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santa’s lap

23 Dec

I have ALWAYS wanted a picture of the boys sitting on Santa’s lap. But don’t even GET ME STARTED on how expensive it is to take your kids to see him at the mall. Good. Night.

Ok there’s my rant about THAT. And it’s not even the full rant, it’s just all I’m going to say about it.

SO, we went to a Christmas party last week and my dear friend Chelsea had her dad dress up as Santa so we could all have pictures of our kids taken!! It was a bring your own camera kind of deal, and he graciously posed with all the kiddos that came from the neighborhood etc. So it would only seem normal that it would be the ONLY time in my LIFE that I FORGOT my camera, right??

That’s what happened. In the hustle and bustle of trying to get out of the house on time, I left my camera at home. I walked up and immediately when I saw Santa it dawned on me that it was sitting on the kitchen counter. Thankfully, there were a lot of other mammas there with cameras. And my good friend Steph graciously snapped this photo of Cruz and Rider sitting on Santa’s lap! YAY.

Cruz was SO excited to see Santa. We are teaching him the truth about Christmas and that it’s about Jesus’s birth and not just about the gifts. BUT, we are allowing him to have some fun with Santa, although I don’t think I’ll ever try to keep his identity a secret. It’s fun to believe in magical things at Christmas and to have fun getting in the spirit, but I really don’t want my kids to lose sight of what Christmas really is. That said, he thought Santa was SO cool and had so much telling him what he was looking forward to getting this year.

Rider, however, wasn’t so sure. And ended up screaming.

All in all, it was a really fun party and I finally got my Santa picture with the boys. Can’t wait to do this again next year!

*A big thanks to Steph for snapping this picture for me! I’m really happy to have it so thank you so much!


we’ll say thank you

2 Nov

Cruz has never really been old enough to understand what the holidays each mean, but he’ll be three next week (NEXT WEEK????) and so I KNOW he’s understanding so much more.

OR. He’s understood this whole time and I severely underestimated him.

We were driving home in the car today from Ikea, and ALL I SAID WAS: “Yay! It’s November buddy! Your birthday is coming up, Daddy’s birthday is coming up, and Thanksgiving is coming too!”

To which HE said: “Ya! That’s when we’ll say ‘thank you’ for things!”


I almost died in the car because my heart went to utter mush the moment he said that. I don’t remember teaching him that, so specifically! It’s crazy what their little minds will retain. As terrible as the two’s and three’s can be, there are SO many moments like that one that I just want to pinch him because he’s so sweet and so cute and so loving.

That’s when we’ll say thank you for things. Precious.

Happy November.


10 Oct

Cruz has an ear infection. He’s never had an ear infection.

Yep, you read that right. We have successfully made it almost THREE years without one single ear infection in our home. Rider’s never had one yet, either (knock on wood). But, the inevitable happened and he has one. SO. We were up ALL night. When I say ALL night, I mean ALL night. Seriously like every 30 minutes. He wasn’t telling me what was wrong, so I just thought he was getting out of bed and being disobedient. FINALLY at 5:30 in the morning he started telling us his ear hurts and it was as if a lightbulb had gone off.

OHHHHH. That makes sense!!!

I spent all night long asking him what hurts, telling him not to get out of bed again, laying with him, asking him if he had a bad dream, changing his clothes, taking him potty- and on and on and on. He never said anything about his ear but he just CRIED and CRIED and CRIED all night. So I knew something wasn’t normal. I knew he wasn’t only being disobedient because he’s a quick learner and usually doesn’t KEEP disobeying once we tell him to stay in bed after a couple times. He never had a fever either, so I never even thought maybe it was his ears.

So we went to the doctor this morning and he’s on antibiotics now. STILL, he’s in a lot of pain. POOR KID. He hasn’t eaten a single thing and he didn’t get off the couch until nap time. Now he’s sleeping in there and I’m PRAYING that the meds will start to work and that the Tylenol I gave him will work for the duration of his nap.

I feel like the boys have both been sick off an on for two weeks now. And I’m ready for healthy kiddos again! Having sickies is no fun for anyone, especially them.


potty training

14 Sep

This is what I have been doing since Monday:


Actually, it hasn’t been THAT bad. He had about three accidents before he realized that he didn’t like to pee on the floor and that seriously did it. We’ve been accident free for over 48 hours now! I’m not holding my breath. I know he’ll have accidents again in the future. Especially once we leave the house. Yes, I haven’t left the house since Monday. I’m kinda freaked out about having to RUN TO THE NEAREST POTTY any time he does the little potty dance he does.

