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18 Jun

*Image found on Pinterest. But it was originally found HERE.

havin’ a day

20 Sep

I almost just wrote up an entire post about the difficult day I’m having and about how I don’t want to be a mom for FIVE MINUTES. Just FIVE. Then, I stopped myself and decided that I would post something encouraging instead. It’ll be good for my heart and maybe it’ll bless yours as well.

Because the truth is, I’m only feeling this way because I’m totally exhausted. My kids are on a ‘I’m not gonna sleep in, nap OR go to bed’ hiatus and I’m not really sure what to make of it. Top it all off with all the normal anxieties that a woman’s heart endures and goes through on a daily basis (thanks Facebook) and I just need a DRINK.

So I almost ranted and raved via this blog about all the frustrating things on my heart right now, but alas, I’m going to stop myself.

And I’m going to BREATHE.

And then when I put the boys to bed tonight I am NOT going to work. And I’m going to try not to stress out about it.

SO. Onto a fun and encouraging thing.

I think I REALLY want to paint THIS on one of my walls in my apartment! How cool is this??:

I found this on Pinterest but you can find the full tutorial on Martha Stewart’s website! It’s a chalkboard wall and calendar. Yes. I’m a fan. And I really need something creative, artistic and crafty to do. To fulfill my need and desire to be crafty, although I am NOT. But I THINK I can handle this. So it inspired me that although things might seem a little boring, mundane, frustrating, and exhausting, there’s always a way to create new things in your life that will reignite the creativity spark.

Doing something about it is better than letting the frustration take over and kill all creative energy and inspiration.

So I’m finding something fun to do, and I’m going to GO FOR IT.