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kids are funny

27 Jun

Rider has taken it upon himself to create a new fashion statement of his own. And he seriously WILL NOT TAKE THIS OFF HIS HEAD.

It’s hysterical. When I try to take it off, he gets REALLY upset. Like, screaming, tantrum throwing, I just removed his soul from his body kind of upset. So, I obviously let him run around with it on his head. I’m not quite sure what he thinks it is, BUT it’s pretty hysterical to watch. Kids are so funny. My Rider-man never ceases to amaze me. His bubbly little spirit and fun energy keeps us all smiling all day.

I’m simply in love with him.

little ears

17 Mar

So two days ago I just nonchalantly posted THIS comment on Facebook yesterday:

‘Got great news at Rider’s doctor appointment! He PASSED his hearing test! First time ever in his life to pass 100% and there’s no more fluid in his ears!!’

It was later that I realized that not a lot of people really knew what we’ve been praying for and wondering since Rider was born. So, I thought I’d clarify. I never said anything earlier because we just weren’t really sure what the deal was and wanted to wait until we got some specific answers before we just started saying/announcing things that we just weren’t sure of.

Basically, since Rider was born, we haven’t been 100% positive that he could hear. There was even a small period of time that we thought potentially that he was deaf. When he was born, he failed his hearing test in the hospital twice. FINALLY he passed and since he did, none of the nurses were too concerned with it. Getting a false reading on those tests CAN be normal. When he was four months old, we realized that he never turned to look at us when we made noises or called his name. There was probably a good week solid that I had so prepared my heart for the news that he was deaf. Then, when we were at Disneyland, Jason made a REALLY loud noise near him that startled him into a screaming hysteria.

So that answered our questions, or so we thought.

He then proceeded to fail his six month, nine month, twelve month AND fifteen month hearing tests. But all during this time, we HAD discovered that he COULD hear us. He was responding to us, answering to his name when we called, and could follow basic directions that most kids can follow at his age. We just weren’t sure to WHAT degree he could hear. His pediatrician could see fluid in his ears, but nothing too concerning. He never seemed to have ear infections that bothered him. No fevers, no illness, no staying up all night with discomfort. So I never pushed wanting to see a specialist JUST YET. I knew that sometimes fluid in the ears could go away and IF that’s what was causing the problem, we wanted to see if it would clear up on its own.

His doctor agreed, mostly because he wasn’t in any pain. It was to be at THIS last appointment that we would have discussed further options.

BUT, we went and got GREAT news! He has no more fluid in his ears AND he FINALLY passed his hearing test in both ears!! I was so ecstatic when the doctor said that his ears looked great. And I was relieved to know that he CAN hear! The next steps from here is to really work with him and encourage him to start talking. Our doctor wants us to wait until past his second birthday to discuss going to a speech therapist. One COULD say that he’s a little behind on his talking, but we’re going to wait and see how things progress there. He’s not behind on anything else and it could just be that his speech has been a little delayed due to the difficulty he’s likely had with his hearing.

So for today, we are THRILLED to know that Rider CAN hear. Whether he can hear or not obviously doesn’t change how much we love this kid. And if he WAS deaf or partially deaf, we would have embraced that news and made the absolute best of it. But we are thankful for little ears that can hear the way they were intended to hear. It’s a prayer I’ve been praying for since he was born and I’m very thankful to have an answer.

Sorry I wasn’t too public about it! We just wanted to be sure of what was going on before we said TOO much. But thank you to those of you who were aware and who were praying for us too! We are beyond grateful for a community of people who are crazy about our kids like we are.

b and amen

17 Feb

When you have bronchitis, you cough and cough and cough and cough. A LOT. Cruz coughed so much and so hard tonight that he gagged. And then he threw up. All over B and Amen.

B and Amen are his two security ‘blankets’. They aren’t actually blankets, but two stuffed animals. The little bear/blanket has a ‘B’ on the blanket part. So naturally, we started calling him ‘B’. The sleeping stuffed bear he named Amen. When you press his hand, he says a prayer and closes by saying, ‘Amen’. Well, he actually doesn’t say it anymore because he wore it out. But he used to. Regardless, B and Amen are very, VERY special to him.

So back to the gagging.

