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hot dog dance

10 Jan

If you hung out at our house for a full 24 hours, you would likely catch an episode or two of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which is in fact, on the Disney Channel.

At the end of every episode, Mickey Mouse and all his friends do the ‘Hot Dog Dance’. Are you laughing yet? We laugh at this EVERY. DAY. Mostly because Cruz immediately flys into a routine of his that he’s choreographed all on his own, on beat and in perfect rhythm. It’s pretty cute, his blonde crazy curls bouncing around everywhere. Below is a photo of Rider’s version of the Hot Dog Dance. He doesn’t move for the entire 45 second song, but stands through the ENTIRE song with his little stubby hands held high into the air; so proud and sure that he is ‘dancing’.

Random, I know. But as parents, it’s these funny moments that get you through the day sometimes.