So I don’t know what to say about THAT.


He is mostly potty trained. The jury is out on whether or not he’s ‘poop’ potty trained, seeing as that he’s only gone once and REFUSES to do that again. So we’ll see what happens.

Fun stuff. I bet this is more than you bargained for when you visited my blog today, isn’t it?

i kid you not

2 Sep

I almost had to perform the Heimlich on Cruz yesterday. Talk about one of the scariest moments of my entire life!

I was getting ready to leave the house and one of my friends was over to watch the boys. She brought her little boy, who is two weeks younger than Rider. We were talking about toys that were choking hazards because lately Rider wants to put EVERYTHING in his mouth. I found him chomping on a rock that I had to fish out the other day. So this is new territory for me! Cruz never (and still doesn’t!) put ANYTHING into his mouth. He was just never curious like that.


So I was warning her and telling her about how it’s hard to have a 3 year old and a 1 year old when it comes to this issue because they both play with very different toys.

No sooner had I said this to her, I heard muffled choking in the living room. So I started walking toward the room to make sure everything was ok, to find Cruz walking towards me, completely red, obviously choking and not making any noise. So I run to him, bang hard on his back, and I did a finger sweep inside his mouth.

What did I find?


I’m able to grab it’s little leg and the rest of it came back out. Talk about the freaking scariest moment EVER. I am TERRIFIED of choking. Had I not been able to get that dino out any faster, I would have been performing the Heimlich. On my sweet three year old. Something I don’t EVER want to have to do again.

So I stood there, holding the dinosaur, trying to hold back the tears while I explained to him why we DON’T put toys into our mouths. And then I threw ALL the little dinosaurs away. If he could almost choke on them, Rider certainly could and it’s a GUARANTEE that he’ll put them into his mouth.

Praise God my mothering instinct kicked in. Because I always thought I’d be a pile of mush in an emergency. But oddly, my brain knew exactly what to do. And I wasn’t panicking. Until afterwards when I was a shaking quivering mess.

Man I love those kids. And I hate every second that something like that could go very wrong.

If you have small toys, THROW THEM AWAY. My almost three year old almost choked and he was the LAST kid I would ever have worried about. I’m still not sure what prompted him to do that.

Thank the Lord he’s ok! He’s my little man and I’d just die if anything were to happen to him.


25 Aug

While I’m HARDLY a film maker, I had a little fun putting together this short clip of the boys from the past week. Lots of fun, fussing, tears, laughing and tantrums. Good times. HA. It actually was a lot of fun to put together! And Cruz and Rider LOVE watching this over and over again.



15 Aug

We made it home from California yesterday! What a trip! What a week! I didn’t bring my computer ON PURPOSE so now I’m playing massive catchup. But I haven’t had a TRUE vacation with no emailing and no blogging since, well…. since Cruz was born I guess! Crazy. It was so great to get away. We started the week with a few days in San Diego before heading North to photograph the wedding we had. And I have to say that San Diego has GOT to me on the top of my list of places I’d move to tomorrow. I mean, for real. If we had a chance to move there, I’d move in one big, huge giant heartbeat.

We love it there.

The wedding we shot was fabulous. Filming our promo video was a insane amount of fun. We have more filming to finish up in October, so I’m really looking forward to that. Mostly, I can’t wait to see it all come together and to use it as a way for couples to visually see who they are hiring for their wedding day or Lifestyle Session. We’ve dreamed about doing our promo video since very early on in our business, so it’s pretty nuts that it’s here and that we are doing it.

Then we went to Disneyland! And it was such a blast, except taking two kiddos who are in diapers and strollers is a MESS LOAD of work. And I made the decision this time that we were NOT leaving the park for naps so they just had to sleep wherever we were. It was interesting. No one napped, really. But it actually really did beat having to trudge OUT of the park and back IN to the park all in the name of good naps. It was better this way! But, still exhausting because Cruz didn’t nap at all and then had a really hard time crashing in the stroller come bedtime because he was WAY to excited to be at Disneyland. So he didn’t go to bed until past eleven for both nights we were there. Which made the car ride home, well…. interesting to say the least!

All in all, we had a GREAT time. It’s awesome to be home. We are back to the grind and hitting the ground running this Monday morning. Although I DO wish I could be on vacation, permanently. Wouldn’t that rock? Yes. And I DO have a major itch to move to San Diego now. It’s pretty much my dream place to live someday.

Maybe someday!

I hope everyone has a great Monday! Here’s to a fresh week of work, creativity, and exhausting new hurdles to jump through with my ‘terrible two’s toddler’, I’m sure!