He gagged and threw up all over B and Amen. SO I had to wash them and I had to wash them FAST. It was almost 7:00pm when this incident occurred and he wouldn’t have been a happy camper if he couldn’t go to bed with B and Amen. He already was slightly distraught that he couldn’t lay with them on the couch watching TV. So I hurried and washed them in a full cycle. And when they came out, they both looked so squeaky clean that it made me a little nostalgic. So I had to take a picture of these two little stuffed animals that I will keep forever. And someday I’ll look back on them, and on this picture, and remember when he was so little and so sweet and so precious. And how B and Amen were very special to him.

What a sweet little guy.


16 Feb

Awesome. Cruz has bronchitis. What started as just a fever and a small cough on Valentines Day has turned into full fledged bronchitis. I haven’t seen this little dude this sick ever. Even when he had that long run with that miserable ear infection, he wasn’t as sick as this. I’ve had bronchitis before and if you’ve had it too, you can agree: IT SUCKS.

We have the busiest weekend coming up. Two engagement sessions, a wedding and leaving for Las Vegas on Monday. So the kid has GOT to get better. I’m praising GOD for an amazing nanny who has made herself totally available to us and what we need this weekend. And it’s not even going to put a strain on her little girls because her husband will be home the entire weekend. God is good. I was in FULL on tears right before we took this picture (at Chickfila) because being a working mom in times like these sucks. I CAN’T call in to work, especially for the wedding we are shooting on Sunday. A wedding only happens once and I have to be there. But the strings on my mommy heart just want to stay home with my little man. So I’m pretty thankful that God has so organized it so that I don’t have to worry about him. He will be in phenomonal hands. AND, he’s got a few days to recover, before Sunday in which I WILL be home with him. But it still makes it rough. We are super busy and there are times when it’s not possible for me to call in sick. And that is the part of the working mommy world that isn’t too fun and makes it super hard to be both a mom and a working professional.

I’m thankful everyday for God’s provision in our lives and for allowing us to have a nanny that is so wonderful with them when we aren’t able to be here. But today I’m praying for 100% healing for him so when I’m gone this weekend I can think about how much fun he’s having playing or doing crafts instead of being sick on the couch.

If you’re a working mamma, you know how this goes. What do you do when you can’t call in sick?


job description

1 Feb

I went to MOPS last week, and the topic was The Calling of Motherhood. TIMELY, in my life. I struggled HARD with this topic during the entire month of January and I never told anyone about it.

God heard me. And I hadn’t even called out to him about it, I’m ashamed to admit.

So I sat in MOPS and silently held back and wiped away some tears as the amazing speaker was speaking. She gave us a packet of information to follow along with as she spoke. In there was a Job Description For Mothers. It resonated with me a lot and so I wanted to share it here. The rest of my thoughts on my mini identity crisis will be for another post. Because it’s a lot to explain and I’m still sorting through it myself.

Job Description For Mothers

Motherhood isn’t for quitters; the fainthearted need not apply. On the job training, mandatory. Selfishness detrimental to job satisfaction. Working hours long but flexible. Ability to pray without ceasing is clearly advantageous. Remuneration where you find it- in a toddlers belly laugh or a teenagers “thanks Mom”. Some days are more demanding than others but heavenly help and forgiveness available on call 24 hours a day. Love for God and respect for His guidelines important if job is to be secure. Becoming and remaining a mother is a permanent event. 


24 Jan

I’m a week late on this post. We’ve had sick kiddies in our household, and as you know, that can tend to put other things on hold when that happens. Its been a blessing in disguise because I honestly needed a little more time to think on this verse. I didn’t understand the meaning in it, or what I was supposed to learn. Maybe it jumps off the page to you. But it took a little longer for me. It was always one of those verses that I just sort of breezed past. But after praying on it and doing a little more research, I realized that I was wrong about this verse and it’s importance. I just didn’t really understand it at first.

The next verse is:

‘She is not afraid of the snow for her household, for all her household are clothed with scarlet.’ Proverbs 31:21

I believe this verse is saying a couple different things. First, she’s not afraid of the winter that is coming. Why? I believe it’s because she’s PREPARED. She is always looking ahead to the next season and preparing her home and family accordingly. She is ready for the snow and the harsh winter that might possibly be coming. She doesn’t need to be afraid because she is prepared for what the next season may bring.

