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christmas 2011

28 Dec

What a blast this season was. It was a NIGHT AND DAY difference from where I was last year. Last year I was at the peak of dealing with postpartum depression and I was SEARCHING hard and trying to dig deep to find the joy. I knew what the season was about and I knew that there was plenty of reason to BE joyful. But it just was lost in my soul. And I was sad. When I think back on this time last year, I don’t see my memories in color. I see and remember them with a tinted black color. Like I was in a tunnel. Which I was to some extent. Is that weird that that’s what my memory holds of last Christmas? Sad kinda, huh?

THIS YEAR, was TOTALLY different. I really loved this year. I embraced it. And although I had my moments of tears due to the craziness we just went through, I didn’t do it with the same attitude as I did last year. AND it helped that I have good friends who saw when I needed an impromptu girls night out here and there to just SIT and be with girlfriends.

Christmas Day itself was the best. I think one of the best moments of my life to date is hearing Cruz gasp when we all came out in the morning to find the presents under the tree. He GASPED and his face lit up SO bright. It seriously made me cry. And it made me wish I had a camera, which I did not. But I’m also kinda glad that I didn’t because I was able to really see his reaction first hand and be present in the moment with him. So I have the memory forever burned into my memory, which I am grateful for. He loved every single minute. We had family over. We made cinnamon rolls,¬†beignets, coffee. We opened presents, stockings and ate pumpkin bread. Later we had soup, enchiladas and watched Tron. Then we closed the evening with a good game of Clue. Do you remember CLUE? Good times. It was fun!

Poor Rider had a fever all day, which I now know what teething related. But on Christmas Eve I put him to bed at 6 pm and he slept (I’m not exaggerating here) until 10 am. THEN he went BACK down for a nap at 11:45 am and he slept until FIVE O’CLOCK PM. He went back to bed at about 8:00 pm that night and slept until 9 am the next day. So he was only up MAYBE a total of four hours the whole day. Which was sad. So he wasn’t around too much, but it was actually a nice break for me believe it or not. After his all day nap we opened his presents with him and he was able to play and eat a bit. His incisors are coming in. You know- the REALLY sharp vampire teeth? Yikes, man. Those suckers have got to HURT.

All in all, it was an amazing day. Jason’s mom came over in the morning for a bit to spend time with us and the boys. My grandma came over a little later in the morning to hang out too. And we just rested, relaxed and ATE lots of food! It was a great Christmas. One with memories that are FILLED with color for me this year. One that wasn’t full of depression for me this time. And watching Christmas through your kids eyes is seriously such a huge gift. I’d LOVE to see Cruz’s face again on Christmas morning. It was magical. Which is exactly what I wanted this year to be. Magical, full of love and celebration of Christ.

And it was exactly all of that and more.

Cruz and Great Gram…

Jay opening his new record player…

Love my sisters. This is Danielle and her husband Cameron right behind her…

He had such a great day…

He loves Cars. And he asked for each of these characters by NAME to Santa. (More characters not pictured)…

It’s a new goal of mine each Christmas to get a picture of each of the boys with a bow on their heads. I don’t have girls. I’ll take what I can in the bow/accessory department. HA.

Such a sweet boy…

Have you ever listened to The National? DO IT.

Bows on the head…

He has no hair. So he needed more bows. HA.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas as well. I already can’t wait for 2012 to start. It’s going to be fabulous. And even if it’s not, it’s all going to be ok. Remain faithful. Make goals. Love people. Work hard.

There it is in a nutshell.


happy birthday cruz

16 Nov

Two years ago today, I was doing this:

And this:

Happy Birthday to one of the loves of my life, Cruz Elton Williams. You have brought more joy and excitement to our lives than you could ever imagine! I can’t even believe that two whole years have gone by since you were born. Although sometimes days as a mamma are hard, I can not even imagine the day when I send you off to kindergarten, high school, prom, college, your wedding. It’s already going too fast. You are such a special boy and one the absolute coolest kids that there is. And our love runs so deep for you, deeper than you will ever know or understand. It’s been such a fun day with you today because I think it’s the first time you sort of understand that today is a special day for you! We’ve done some fun things and I can’t wait to post the pictures of the time we’ve spent together today.

You are two. Two years old. I can’t even believe it. And I’m so excited for all the many more birthdays we get to spend together.

