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new approach

28 Apr

I have REALLY been beating myself up lately over some habits I’ve formed that I’m not SUPER proud of. Meaning, we eat out too much, I’m eating too much processed food, and not cooking or preparing for me week the way I’d like.


Tomorrow I’m starting a NEW weekly habit. And I’m nervous about it because I’m NOTORIOUS for starting something of this nature and not following through. It takes a lot of discipline. And while I have quite a bit of discipline in my life, the area of anything domestic or if it involves working out is super hard for me. I’m not ashamed to admit it, BUT it is slightly embarrassing. It IS embarrassing to say that I’d rather get take out than cook. It’s not my favorite thing to do.

But alas. It IS better for my family. And it will save us a ton of money. And while I’m not one to clip coupons or only shop at the grocery stores that have the bargains this week, I DO think I need to be a better steward of what God’s given me in this area. Plus, it will be healthier for us. The food industry is pretty gross these days and I constantly feel convicted about not taking the time to prepare my week in such a way, so that I don’t need to eat out. But I’m exhausted and don’t take time to do it. Well, tomorrow starts a new day for me.

I have already done ALL the grocery shopping for next week. I have cleaned/organized our pantry. And I have a plan for tomorrow. Tomorrow, I am basically going to get most of what I need ready and in the fridge so we can quickly grab snacks and prepare meals within our busy schedules. Sundays is usually a down day for me anyways. My family usually comes over. I should be able to stand in the kitchen and prepare for the week while I’m visiting with all of them. And my sister even offered to help! Now I really have ZERO excuses.

So tomorrow I am going to be cutting fruits and vegetables and getting them organized into tupperware. If they’re all ready to go, it’ll make snacking and cooking with them much faster. I’m going to be baking two loaves of bread (yes, homemade bread!), banana bread, Amish friendship bread, homemade coffee creamer, no bake energy bites, breakfast cookies, quinoa, brown and white rice, and cooking enough shredded chicken to have on hand in my fridge to last me for the week. Are you tired? I AM TOO. But I really think this new approach to my kitchen is going to help me. I’m not trying to be super mom. I just DON’T have time every single day to cook. We are super, super busy people. But I DO have time on Sundays to prep for the meals we’ll need during the week. And I’m really convicted about what we put into our bodies and trying to avoid all the chemicals that are on the shelves these days. If you can’t pronounce it, you shouldn’t be eating it. It’s SO hard. So I’m going to try it. I’ll definitely post my success and/or failures that may ensue tomorrow. HA. Hopefully I have more successes than not. And I’m really praying and asking God to bless my time doing it so that it will make for a fruitful week. I’ll post my favorite recipes once I figure out what I’d like to share.

Wish me luck!




2 Nov

The other night after dinner, we decided to head to a pumpkin patch that is nearby. We carved pumpkins with our small group last week, but we thought it would be a fun idea to get a ‘family pumpkin’ and carve it all together! Cruz loves pumpkins. I mean, what’s not to love? They’re big, fat, round and orange. Of course an 11 month old is going to love it! We set him down in the midst of all the pumpkins and he didn’t know what to do!

Well, he couldn’t move actually because he hates walking in his new shoes. And we were on the gravel. So he didn’t go anywhere. But he was super fascinated with all the kids that were there with their families picking out their pumpkins!

So we took some pictures, picked out a small pumpkin that was only $4.00 and headed to check out. I could NOT justify getting a pumpkin that was more than $4.00, since I got a huge pumpkin at the Farmer’s Market for only $1. But the $4 pumpkins were the cheapest they had. So we went to pay and realized that we had no cash, only card. The lady that was at the checkout told us that we have to spend at least five bucks in order to run our debit card.


So we left with no pumpkin because spending the $4 was already stretching it for me! Ha! Well, at least we got some pictures! That’s what really matters. So I guess there was no pumpkin carving in our future after all. Oh well.

And I’ve included another picture of Cruz’s Halloween costume because it truly was the cutest thing ever! Happy November!

Sweet boyWith MommyWith daddyThe cutest thing you've ever seen


21 Oct

When I find something I love, I am fiercely loyal to it. I would be talking about The Farmers Market, yet again. That’s not what this entire post is about, but if you haven’t been to the one that I go to, you need to contact me because you need to go.

I got this pumpkin for $1. ONE DOLLAR. At Target and Fry’s and Walmart they are all $4.99 for a pumpkin this size!

Anyways. I put it on the floor and Cruz just starting laughing and crawled right up to it! He started rolling it all over the kitchen floor and climbing on it etc. I thought it was pretty cute, so I grabbed the camera (which is always usually an arms length away) and started snapping pictures of him. This is is first Halloween and I thought it was just too cute that he loved this pumpkin. I bought him a small one the other day when I was at Walmart. I let him hold it throughout the store and he was just so thrilled by it. It was a similar reaction to the pumpkin on my kitchen floor.

We took this pumpkin to our small group last night and carved pumpkins! We’ve been a small group for three years now (crazy!!) and so last night we had our 3rd annual pumpkin carving party! It’s always a blast and I love all of these people. I took a bunch of pictures last night and will post some of those very soon!

It’s amazing all the joy that one dollar can bring.


Cruz and our pumpkinCruz and our pumpkin

farmers market

16 Jun

produceI get all of our produce from a farmers market that is not all that close to my house, but it is SO worth it.

I spent $9.92 today on enough produce to last me and Jason a couple weeks PLUS enough produce to make baby food for Cruz.

It’s on Main St. just West of Higley.

You will not regret it.

I bought peaches, strawberries, zucchini, squash, yams, potatoes, lettuce, bell peppers, watermelon, mangos- it was all less than $10. And I got quite a bit.

If you’re looking to save some pennies (I ALWAYS am) then head over to this farmers market. It’s the best I’ve found and while it’s a small drive from where I live, it’s totally worth it. I go once every other week (once a week if I run out of stuff early) and I’ve never paid more than $10 for all that we need.

Plus it’s all grown locally and organic.

Nothing makes my day more.