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15 Aug

We made it home from California yesterday! What a trip! What a week! I didn’t bring my computer ON PURPOSE so now I’m playing massive catchup. But I haven’t had a TRUE vacation with no emailing and no blogging since, well…. since Cruz was born I guess! Crazy. It was so great to get away. We started the week with a few days in San Diego before heading North to photograph the wedding we had. And I have to say that San Diego has GOT to me on the top of my list of places I’d move to tomorrow. I mean, for real. If we had a chance to move there, I’d move in one big, huge giant heartbeat.

We love it there.

The wedding we shot was fabulous. Filming our promo video was a insane amount of fun. We have more filming to finish up in October, so I’m really looking forward to that. Mostly, I can’t wait to see it all come together and to use it as a way for couples to visually see who they are hiring for their wedding day or Lifestyle Session. We’ve dreamed about doing our promo video since very early on in our business, so it’s pretty nuts that it’s here and that we are doing it.

Then we went to Disneyland! And it was such a blast, except taking two kiddos who are in diapers and strollers is a MESS LOAD of work. And I made the decision this time that we were NOT leaving the park for naps so they just had to sleep wherever we were. It was interesting. No one napped, really. But it actually really did beat having to trudge OUT of the park and back IN to the park all in the name of good naps. It was better this way! But, still exhausting because Cruz didn’t nap at all and then had a really hard time crashing in the stroller come bedtime because he was WAY to excited to be at Disneyland. So he didn’t go to bed until past eleven for both nights we were there. Which made the car ride home, well…. interesting to say the least!

All in all, we had a GREAT time. It’s awesome to be home. We are back to the grind and hitting the ground running this Monday morning. Although I DO wish I could be on vacation, permanently. Wouldn’t that rock? Yes. And I DO have a major itch to move to San Diego now. It’s pretty much my dream place to live someday.

Maybe someday!

I hope everyone has a great Monday! Here’s to a fresh week of work, creativity, and exhausting new hurdles to jump through with my ‘terrible two’s toddler’, I’m sure!



25 Jan

I’ve been finding my ideas of ‘home’ changing, yet again. I’ve been doing a lot of research around the area that we live in and checking out homes for rent and homes for sale. It’s really fun for me to see what’s out there and since our lease will be up in August, we will be looking to move again. So I’m just getting a feel for the neighborhoods, their prices and what has been and potentially could be available once we are ready to move. I’m a planner, in case you didn’t notice. But I’m really excited about it. The more that I check out the area, the more I find myself wanting something so much different that what I thought I would want. I’m finding myself falling in love with these little townhouse communities. Townhomes that have been there since the 70’s, are smaller and are laid out differently that homes that are built today, with small roads and green lawns, small yards and have usually been remodeled on the inside. They are just so awesome to me. They are all over the place down here.

I’ve always thought that I would want a bigger home. That’s natural, right? You have kids and you’ve got to fit them somewhere! But what if we just don’t do that? What if we actually live below our means when it comes to housing? We’d still have room for our kiddos, space for them to grow up and be comfortable. But what if we just don’t have an enormous backyard? What if we just keep it simple, teach our kids to keep it simple and don’t even try to keep up with the Jones’?

Those thoughts are very appealing to me.

I’d love to travel with our boys and take them to see things that they’d never have the chance to see if we had a huge mortgage payment. I’d love to not have a lot, but to be good stewards of what we DO have and to teach them that. I’d love to settle into a smallish home that we could just keep forever. You’d think that living in Scottsdale there would be more of an urge to keep up with people in regards to what you own. But I actually, and honestly, don’t feel that way. Maybe we are surrounded by amazing people or maybe my mind has just shifted enough that I don’t care what people think, but I really find myself not worrying about the ‘stuff’. In fact, it’s the opposite. I find myself wondering how we can get rid and give away most of it.

It’s liberating, to not have to keep up with people.

God’s blessings still pour down on us, and it’s not always in the form of ‘stuff’. And I am so grateful that He meets our needs and that we do have everything we need. I feel really content with that and really don’t want or need anything more. So when it comes time to buy our next house, which Jason says is a long time away, I’m really looking forward to keeping it simple. Living in a smaller community in a city that offers lots for my kids, teaching them that it’s ok that we don’t have a pool in the backyard, and spending our money on actually living life and not what we’re living in. I’m not saying it’s bad to own or rent a big home, and who knows what type of home we’ll buy when the time is right. But I’m liberated by the idea of living way beneath our means.