Mommy and Daddy love you. And Rider too!

my baby shower

11 Aug

I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for. Andrea and Alex called me back in April to tell me that they wanted to host my baby shower!! I was so surprised at this sweet gesture because seeing that this is my second baby, I wasn’t really expecting a baby shower this time around. Even though I did deeply want one. Not just for all the to die for baby gifts that people bring, but honestly, I REALLY wanted one because I feel like EVERY baby deserves a celebration and a party before they’re born. And it’s so much fun for me to get together with all the ladies I love in my life. The stuff isn’t what it’s all about, even though there WAS stuff that I did need. But even deeper, I wanted to celebrate with friends and family the upcoming birth of THIS baby, even though he’s not my first.

And these girls know me too well.

I have been blessed to have had the greatest baby shower Rider could have ever deserved! Andrea and Alex worked so hard on it and it turned out beautifully! My other amazing friends Joy and Rachel helped as well and I couldn’t have been more grateful for everything these four have done for me.

It was an open house, meaning guests were able to come and go as they pleased, making the atmosphere very relaxed and stress free. I’m not really into baby showers that have games and agendas. I just love when friends and women can come relax, eat, and catch up on life all while celebrating the baby-to-be. Everything was decorated in a vintage circus theme, which was perfect and simply adorable! There was no detail that was left out- these girls thought of everything, being two of the most creative girls I know!! I brought my camera to the shower, but Andrea was all set as I walked through the door to take pictures with her new camera! It was a huge relief actually, because I didn’t really have time (or the desire!) to take pictures while I was visiting with friends and family.

The shower started at 1:00, so the girls had the perfect amount of snack foods and desserts all ready for the guests. It all kept in line with the vintage circus theme and it was YUMMY. There was popcorn, cake pops, pretzels, and… chocolate covered oreos which they sent home with me and I have already finished. Jason only got one of them. But it was soooo worth it, wow!

These girls know how much I love soda! HA! So they totally went the extra mile and had glass bottles of coke waiting for each guest! There was also caffiene free diet cokes (keeping the other pregos in mind that were there) and lemonade. There was even straws to drink out of the glass coke bottles! LOVED IT.

One of my favorite touches was also something we did at Cruz’s shower. There was a desginated spot for each guest to write a note, prayer or blessing for Rider to read someday when he’s older. It’s something we did at Cruz’s shower too and I wanted both of my boys to have notes to read from my friends before they were born. Andrea and Alex had the cutest little cards for guests to write on, paired with the cutest box to put them in! I so enjoyed reading them when I got home and I will treasure them forever.

I am so blessed that even though this is baby #2, my friends and family have equipped me and Jason with everything we need to be ready for his arrival soon. Check out all these gifts! And do you see the two eyeballs sticking out of one of the bags? Do you see it? It’s the ugliest monster doll you’ll ever see and I LOVE it. It’s the cutest ugliest thing you’ve ever seen and it’s sitting in Rider’s bookshelf as I type this. It’s bright yellow and the best ever. HA!

This little guy napped upstairs ALMOST the whole time until he decided that he just HAD to join the party. No one minded, obviously! And he had a blast being the only boy there! And please excuse the red eighties shorts that he’s wearing. Those are definitely just nap time pants!

I love my family. They came and stayed the entire time to help me with Cruz and to get everything home. My mom is so excited to be a Grammy again! I’m not sure what she’s going to do with TWO of them! Cruz loves her more than anyone I think and she’s going to have to divide her attention between them both! Not to mention all the spoiling that she does! Man, she’s in trouble with another little guy coming. So are my sisters actually! Danielle and Tina are the greatest Aunties to Cruz and they are so excited to meet Rider. It was such a blessing to spend the day with them at my shower.

These are the girls that made it happen! They each have done so much for me and I am so blessed with great and amazing friends who know me well, who care about me and my family, and who have always supported me in my life. I love each of these girls deeply and I am so blessed by their true friendship. Rachel, Joy, Andrea and Alex- thank you so much for celebrating my little Rider-man with such style and excitement. I couldn’t have asked for a better shower for my second little man and I am overwhelmed STILL with how loved and honored I feel. Each of you mean so much to me, thanks for making it so special for me. No detail went unnoticed and I loved every minute of it! xoxo


13 Jul

I won’t post all the pictures we posted on our site here, but I did want to post a few. Jason and I photographed a wedding back in April and we completed all the edits this past week! We are very, very proud of the work that we did and I wanted to share it with you here!

I love photographing weddings. It’s hard work, that’s for sure. Especially while being pregnant! Ha! But I love that it’s such a big and important day for a couple. I love that everything is beautiful. I love that there is so much LOVE in the air. I love that a wedding usually always reflects the couples individual style. And what I love more is being able to spend time with our clients and get to know them through the process. It’s so gratifying to watch people you would consider friends as they say their vows to one another.

