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savers steal

10 Apr

I have a new found love for thrift store shopping. It’s something that I always was interested in, but not something I really found the time to do. BUT, lately I’ve found myself HUNTING for amazing deals, good finds, and funky pieces of clothing to add to my wardrobe. I’m really learning to buy AND wear pieces that I absolutely LOVE. Even if no one else seems to like them. If I like how it looks, fits and feels, then that’s ALL that matters. And I’m having so much more fun shopping for clothes when I don’t really care what others are going to think about it! SO, I’ve been visiting Savers regularly. There’s an AMAZING one that opened near my house and I am always dying to run in and see what I can find. I have YET to be disappointed. So I thought I would start sharing my finds here with you from time to time! Thrift shopping isn’t hard. I hear SO many people say that they just have no luck at stores like Savers. But I think it takes a little time, a little sorting through the clothes, AND a little decision making. Like, deciding whether or not YOU like it and wearing it no matter what anyone is going to think.

I found these black little pretties last weekend and I wore them on Easter Sunday. They were FOUR DOLLARS PEOPLE. What a steal! I am obsessed with flats because I’m tall and I don’t have time for high heels frankly. I love how high heels look, but I just don’t really want to wear them. But that doesn’t mean I need to be stuck in ‘frumps-ville’ in the shoe department!! There are SO many adorable, funky flats out there. You just have to find them! So I saw these, tried them on and they fit like a glove!

Seriously my new favorite find right now. And they were four bucks. You can’t beat that!

* Photo taken on my iPhone.

getting outside with purpose

23 May

Featuring Guest Blogger: Meghan Green with Purposed Life

iPhone. Check. iMac opened up to etsy, facebook and an email window simultaneously. Check. Amazing media outlets that help me spread the word about my business. Check. Wow! This 21st century stuff sure is cool. I’ve got my gadgets all around me giving me the status of how my creations are selling online. My phone buzzes in my hand as I walk carrying a new pack of wipes into my son’s room to change his diaper. As I’m putting his pants back on him I see that I’ve sold something on my website. Happy dance. But unfulfilled.

In starting my business Purposed Life I knew that I wanted to be creatively fulfilled. I mean, my art is everywhere around me: my walls all feature different colors from another room in the house, each room has at least 6 quilts that I’ve made with my fabric obsession, my kid’s wardrobes are half handmade with cool fabrics repurposed somehow, etc. So, I decided to start a business where I could do my art full time (well, sort of full time. You know, stay at home mom of 3- nothing but kids can really be full time). I’ve found an amazing creative outlet for me but it’s so easy to get swept up in the fulfillment that I feel. It’s easy to tape the phone or computer in front of my face so I can constantly check how my little business venture is doing online.

It’s easy but is it right? Am I really fulfilling God’s purpose for me or my kiddos by be so tuned in to my nifty electronics that I’m tuning out the precious little beings running around, giggling, and yapping my ear off. (Yep! My middle one always runs around- seriously, non-stop. My youngest baby just smiles and giggles to get my attention. My oldest darling is always singing to me and telling me a different story.) Why would I want to miss that? I don’t.

So, I put down my phone. I close my laptop. I leave my iPad on my nightstand. We go outside. Outside, I am not tempted to check my website shop. Outside, I can’t hop on Facebook and see how popular I am ;). Being outside is about being with my three babies. Being outside is about teaching my kiddos that there are way more important things than the television and video games. Being outside is about teaching my darlings to look at the world around them, the beautiful world that our Creator made for us.

We spend at least an hour outside everyday. We get dirty. We get covered in mud and it’s good. The boys have helped me plant a garden. They help me water it and pick the ripe fruit and veggies. I talk to them all the time about God creating this beautiful earth and that we are supposed to take care of it and cultivate the ground to create something beautiful. I’m not a huge fan of Arizona landscape. I would take the mountains or the beach over this dry, desert climate any day but I can honestly say that our backyard is my most favorite piece of nature. I have fallen in love with it. My kids have fallen in love with it (or they always have been. Boys- I’m sure they’d love being outside no matter what). We’ve put so much time and attention into our little earth that we are attached. Not only have I committed to spending at least an hour outside with the kids everyday, we also take at least one day out of the week and spend almost the whole day outside. Sometimes they complain but it’s our day to be outside as a family and they will grow up knowing that our time together away from computers, televisions, and phones matter.

