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8 Mar

I wish I could say that we are buying a house. BUT. We are not. If you would have asked me just a mere two weeks ago, I would have answered differently.

We have PLANS to buy a house and hopefully in Scottsdale. We LOVE it here. It’s just exactly where we want to be. But I think we are going to wait another year before we buy so we can save some more money. THAT said, we ARE most likely going to be moving soon into a rental home. We don’t have one lined up or anything yet. But it is a huge priority. With two kids, we are just really realizing how much we need a little more space. That, and I’m DYING to have an office. You guys. I work almost 60 hours a week in my BEDROOM. There’s been nothing wrong with this scenario until lately. It’s worked fine. But our business is STILL growing and Jason and I just really feel like we need a space of our own to work in. A place where we can be creative in. Not a place where the laundry piles up behind me.

I’ll be honest. Working in my room has been a little paralyzing. But it’s been a better option for our family that having our computers out in the living area. SO. We are house hunting! And so of course that means I’m Pinterest hunting as well! But I stumbled upon this BEAUTIFUL office that I just have to have. Jason and I have already begun dreaming about how we can go about decorating it so it feels like a boy works there AND like a girl works there. HA. It’s actually been fun. I sort of envision my half of the office looking something like this:

Be still my heart. I love it. I’m SO desiring a creative space to be…well, creative. HA. And I’m also excited to have my sleeping space back without my computer in the same room. It’s just a little cramped and we need to spread out. Here’s to hoping and praying we find a GREAT house!

* Image found on Pinterest.



16 Mar

Ok, I’d first like to start this post with- MY SISTER GOT ENGAGED LAST NIGHT!! It was the sweetest thing ever and I have so many pictures that I am still going through. So, this post does not have those pictures or their story quite yet, cuz I’m not done with them. But I did want to acknowledge her and her news because it’s huge and I would hate to talk about my redecorating like that never happened. Ha! So, a HUGE congrats to Dani and Cameron!! We are all so excited for them to finally be engaged and start this new journey together. Ah! I can’t wait to tell you their story! Stay tuned for that!

But this post is actually about redecorating. Haha!

Seriously though, I must have gotten all my energy back yesterday. I woke up, motivated to run errands and clean the entire house. And that’s exactly what I did. Our baby sitter was coming at 3:30 to watch Cruz while went to celebrate Dani’s engagement so I frantically wanted everything done before I left.

And I’m happy to say, I FINALLY got new slip covers for my couches! Yes, now I can breathe a sigh of relief because my living room is finally starting to look the way I want it to. And we had to save pennies to make it happen, but I am so thrilled to finally have them. They immediately brightened the entire room, and that is exactly what I was wanting. I love the shades of browns we have in our house, but too much brown can make things feel dull. And I was super bored with it. And we don’t have the cash to get brand new couches, so slipcovers were the answer. And it is exactly what I wanted in order to make our living room feel a little more grown up, but still kid friendly. So yes, they are white, but I can always rip them off and throw them in the wash and they’ll be good as new!

I snapped a few pics. Let me know what you think! And please excuse the wrinkles in the slip covers still. I didn’t have the patience to smooth it out until I was for sure I loved it. Why go to all the work if you might return them? But I’m not returning them, but you’ll still have to deal with the wrinkles.

And now I’m off to eat onion rings. Oh, the joys of being pregnant!


9 Nov


I shot this picture while I was photographing the boutique at Cornerstone on this past Saturday. It’s a picture of some of the decor inside the bookstore, and I was just super inspired by it for some reason. It felt like my life in a lot of ways- hanging by a thread at the moment but bright and colorful- hopefully bringing joy and hope to many soon or someday or now. A symbol of the season, which actually ISN’T about shopping and things and presents. But is actually about a baby that was born to bring hope to us all. And this season I am full of exactly that- HOPE. Not that I haven’t had hope, but it’s been hard to find these past few years- at least for me. But I am starting to see why God has removed us from Cornerstone and I am grateful, hopeful and thrilled for the future.

Jason and I have made a decision about where we are going and what we are doing. I am not quite ready to discuss all the details, but we have found a place that is thriving and healthy and amazing. We couldn’t be happier and more excited for this time in our lives. God is so good and keeps revealing things to us that completely confirms that He has moved us for a huge reason. And he is taking care of us and protecting us- in more ways than I ever thought possible.

It makes me feel silly that I ever doubt Him and His plan for our lives.

So this picture might not have any significance to you. But it’s a fun picture to me; one that is symbolic in a lot of ways. And one that inspires me to keep pushing forward. Our future is bright and I am finally excited about this community of people and all the changes it’s going to bring for our lives.

I hate to leave you hanging, but more details will come once we can share them.

I promise.