How many times do we enter the next season in our lives scattered, nervous and anxious? I know I struggle with this sometimes. I just roll into the next season without really taking the time to truly PREPARE for it. This woman is not afraid. She looks ahead and gets her household ready for the next season. She’s likely getting winter clothing ready, sewing enough to keep them warm. Her children are growing and she sees the needs that they will have ahead of time. She isn’t overwhelmed by it. She isn’t dreading all the work to be done. She isn’t afraid of the storms that will likely come. She anticipates the cold, blistering winter that lies ahead and she prepares for it. The storms that come don’t take her by surprise because she is ready. And she doesn’t live in fear.

I struggle with fear. Sometimes, I fear the worst. Why do I do that? This woman doesn’t do that. She prepares for it, is ready for it, and probably doesn’t live in a spirit of dread while doing it.

But then it says that all of her household is clothed in scarlet, which I think speaks a lot about what kind of a wife and mother she is. I think that it means that she CARES. Not only does she care enough to prepare for the winter for her whole family with all the hard work that goes with that, but they are clothed in scarlet. which is a beautiful color. I could be wrong here, but I take this to mean that she cared enough to make sure that they all looked good. Not in a materialistic kind of way. Not in the showy kind of way. Not in the fake kind of way where she just wanted to keep up appearances. But because she CARED about them. She wanted them to look their best, with whatever means they had. She wanted her husband and children to feel proud in what they were wearing and to be blessed by it. She cared that they were put together before they left the house in the morning, and she worked hard to sew, do laundry and to prepare their things for them.

These two verses speak VOLUMES to the harmony that she created within her home. Her family doesn’t need to worry about the clothing they are going to wear. She is already on top of it before the winters come. They don’t even question whether or not they are going to have clothing on their backs. They are confident in her and know that each article of clothing that she carefully sews for them will be out of love, care and careful planning.

I’m not saying that we all need to become amazing seamstresses before this verse can apply. I am the FURTHEST from good seamstress. And I secretly envy those of you who can sew and create beautiful things in that way. But I do think we can all learn something from this verse, whether or not you can sew and create clothing. I think there is a lot to be said about creating harmony in our homes. There’s a peace that comes with preparation, hard work, and planning. And I think it’s really important to see the next season looming on the horizon and to gently start preparing for it. Not out of worry, but to get things in order so we can transition our families into whatever the next season of life may be for us. Clothing our families with confidence is more than about what they are actually wearing. But taking the time to care for what they look like, inside and out, and to cover them with beauty in our words, actions, hard work, and even in material things at times.

Being prepared and caring for our families in the day to day tasks, such as brushing their hair, is something that will go such a long way. As women and mothers, caring for our family is something that seems like an obvious topic of conversation. Of course we’re taking care of our families. BUT, I know all too well that the day to day tasks can become somewhat mundane. It was an awesome reminder to me to remember that all of the preparation I do every day, week, month, actually can make a huge difference in the morale of my family. Am I preparing our lives in such a way as to instill confidence? Or am I afraid? Am I not caring to brush their hair and teeth, because they’re “too little” to care? Am I remembering that what we look like (inside and out) is a direct reflection on the work I do inside my home when no one else is looking?

I am reminded that I have no need to be afraid of the winters ahead. But to work hard, prepare for the snow, and to clothe my family with the best that I have to offer. Confidence will breed from my attitude and hard work as a mother and a wife. They will be confident in me, and they will always know that I have their best interest at heart.

hot dog dance

10 Jan

If you hung out at our house for a full 24 hours, you would likely catch an episode or two of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which is in fact, on the Disney Channel.

At the end of every episode, Mickey Mouse and all his friends do the ‘Hot Dog Dance’. Are you laughing yet? We laugh at this EVERY. DAY. Mostly because Cruz immediately flys into a routine of his that he’s choreographed all on his own, on beat and in perfect rhythm. It’s pretty cute, his blonde crazy curls bouncing around everywhere. Below is a photo of Rider’s version of the Hot Dog Dance. He doesn’t move for the entire 45 second song, but stands through the ENTIRE song with his little stubby hands held high into the air; so proud and sure that he is ‘dancing’.