Who knows if we’ll even end up staying here! Life can change in an instant and I’m definitely open to that. But when it comes to our next home, I’m really excited to keep it simple. These are just a few examples I love, and not all from the same house. But you’ll get the basic idea.


6 Jan

I’m just missin this place. We built it from the ground up. We picked out everything on the inside. We painted the walls. We started our family here.

Would I move back?

No. Not unless it was clear from God that we were supposed to be back in the East Valley. But I don’t ever see us living in this house again, unless that happens.

So why am I being so nostalgic? I’m not sure. I just really did love this home. And while we have great renters who are making their own memories there, I find myself missing this house. I think you can be perfectly happy where you are but still miss certain aspects of where you come from.

And I just miss our house.

And I miss playing outside.

And watching Audio run around the cul-de-sac.

It was such a great place to live. A great place to start our little family. I kind of wish we could have picked it up and moved it with us.

And that’s the end of my sappy, emotional moment. Wow.

home together

9 Jun

When we were getting ready to move out of our house, and as we were packing, Jay made a comment that made me a little sad, I’ll be honest.

He said, “I’m kinda sad to be leaving our comfy home.”

When he said it, it not only made me miss our home incredibly (even though we hadn’t even moved yet!) but it made me fearful that we weren’t going to be AS comfortable in our new place. Or that we wouldn’t love it as much. Or that it wouldn’t be what we thought it would be. Or that our stuff wouldn’t fit. Or that it wouldn’t feel like ‘us’.

The list of worries went on and on from that one comment.

Jason didn’t mean to worry me or make me sad. He was feeling the exact same way I was. But as a wife, mother and home maker, every single ounce of me wanted my whole family to feel and be comfortable in our new place. I want our children to have a safe and comfortable place, but I also want my husband to be comfortable and to feel at home. To have a place he can come home from work and unwind and relax. It actually scared me that we wouldn’t have that in this new place. It’s ridiculous to type out, but it’s truly how I felt! I just deeply wanted everything to be good.

So we moved, painted our new place and unpacked very quickly. We’ve only been here about two weeks and the boxes are gone. I had to make this place feel like home fast so it could be a place where we could work and live and be at ease, right away. It was a hard two weeks, but I’m super glad that I did it.

Last night as we were eating dinner, Jay said out of nowhere,

“I really like it here. It’s really comfortable.”

And it kinda made me beam on the inside! I feel the exact same way! It’s not our comfy Gilbert home, but it is a new place that very quickly has become home to us. And more importantly, we all consider it home already. All three of us sleep better at night for some reason. Cruz falls asleep faster and I’m not sure why. We love the area more than anything and it has very quickly felt like home. It’s music to a wife and mother’s ears that the home you’ve created is a comfortable sanctuary for the entire family. And that everyone’s happy here.

What a great feeling.


30 Sep

Some things are about to change. Around my house that is.

I have a definite itch to redecorate my whole house. Well, not everything in my entire house. But I want to give each room a major facelift for sure. And since Jay and I are just swimming in the cash (dripping sarcasm) it’s going to take us a little while to do everything we want to do to our house.

We just passed our 6 year wedding anniversary, and while that’s definitely not a lifetime, it’s long enough for me to feel completely ready to change a few things up. Plus, we are planning on having more kids in the near future and I’d like to have my house in order before that day comes.

I’d like to start with our bedroom.¬†When we moved into our house 4 years ago, this room definitely was put on the back burner as far as completing it goes. We managed to paint, get a new bed and put a few things up on the wall. So it doesn’t look awful by any means, but it is nowhere near what we want it to be.

Normally I don’t post too many design ideas that are on my wish list. It doesn’t motivate me at all to look for ideas that I can’t ever have or don’t have the room or money to do. But now that we are actually changing a few things, I thought I’d post a few of my ideas. I’m still sorta reinventing my ‘style’, so keep in mind that all of these ideas aren’t necessarily going to be used.

I just like them.

And I am aware that all of these aren’t just bedrooms either. I’m definitely going to pull from all different types of rooms to create our room.

And I’ll post updates as the room starts to transform. It should be fun. I’m definitely going to be hitting up Goodwill, Savers, and yard sales to find the perfect pieces to add to our home.

And I can’t wait.

* These pictures were found on Decor8Blog and on Etsy.

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