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stir crazy

19 Oct

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you might have seen me post about how I’m going crazy being at home for so long that I started painting all the furniture.

This would be a true statement. I, right now, have big plans painting walls, tables, shelves and anything else I can get my hands onto. I just go sick of looking at my furniture and I got really tired of BROWN. So I started painting! I’m in the process of changing everything over that I can- on a budget! So Goodwill and Savers are about to seriously become my best friends as I search out some new pieces to add to my home so I can get rid of other ones. But the ones I want to keep are getting a paint job.

I found some old box shelves in my closet that I totally forgot I had. So I brought them out and gave them a facelift! They were white before, but now they are GRAY. Sounds as boring as brown?? Not to me! I’m adding in some really bold colors to compliment the grays and charcols that I’m adding into the house. I started doing this:

And it turned into this!

See the orange frames that my hubby built together? They are getting a facelift and full paint job as well! I can’t wait to start working on it!!

Cruz painted this little frog from THIS POST a couple of weeks ago. I’ve hung onto it because I thought it was so cute. Now it’s become a part of our home decor. One of those things that I’ll keep forever I think! Usually I don’t keep every piece of artwork, but I really liked the added touch that this quirky little frog gave to the shelves. Even better that it’s an original art piece by my Cruzer.

And for the update on Cruz. He SEEMS to be feeling better. No fever over 100.9 for 48 hours now. I’ve read that ear infections can last a LONG time. So I’m waiting until he’s done with his antibiotics to take him back to the doctor, UNLESS he takes a turn for the worst.


We’ve been getting out of the house for short activities and he’s just a GRUMP-A-GUS. Seriously, not happy. He’s sleeping a lot and taking long naps and still not eating much. But I can tell that getting out in little spurts is good for his morale. Who REALLY just wants to lay on the couch for two weeks watching Bugs Life and Cars over and over and over. He’s three, people. He wants to be throwing rocks and jumping through the sprinklers outside.

So we’re doing the best he can. I’m trying to discipline with some GRACE, but still, whether you’re feeling good or not there are still rules that apply.

So navigating that has been exhausting.

I’m hoping we’re almost through it and that there’s not something else that is going on with him. He hasn’t complained of much else. Just super grumpy, tired, and a slight fever just about once a day now.

*Sigh* I’m tired.

Back to painting my furniture.



16 Jun

I have this fantastic friend, Alex, who just is always thinking of other people. She is always finding cool things that remind her of me and sending me links to just really cool products. Whether it’s fashion related, baby related, or just plain awesome, if it reminds her of me she sends it my way.

I love getting emails like that. Because she usually sends stuff to me that I completely fall in love with. Things that are funky, different, unique and simply to die for.

Last week, she sent me this picture of a dresser that reminded her of me. Alex knows that I am on the prowl for a perfect dresser for Rider- one I can get for super cheap and fix up on a dime. This dresser is just fantastic. It inspired me and got me thinking about the design of his room and I’ve changed my mind about a few things.

Including painting his crib green. I know, tear.

But check out this amazing dresser. I mean, what is happening? I’ve used the word amazing like, 54 times during this post. But there’s not much else I can say about this fabulous piece that has inspired me so! She found it from this site which also has a TON of other creative and crafty ideas as well. So cool.

And if you have a minute, please check out my friend Alex’s website. She’s an inspiring artist and stylist who has so many ideas and so much knowledge. She redesigned my closet a bit ago and is simply, well, amazing!!


30 Sep

Some things are about to change. Around my house that is.

I have a definite itch to redecorate my whole house. Well, not everything in my entire house. But I want to give each room a major facelift for sure. And since Jay and I are just swimming in the cash (dripping sarcasm) it’s going to take us a little while to do everything we want to do to our house.

We just passed our 6 year wedding anniversary, and while that’s definitely not a lifetime, it’s long enough for me to feel completely ready to change a few things up. Plus, we are planning on having more kids in the near future and I’d like to have my house in order before that day comes.

I’d like to start with our bedroom. When we moved into our house 4 years ago, this room definitely was put on the back burner as far as completing it goes. We managed to paint, get a new bed and put a few things up on the wall. So it doesn’t look awful by any means, but it is nowhere near what we want it to be.

Normally I don’t post too many design ideas that are on my wish list. It doesn’t motivate me at all to look for ideas that I can’t ever have or don’t have the room or money to do. But now that we are actually changing a few things, I thought I’d post a few of my ideas. I’m still sorta reinventing my ‘style’, so keep in mind that all of these ideas aren’t necessarily going to be used.

I just like them.

And I am aware that all of these aren’t just bedrooms either. I’m definitely going to pull from all different types of rooms to create our room.

And I’ll post updates as the room starts to transform. It should be fun. I’m definitely going to be hitting up Goodwill, Savers, and yard sales to find the perfect pieces to add to our home.

And I can’t wait.

* These pictures were found on Decor8Blog and on Etsy.

Decor8Blog.comDecor8BlogDecor8BlogEtsyYellow Awesome Dresser

favorite room

10 Jun

Although its not a big deal and nothing too spectacular, I thought I’d post a peak of my new favorite room in our house.

Our office.

We didn’t get new furniture. The walls have been painted like this for years. But we did move things around and now this room feels, well…


I actually work in here now. A lot.

I blog, work on photos, edits, emails, networking, facebook. All of it is done right here.

And in the morning the light streams in perfectly and its really, really comfortable.

I don’t know why we didn’t have this room looking like this sooner.

I love this room.