Random, I know. But as parents, it’s these funny moments that get you through the day sometimes.

santa’s lap

23 Dec

I have ALWAYS wanted a picture of the boys sitting on Santa’s lap. But don’t even GET ME STARTED on how expensive it is to take your kids to see him at the mall. Good. Night.

Ok there’s my rant about THAT. And it’s not even the full rant, it’s just all I’m going to say about it.

SO, we went to a Christmas party last week and my dear friend Chelsea had her dad dress up as Santa so we could all have pictures of our kids taken!! It was a bring your own camera kind of deal, and he graciously posed with all the kiddos that came from the neighborhood etc. So it would only seem normal that it would be the ONLY time in my LIFE that I FORGOT my camera, right??

That’s what happened. In the hustle and bustle of trying to get out of the house on time, I left my camera at home. I walked up and immediately when I saw Santa it dawned on me that it was sitting on the kitchen counter. Thankfully, there were a lot of other mammas there with cameras. And my good friend Steph graciously snapped this photo of Cruz and Rider sitting on Santa’s lap! YAY.

Cruz was SO excited to see Santa. We are teaching him the truth about Christmas and that it’s about Jesus’s birth and not just about the gifts. BUT, we are allowing him to have some fun with Santa, although I don’t think I’ll ever try to keep his identity a secret. It’s fun to believe in magical things at Christmas and to have fun getting in the spirit, but I really don’t want my kids to lose sight of what Christmas really is. That said, he thought Santa was SO cool and had so much telling him what he was looking forward to getting this year.

Rider, however, wasn’t so sure. And ended up screaming.

All in all, it was a really fun party and I finally got my Santa picture with the boys. Can’t wait to do this again next year!

*A big thanks to Steph for snapping this picture for me! I’m really happy to have it so thank you so much!

we’ll say thank you

2 Nov

Cruz has never really been old enough to understand what the holidays each mean, but he’ll be three next week (NEXT WEEK????) and so I KNOW he’s understanding so much more.

OR. He’s understood this whole time and I severely underestimated him.

We were driving home in the car today from Ikea, and ALL I SAID WAS: “Yay! It’s November buddy! Your birthday is coming up, Daddy’s birthday is coming up, and Thanksgiving is coming too!”

To which HE said: “Ya! That’s when we’ll say ‘thank you’ for things!”


I almost died in the car because my heart went to utter mush the moment he said that. I don’t remember teaching him that, so specifically! It’s crazy what their little minds will retain. As terrible as the two’s and three’s can be, there are SO many moments like that one that I just want to pinch him because he’s so sweet and so cute and so loving.

That’s when we’ll say thank you for things. Precious.

Happy November.


10 Oct

Cruz has an ear infection. He’s never had an ear infection.

Yep, you read that right. We have successfully made it almost THREE years without one single ear infection in our home. Rider’s never had one yet, either (knock on wood). But, the inevitable happened and he has one. SO. We were up ALL night. When I say ALL night, I mean ALL night. Seriously like every 30 minutes. He wasn’t telling me what was wrong, so I just thought he was getting out of bed and being disobedient. FINALLY at 5:30 in the morning he started telling us his ear hurts and it was as if a lightbulb had gone off.

OHHHHH. That makes sense!!!

I spent all night long asking him what hurts, telling him not to get out of bed again, laying with him, asking him if he had a bad dream, changing his clothes, taking him potty- and on and on and on. He never said anything about his ear but he just CRIED and CRIED and CRIED all night. So I knew something wasn’t normal. I knew he wasn’t only being disobedient because he’s a quick learner and usually doesn’t KEEP disobeying once we tell him to stay in bed after a couple times. He never had a fever either, so I never even thought maybe it was his ears.

So we went to the doctor this morning and he’s on antibiotics now. STILL, he’s in a lot of pain. POOR KID. He hasn’t eaten a single thing and he didn’t get off the couch until nap time. Now he’s sleeping in there and I’m PRAYING that the meds will start to work and that the Tylenol I gave him will work for the duration of his nap.

I feel like the boys have both been sick off an on for two weeks now. And I’m ready for healthy kiddos again! Having sickies is no fun for anyone, especially them.