. My God is a God who heals and brings comfort in times of uncertainty.

Please pray that Kate will be healed.

Please pray for her.

To follow her journey and to recieve regular updates, please go to http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/mcraekate.

Please check out this video too…

She’s the sweetest little girl. They are the sweetest family. Please keep them in your prayers.