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second chance

7 Sep

We all deserve a second chance, right? 

I have completely failed at completing P90X the first time around. Not only is the workout extremely intense, but it requires an hour or more commitment 6 days out of 7. Now, I don’t know about you, but finding time to shower each day is a challenge enough. I know it seems like I would have all the time in the world- being a stay at home mom and all. But let me just tell you, being a mom is the hardest, most time consuming thing I’ve ever done. And then I’m working full time on top of it.

Showering is a luxury these days, let alone getting in a good workout. 


But I have to commit to it. I have to. I need to start over and get myself into better shape. Something is going to have to take a back seat here, and it’s not going to be my health. The house cleaning can wait. And it will, let me tell you. 

So I am starting over. Today. September 7th, 2009 is DAY 1. 

In doing 90 days of P90X, my last day- the day in which I complete the program- will be December 5th, 2009. Just in time for the holidays.

Whatever that means. 

Please help keep me accountable. I really want to do this, but need encouragement from YOU to make it a priority every single day. It’s hard. It’s a lot of work.

Most things that are good in life are just that way it seems. It’ll be worth it in the end.