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happy father’s day

20 Jun

I am so blessed beyond words… To have married a man who is the greatest husband, father and companion I could have ever asked for. Once again, I am reminded of all he does for us. How hard he works for us. How involved he is with Cruz. How much he values me, supports me, loves me, loves us, and the man of God that he is. When I would pray for my future husband, I had no idea to what degree God would bless me with this leader in our home. Through all ups and downs, he puts God first. Through all ups and downs, he loves me. I’ve watched him love Cruz and step into fatherhood effortlessly. Never have I felt like we weren’t a team in marriage and parenthood. He walks right next to me through it all.

I am so incredibly blessed that Jason is the father of my children. And that he is my husband for all of my life.

Happy Father’s Day Jason! There is no greater man I could have ever chosen to do this thing called ‘life’ with me. And I love you and appreciate you more than you’ll ever know or realize.

And um… Let’s please not forget how incredibly CUTE this was! I came across Cruz’s first Halloween and I had to share this picture again. Holy smokes, this was the best thing ever!


happy father’s day

21 Jun

Cruz 3I knew Jason was going to be a great dad.

That was one thing that I never second guessed. I always knew that he was going to be wonderful.

I had no idea that he was going to be this wonderful.

Ever since Cruz was born, Jason has just jumped in feet first with me. He helped change diapers after I fed Cruz all through the night- and not just in the beginning- every night. I would get up and feed Cruz while Jason slept. Then I’d go wake Jay up and he’d change Cruz’s diaper and get him back to sleep while I went back to bed. It was awesome.

He’s working so hard so that I can stay home with Cruz. He’s sacrificing so much for us and bringing in the equivalent to two incomes. He’s such an amazing man who loves me and Cruz so much.

I would say that these past 8 months with Cruz haven’t always been perfect. But we are a family and Cruz is so lucky to have a daddy like Jason. A dad who will always be there for him. A dad who loves to play and spend time with him. A dad who will work harder and put everything else aside for him.

Jason03I am forever thankful to this man, Grandpa, who was also a wonderful husband and father. I really don’t believe Jason would be who he is today if it weren’t for his awesome family- especially his Grandpa. Jason loved his Grandpa so much and we will miss him forever. I know that Cruz will grow up in a home with a loving father because of the example that this man showed him. This is a day that I remember that without him, my son wouldn’t have the daddy he has today. And it reminds me that we are raising up Cruz to be a great daddy to his little ones someday. For that, I am eternally grateful and the luckiest girl in the world. And Cruz is one lucky little boy.

We love you Jason. Thank you for all the sacrifices, struggles, laughter, funny stories and love that we have shared already! We are on this journey together and I wouldn’t want our kids to have any other daddy but YOU! Happy Father’s Day!!

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