And they’ve asked us to capture it. Wow.

It’s so amazing to be able to pay very close attention to our work in post production. To be able to collaborate with Jason and to put something together that genuinely tells a story. I just love it, the whole process from beginning to end!

Julie and Luke’s wedding was an amazing event. It was such a fun wedding!! People danced, drank and celebrated. Here’s a few of the pictures that were my favorites from the day. To see all the pictures, please check out our Session Nine Photography site. I love being able to create memories for people. This is my job?? Are you kidding me?? Wow. What an honor.


18 Mar

Monday, March 15th was a day that changed my little sis’ life! My baby sister, Danielle, got engaged to her boyfriend of two years, Cameron! It’s been a long time coming for them. They’ve known each other for almost seven years and Cameron will tell you that he’s been hoping for her to be his wife for a long, long time. Aw!

So Cameron called me almost a month ago to tell me that he was going to ask Danielle to marry him, and it wasn’t a shock to me at all. To be honest, I was expecting the call any day! He had said that he and Danielle had looked at rings and that Danielle had seen one that she loved. She wasn’t expecting an engagement for at least another six months, but he was prepared to propose much, much sooner! I headed to the jewelry shop with him shortly after our convo to take pictures of him purchasing her beautiful ring!

Then the planning began. Cameron and I went back and forth about where the best place for him to propose would be. Cameron asked Jason and I to be there to take some pictures of the entire proposal, so we chatted almost daily about creative ideas. The thing that made it tricky, is that my sister knows Cameron SO well, that he was worried she would know he was up to something. It had to be a proposal that would completely catch her off guard because he wanted her to be completely surprised! To his surprise, a few days before Cameron was going to propose, Danielle suggested that they go to the zoo- on the very day that he was planning to propose!! Cameron decided it was perfect. It was “her idea” and she would suspect nothing. So he totally went with it. It was perfect.

Cameron and Danielle spent the day at the zoo and Jason and I arrived at the zoo right at 4:30. Cameron had to hide the fact that he was texting me to make sure we were in the same spot! Jason and I stationed ourselves right in front of the zebras, in the bushes and brush. I was convinced that a staff member at the zoo was going to wonder what we were up to! Especially since I was hiding behind an electrical box! Ha! I even looked around at one point and couldn’t see Jason anymore- he hid himself SO well! Finally, we saw them coming!! I was more nervous than ever, and Danielle had no idea what was about to happen!!

So they checked out the zebras for a few minutes. And I’m pretty sure I could hear Cameron’s heart beating out of his chest! And right at the moment where I could see Danielle getting impatient and getting ready to take control of the zoo map, Cameron grabbed all of her things out of her arms (purse and all!) and placed it on the bench. He got down on one knee, and gave her the biggest surprise of all!



I was hiding behind the bushes, crying, and taking video because my little baby sister just got engaged!! And after Danielle and Cameron were finished hugging, Cameron pointed over to where I was hiding with a camera and both Danielle and I lost it. Well, Danielle was already crying happy tears! But she was so happy to know I was there witnessing her amazing moment!

Yes, that’s me running to her once she saw me!

Next we all spent the evening celebrating! We had a family dinner celebration planned, but it wasn’t set to start until later in the evening. So Dani, Cam, Jason and I all headed down to Z’ Tejas on Mill Avenue to grab appetizers and to recap the proposal. Then we shopped at Urban Outfitters and roamed the streets, laughed and just had a blast.

Then we headed to Macayo’s for dessert to see the whole family! It was so fun to have everyone together to celebrate Dani and Cameron’s engagement! We all ate way too much food, laughed way too hard, and had so much fun.

The whole day was about Danielle and Cameron and it was very special! Weird that I’m going to have a brother-in-law. Weirder that I’ve known him longer than I’ve known Jason! Ha! But Cameron is just like my brother and I’m so stoked he’s going to be my family. He makes my sister so very happy and I can’t wait to see and be apart of their lives unfolding together. ¬†I’ll be posting pictures all through their engagement, I’m sure. So keep your eyes peeled for updates and such.

Congrats Dani and Cameron! I can’t believe the time has finally come for you guys to get married!! Remember not to stress too much during this time- it’s supposed to be fun and a way to celebrate the beginning of your lives together. Woo hoo!

And these are too funny NOT to post. Hahahaha