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1 Feb

I went to MOPS last week, and the topic was The Calling of Motherhood. TIMELY, in my life. I struggled HARD with this topic during the entire month of January and I never told anyone about it.

God heard me. And I hadn’t even called out to him about it, I’m ashamed to admit.

So I sat in MOPS and silently held back and wiped away some tears as the amazing speaker was speaking. She gave us a packet of information to follow along with as she spoke. In there was a Job Description For Mothers. It resonated with me a lot and so I wanted to share it here. The rest of my thoughts on my mini identity crisis will be for another post. Because it’s a lot to explain and I’m still sorting through it myself.

Job Description For Mothers

Motherhood isn’t for quitters; the fainthearted need not apply. On the job training, mandatory. Selfishness detrimental to job satisfaction. Working hours long but flexible. Ability to pray without ceasing is clearly advantageous. Remuneration where you find it- in a toddlers belly laugh or a teenagers “thanks Mom”. Some days are more demanding than others but heavenly help and forgiveness available on call 24 hours a day. Love for God and respect for His guidelines important if job is to be secure. Becoming and remaining a mother is a permanent event. 


3 Jan

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Stay faithful. For this little saying above is really true. And it’s only when we stop comparing, that we will truly find contentment. With contentment and a lot of faithful, hard work, you will begin to see the fruits of your labor.

Even if it’s hard to imagine right now.