We don’t only get dirty outside. We get messy. We get covered in paint, markers, play dough, and glue. We do art together- outdoors. I am an artist. I love seeing the different creative traits shining through my boys and can’t wait to see how my baby girl approaches it in her own unique way. Kids are natural artists. They haven’t been taught which side of the brain they prefer to use or that they are good at this but not good at that. They love to work with their hands and it’s good. I encourage their imagination and creativity. I encourage the mess! (When we are outside.)

Getting outside is about taking the time to BE- to be WITH your kids and to be with them on purpose. It’s about making the conscious and continued decision that technology and work can wait. My kids can’t wait. They don’t want to wait for mommy’s attention and most of the time they shouldn’t have to (I’m not saying that they shouldn’t be polite and patient). So, technology and work will wait- at least until 2pm at which point all three of my little ones take naps and I bust my tushie until dinner.

Being outside in the mornings with my kids is how I make being a work at home mom work. I can get what I need to get done during the afternoons knowing that my babies are fulfilled in spending time with their mom and getting out in creation.

Everyone’s story and schedule is different. Find what works for you but I do encourage you to get outside with your kids, if not everyday then at least a few times a week. They need it.


Meghan Green is the mom to Blake, Jax, and Brynn, and wife to Justin. She owns Purposed Life (www.purposedlife.etsy.com), a mini fashion line designed to give back and a way to spread her love for art and handmade clothes around. She loves gardening, photography, fashion, and Harry Potter (among other things).

your style

25 Apr


Isn’t it easy for this to be the first thing that flies out the window when you become a mamma? You’re exhausted because now you have a NON-STOP eater that won’t sleep AT ALL at night. Your body is different because well, you just gave birth to a human being. If you’re nursing, then you most likely feel like your body is not your own and you’re trying to navigate feeding your child and all the frustration that can go with that. If you’re working, then you have a million other things to think about, not to mention grocery shopping, cleaning, play dates, clipping coupons, focusing on your marriage, cooking- THE LIST GOES ON.

It’s really hard to remember that the ‘style’ that you had pre-baby is just as important, maybe MORE important, than it was before you had kids!

I realize you might think I’m crazy that this even made it into this series that I’m doing. I’m supposed to be talking about how to make being a working/stay-at-home mom LESS stressful in your life. Not adding more things to it. But I really think that the success of the working/stay-at-home mom is linked to this. Obviously, you can be successful at this without focusing on your style. But I really think that it makes a huge difference in ones morale. Staying focused, or at least aware, of your style can be essential to your self-esteem as a mom. I think it really helps you to feel like a WOMAN. And not just a MOM.

This is a constant juggling battle for me. I don’t have TIME to sit and sift through fashion magazines. I don’t have an endless cash flow to throw at a new wardrobe every time I have a baby, or any time I want. I don’t have time to sort through countless racks of clothing to find what I’m looking for. I don’t even have a lot of time to online shop. So it’s hard to stay on top of the latest and greatest fashions that are walking down the runway. Although I love that stuff and have good intentions of staying on top of it. Truth is, we are all just BUSY, you know? We are exhausted. And putting on makeup is just not the first thing I think about every day anymore. It’s not just ME I’m thinking about. I have 3 other people that I immediately think about when I wake up in the morning. Little people who scream for breakfast and who need it ASAP and DON’T CARE if my eyelashes are curled or not. Fashion and style for me? It’s hard to find the time.

