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kids are funny

27 Jun

Rider has taken it upon himself to create a new fashion statement of his own. And he seriously WILL NOT TAKE THIS OFF HIS HEAD.

It’s hysterical. When I try to take it off, he gets REALLY upset. Like, screaming, tantrum throwing, I just removed his soul from his body kind of upset. So, I obviously let him run around with it on his head. I’m not quite sure what he thinks it is, BUT it’s pretty hysterical to watch. Kids are so funny. My Rider-man never ceases to amaze me. His bubbly little spirit and fun energy keeps us all smiling all day.

I’m simply in love with him.



23 Jun

Going grocery shopping with Cruz has lately become quite the adventure. I mean, he seriously is the funniest kid in the entire grocery store when we are there. He can tend to be the funniest kid in most rooms these days as he’s turning into quite the comedian!

I had a feeling he’d be this way before he was even born.

I just knew he’d have stuff to say that would keep us laughing every day.┬áNow, he’s not really saying full sentences or anything and we aren’t quite laughing at his jokes yet. But, his little personality is coming through more and more these days and it just simply cracks me up!

So we went grocery shopping yesterday and whenever we are out and about and there’s ANYBODY around -it doesn’t matter who you are- Cruz is going to make sure to say hi. And it’s kinda like this:


And he said this to every single person who passed by our cart no matter how many times they passed by! You know how you tend to shop with the same people who are in the same aisles as you but going the opposite direction? You pass them on every aisle? Yep. He says hi every single time. At first, these people humor him and say hi back and talk about how friendly and happy he is. But by aisle 3, they usually just ignore him because he WON’T STOP SAYING HI. Ha!

It just makes me laugh the whole time we’re shopping! I don’t want to tell him to stop and I usually end up apologizing to the strangers after awhile because I know they don’t want to say hi to him every time they pass us in the aisles. But even if they don’t say hi back, Cruz just says ‘HIIIIIIIEEEEE!!!’ anyways! And he usually says it louder if he gets no response.

Which is even funnier and probably more annoying to each and every passerby that comes our way!

I love it. He does a million things a day that make me laugh so hard. I freakin love this kid. I hope Rider has a similar sense of humor because they’ll be the funniest brothers ever and I can’t wait.