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27 Jan

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, about how truly grateful I am to have Jason as my husband and partner in this life. He’s a fabulous dad to our children, he works harder than most people I know, and he seriously has the biggest heart ever. He always sees the best in people, even if it’s hard to actually see the good. He’s loyal to a fault and he treasures his friends. Above all, he supports me in EVERYTHING I do. He never makes me feel like my place is only in the home. And even though he gets up and works every day, he helps me with the boys no matter how little sleep he gets. He doesn’t expect dinner to be on the table every night. He helps with all things around the house. He loves the Lord and he lives it out in the way takes care of me. No matter what crazy idea I have, he supports it. He values that I don’t want to be just a mom and that I love to work. He was behind me in my passion for photography and backed me and us up 100%. He’s working hard to help us get out of debt. He gives me breaks and watches both boys whenever I need or want him to, if he’s available and spends so much of his time with us.

I just feel truly blessed by him.

I’m not trying to paint the wrong picture here. We totally argue and fight sometimes. We butt heads on things. Things aren’t perfect. But I don’t want them to be. At the end of the day, I know I have his full support in my life and with our kids and that’s all I can really ever ask for. I truly feel like we are equals in this life. Never has he said, ‘Well, I go to work and you stay home so the kids aren’t my responsibility.’. In fact, he’s done the opposite. When I prayed for my future husband as a little girl I had no idea to the extent at which God was going to bless me. And like I said, things aren’t perfect. We fight, we argue sometimes. We’ve been to counseling before. But no matter how hard it gets, I know that this man that I married is my equal and that he loves me and our kiddos more than anything, and that he will go to great lengths to show me that and to support me in my life too.

I love sharing the roles with him. I love doing this life with him. Even through the hard times, there’s nothing I would trade.


saturday favorite #11

15 Aug

Today I saw The Time Travelers Wife in the theatre. It was a real treat because I went with three of my best friends and I rarely see movies these days, so it was a much needed and rewarding break!

I’ve been in a book club with these three ladies (Sam, Juls & Suz) for three years. We have read a ton of books together and we are still going strong! It’s one of the things I do in my life that is purely for me. 

We all need things like that.

We read The Time Travelers Wife together about a year ago, and when we heard it was being created into a movie (starring Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana!) we knew we had to see it together!

So without giving you a full movie review, I am going to just encourage you to GO SEE IT. The book was good- the movie was amazing. I just love the concept of this story and Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana bring it to life wonderfully.

It was the perfect movie to see with three of my best friends.

So I guess that makes three ‘Saturday Favorites’ for today: best friends, book club and The Time Travelers Wife.

Time Travelers Wife

the ronnings

29 Jul

I think I have known Rachel for… 6 years? Has it really been that long??

The first time I hung out with Rachel, I was making mini cupcakes for Jason for his birthday. I was surprising him by bringing a bunch of them to our college group that night. He had no idea I was making & bringing them. Rachel had come over to talk about a Bible study that we were starting and she happened to come just as I was frosting the mini’s and getting ready to bring them to our Thursday night group.

It became very apparent to her rather quickly that I had no idea how to transport the 50+ mini cupcakes I had made and that I had not thought this through. Ha!

It resulted in me dropping A LOT of the cupcakes in the parking lot of Cornerstone and us laughing so hard that we kept dropping more.

Funny to us, maybe not to you.

BUT needless to say, a friendship begun that night and had lasted up until now! Rachel is one of those friends that I will have for the rest of my life. Now we both have kids (Isabella is adorable!) and we are both stay-at-home mommies who try to get together as much as we can. I truly love her. I truly love her family.

Jason and I were honored with the privilege of taking their family pictures the other weekend. They were very easy to photograph because they are all beautiful people. I am so blessed by them. Rachel is always an encouragement to me when I need it most. And she always lets me know when I’m messing up, right when it happens- which is a quality I truly admire.

She’s a friend I will have forever. This I am confident of. Take a look at these pictures. There are more posted on our Flickr and on our Session Nine Photography facebook page.

*Our blog & website are still coming soon! Trust me- I’ll let you know when it’s up and running.

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