But this tip made it into this series because I strongly, STRONGLY believe in being more than just a mom. I know you love being a mom. I love it too. And I realize that having children completely changes who you are in all aspects of your life. I am a completely different person than I was before Cruz was born. It changes everything about who you are. At least it did for me. But the truth is, I am still ME. And I’ve had to sort of figure out who I am now that I have children, but I am still ME. I am still a woman who likes pretty things and deserves to feel like a woman and not just as someone who EVERYONE needs something from every minute of the day. It’s been so important to me to try and put myself together every day in a way that I can feel comfortable with two little guys climbing up my legs, but still feel like I look pretty! It’s important to me.

This is actually one thing that I learned by example from my own mom. She is beautiful. And she always, ALWAYS made sure to stay looking her best. She always took (and still takes!) pride in her appearance. And now I understand it. She knew that she was still a woman after me and my sisters arrived. She knew that it was important for her marriage that she keep up with her appearance. She knew that focusing on herself just a little bit each day didn’t make her a bad or selfish mom.

It made her a better mom.

One who was confident about herself, her appearance and her life. She was in control, putting herself first for a few minutes as she got herself ready. The rest of the day was ours. I watched her do this and it might sound weird to you, but it really resonated with me. So much so that I hope that I can be this same example to my boys so that someday they will look for and find wives who share the same values and cherish their appearance- before and after kids arrive! So today, although it’s hard somedays, it’s a huge value of mine. Is it superficial? Absolutely not. Me putting myself first and taking a shower, putting on my makeup and an outfit that I can feel confident in only makes me a better wife and mother. I can stand a little taller, smile a little bigger, and confidently know that even though I am a mom and it’s a gigantic part of what I do, it’s not ALL that I do.

It’s not ALL that I am. And that’s OK.

So I encourage you. Paint your toes that funky bright color you’ve been fearing! Get a pair of earrings that are totally outrageous! Or at the very least, make time to put your makeup on every day if it’s what will make you feel pretty. You deserve it! You are one hard working mamma who deserves to put herself first for a few minutes every day. I promise that your kids won’t suffer if you focus on your sense of style for a few minutes every day. They will probably watch you like I watched my mom, in awe of how pretty she is and wanting to be exactly THAT for my kids someday.

You’re still a woman even though you have kids. And it’s totally ok to shave your legs and put lip gloss on.

And PS: This is my favorite lip gloss of. all. time. It’s Beauty Rush Lip Gloss from Victoria’s Secret.

can you tell I went shopping?

6 May

Here’s something they don’t tell you the first time you’re pregnant:


I mean, good grief. I’m carrying this baby ENTIRELY DIFFERENTLY than I carried Cruz. So most of the maternity clothes I purchased the first time around DON’T FIT. Is it just my body that’s psycho??

All the maternity ads and clothing departments and stores make you think that maternity fashion should look like this:


And I’m sorry BUT.

I barely have time to throw a tank top on every day, let alone get dolled up for the Academy Awards like they are happening every. single. day.

The girls above don’t even look pregnant. Give me a break.

It’s one thing to take care of yourself and to feel great pregnant. This, I try to do. I LIKE looking put together and staying in the ‘know’ on fashion.

But when all the ads SCREAM this:

And your pocket book allows for this:

Your options are few and far between. I don’t care what you say. So, it would be nice if I didn’t have to purchase DOUBLE the wardrobe each time I decide to birth a child. It’s not like the rest of this process is any less expensive.

There it is. My vent/rant about it. Because it’s really frustrating- you know, the things you WISH you knew prior to being KNOCKED UP.

The list goes on. But this is just one of the things that BUGS.

epiphanie bag

10 Apr

I would first like to start this 27th favorite with the fact that the #27 is my most favorite number. So that’s the first Saturday Favorite for today.

But the REAL Saturday Favorite is that my new camera bag came!! I am so extremely excited to have this new fabulous bag. I am a complete bag/purse girl, but I don’t EVER spend money on them even though I love them. I can’t justify spending a bunch of money on bag after bag after bag… even though my heart wants to.

But this, my friends is totally different!

