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26 Jan

I am a part of a book club with three other ladies, who I just love to pieces. We’ve been in this book club together for I think 4 years! And we’ve met every single month over good food and good conversation about whatever book we just finished. It’s so much fun and something I think I’ll be a part of a long, long time. I don’t get to see these three ladies that often, but we can always count of hanging out once a month for sure. And I love it.

After I had Cruz, I totally stopped reading for book club. My days were crammed full with being a brand new mom and being a brand new business owner. Finding time to read was really hard and something that was put on the back burner. I hated it because I love to read and I missed it. I still went to book club and always came saying, “Yep, I didn’t read… AGAIN.” The girls started not being surprised that I hadn’t read that months selection.

But I FINALLY am getting back into the swing of it. And I actually read our last book!!! We met up last night over pizzas, salads and wine and I was actually able to join the conversation about the book! I’m telling you all of this because I want to encourage you to read the book we just read, and to maybe start a book club of your own! It’s truly one of those things that I only do for me and it’s something that I do that doesn’t require being a mom or talking about being a mom. It’s just 4 women getting together as friends to discuss something other than that.

Which is refreshing.

Of course, we all have kids and it comes up- obviously- but it’s a nice break for all of us to catch up, relax and laugh together as girls and as friends.

I’ll always be friends with these three. They are fabulous ladies.

The book we just finished is called ‘True Colors’ by Kristin Hannah. I know you’re probably wondering when you’re going to be able to find time to read, but if you enjoy reading make time for it. It refuels me in a lot of ways and knowing that three other people are reading the book with me is really a lot of fun!

Check it out. It’s a good read!

saturday favorite #11

15 Aug

Today I saw The Time Travelers Wife in the theatre. It was a real treat because I went with three of my best friends and I rarely see movies these days, so it was a much needed and rewarding break!

I’ve been in a book club with these three ladies (Sam, Juls & Suz) for three years. We have read a ton of books together and we are still going strong! It’s one of the things I do in my life that is purely for me. 

We all need things like that.

We read The Time Travelers Wife together about a year ago, and when we heard it was being created into a movie (starring Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana!) we knew we had to see it together!

So without giving you a full movie review, I am going to just encourage you to GO SEE IT. The book was good- the movie was amazing. I just love the concept of this story and Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana bring it to life wonderfully.

It was the perfect movie to see with three of my best friends.

So I guess that makes three ‘Saturday Favorites’ for today: best friends, book club and The Time Travelers Wife.

Time Travelers Wife