I knew I really wanted a fashionable bag that I could sport for our photo shoots. It’s my full time job, I want to look adorable, and I didn’t want a bulky bag since I’m pregnant. We have a lot of weddings on our calendar and toting around a heavy bag full of gear just wasn’t appealing to me. So I started searching for really fun, fashionable camera bags and I didn’t have to search very long to find my new Epiphanie bag! I went back and forth with Jason, unable to make up my mind on which bag I wanted- I really loved all the styles. I even checked out other brands of bags that could have been options, but I kept coming back to Epiphanie. I was super unsure about spending the money on it, even though I knew full well that it would be a great purchase that I would use it. I still went back and forth, back and forth. Finances, adorable bag, finances, adorable bag. BACK AND FORTH!

Then Jason said, “Do you really like that bag?”

“Yes,” I said, “I absolutely love it.”

“Good,” he said, “Because I just ordered it for you!”

WHAAAT??? Did I ever mention how much my husband rocks? Not just sometimes- all the time!!

So now I have this fantastic bag that I can’t wait to take to every single shoot I do! I love it and I am so happy that Jason values the way I look and feel while we work this business together. He’s always supportive and always on my side. I love him.

Did I mention how much I love this bag???

my closet makeover

11 Mar

I had been dreading cleaning my closet. Every time I walked by I was reminded of the craziness that lie within and I SO did not want to clean it. We are getting ready to rent out our house, so this project was one of many that I just didn’t want to do, didn’t feel like doing, and I didn’t know where to start.

Then I was on Facebook (who doesn’t love facebook??) and my dear friend Alex Evjen had posted that she was giving away 3 closet makeovers for those who entered on her blog. She has recently started her own business, AVE Styles (website coming soon!), and has been rocking it at getting her name out there to potential clients. She has some amazing ideas, a great sense of style and is such an amazing and hard worker. I’m so blessed that she’s one of my closest friends!

So, to make a long story short, I entered her contest to win a FREE Closet Makeover and I WON! I never win anything and I freakin won! At this point in time, you could have told me that I just won’t $5,000 that’s how excited I was to have her come make over my closet. Now I can relax and have someone who actually knows what their doing organize my life.

I was so thrilled that she came. We spent quite a while inside my massive closet. Seriously, it’s the size of a 4th bedroom. I’m not sure why, but I could do cartwheels in there. It’s huge. But Alex was so amazing and patient. She just tackled the closet in sections, helping me make different piles of stuff to donate, consign or throw away. We had such a blast doing it too! She’s such a positive person and such a sweet spirit. She went through all my clothes and helped me find stuff I forgot I had! She color coded the entire closet and helped organize my 1 million bags. After the makeover, my closet is actually functional and not a ‘catch-all’ space that it was becoming.

I managed to snap some pictures during the process. It was so worth it to have her help me. If I hadn’t of won, I would have hired her in a second! If you’re looking for a styling consultant, check out her blog and hire her to come make over your closet as well. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

This was before the makeover:

This was Alex at work during the makeover:

This was Cruz helping me eat popcorn while Alex beautified my closet. He’s just the cutest ever:

And afterwards!! Seriously, you must have a closet makeover of your own:

After all was said and done, we had about 8 garbage bags of stuff to either donate, consign or throw away. I am so thankful to Alex for taking this overwhelming task and making it a lot of fun! It was so worth her help and I am loving my closet right now!

watch out- here she comes!

16 Apr

fidmOk, I just have to write something about this. It’s been on my mind all day and I just have to give a shout out.

I haven’t met anyone that has a bigger heart for fashion than my great friend Alexandria Evjen. She is creative and artistic and is always thinking/breathing/living fashion.

I’m on her blog almost daily.

She is inspiring to me because she has been so faithful in her dreams and is doing everything she can to achieve them! Accepted to FIDM, she is on her way to rocking your face off with her talent in this crazy world of fashion!

I know she’s going to do amazing things… Check out her blog

It’s one of my favorites!