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dear cruz,

3 Jun

It took almost 8 months, but you finally decided that your brother isn’t actually that bad. Your first bath together was one of my happiest and greatest moments to date as a mamma. Nothing thrilled me more than to watch you two playing together and making each other laugh. I think you sat there for an entire five minutes mimicking Rider’s squeals and babbles and it made him laugh endlessly. Which then made you laugh endlessly. Which made me cry watching you two.

I knew there HAD to be a day that you would come around and enjoy having Rider here. You just weren’t totally into it right from the beginning. And while I did spend sometime stressing out and praying about it, I actually wouldn’t have it any other way! The moment that you wanted to get into the bath and play with Rider for the first time was THE BEST moment. And I’d do the past eight months over again in the same exact way to have my heart as full as it was in that moment.

Totally worth it.

I think I will cherish whatever relationship you have with your brother MORE, simply because it hasn’t been the easiest road ever since we introduced him to you. But I know that you love him. Now that he interacts a little bit more and can already laugh at your jokes, I see a beginning of a very special friendship happening. And it fills my heart and makes me do nothing but want to cry.

I know all too well how special it is to be close to your siblings. To have them as your best friends and to love being with them. I have wanted nothing less for the two of you. And while I realize that I can’t FORCE it to happen in MY time, I have been praying that you two would be close someday.

It just hasn’t happened in my timing. As most things don’t.

I am beyond happy for bath time these days. It’s about fifteen minutes a day where I can count on the fact that you two will play well together. That you will make each other laugh and enjoy being brothers in the water together.

I deeply hope and pray that this is a glimpse into the future for you both. That you will grow up the best of buds and that your adult years will be full of love, friendship and being there for one another. As best friends and family do. I can only hope and pray that you will find friendship in one another as I have in my sisters. Yes, you’ll fight and want to kill each other sometimes. But you’ll be the first to stand up for one another when they need it. Or you’ll be there when hearts get broken, as much as that thought pains me. I pray for a special friendship and bond between the two of you. One that you both will one day realize is so special and that you’ll take care of.

These are the moments that make all the hard stuff SO worth it. All the frustration, sleepless nights, tears- GONE in this instant. And it makes me realize that while this job is HARD (being mom), I’d do all of it all over again to be able to sit and savor moments like these. I’ll never forget this moment, Cruz. When you asked to get into the bath with brother and when you decided that he’s actually not THAT bad after all.

I can only hope and pray for a thousand more moments just like this.

I love you Cruz. You are a special little boy. I pray that you and Rider will have a friendship that will grow over the years in whatever capacity it should grow. I know that you will become the best big brother that there is. And I’m so proud of this sweet moment that you wanted to get in and play with him.

It’s enough to fill my heart for a LONG time.

I love you always,





1 Feb

For some reason, whenever we first put Rider into a bath he slips his little hands up behind his head. I’m not sure if the warm water is comfortable or soothing or if he just doesn’t know where to put his arms, but Jay and I laugh every time because it’s so stinkin cute! What a crack up! He always just looks like he’s loungin- just hanging out in the tub!

What a funny guy…

spider in the drain

15 Jun

IMG_2832I went to give Cruz a bath this morning. Morning baths are the best because there is a window in his bathroom so the natural light just streams in.

It’s just relaxing.

I always put Cruz in the hallway, where I can see him, and then head over to start the water. He always plays with toys that are there or just stares at Audio.

So I put him down and headed over to the tub to start the water. I leaned down to grab the faucet and right before I turned it to the left, I saw slight movement. It was, I noticed, 4 spiders legs that tucked themselves back into the drain of the tub.

‘Oh my dear sweet lord’, is exactly what I thought. I hate any kind of insect, but spiders are the worst. I thought if I started the water quickly, it would just drown the spider and I could move on with my day. Poor little Cruz is playing in the hallway behind me completely unaware that there is a monster in his bathtub and mommy is going to kill it.

So, I turned the water on and out jumped (and I mean JUMPED) the biggest wolf spider I have ever seen! It moved so fast and landed on one of Cruz’s bath blocks that was awaiting him in the tub.

I started screaming, simply because I wasn’t expecting it and partly because there aren’t a lot of things that are worse than spiders in my book. Cruz was sitting in the hallway waiting for me to run his bath water. When I started screaming, it scared him so he started crying. And hard.

I turned around to see his little lip pouting, crying, face red, and Audio licking his ear. (haha, see? They are buddies…) I picked him up, apologizing the whole time and trying to explain to him why the big nasty spider scared me so badly. Like Cruz is an adult and can understand me or something.

I look back in the bathtub to that stupid spider that was in the drain and it’s still sitting on that bath block. The bath water is still running.

I have to drown it. I think to myself- or maybe I said it out loud? Either way, Cruz is still on my hip and I have to proceed in drowning  the big harry spider that I am convinced could probably have eaten my child.

It went back down the drain. I turned the water off, closed the drain (just in case I didn’t kill it), gathered Cruz’s toys and said to him, “You’re going to take a bath in mommy’s big tub today!”

We relocated down the hall to my bathroom where I successfully gave him a bath with no spiders in the drain… At least they didn’t come flying out if they were in there.

I am writing about this because it happened to me and I don’t think I have fully recovered.

we’ve retired the tub

5 Jun

IMG_2837Well, we haven’t retired the bathtub in general. But my baby has now moved on to the big tub! It’s pretty cute, even though he looks way to small to be sitting in a big bath tub for bath time.

It’s yet another reminder of how fast this is going.

It’s a lot of fun to watch him try new things for the first time. When I plopped him into the water, he just looked around in astonishment and didn’t know what to do.

I kind of thought he might cry at first, but then his face lit up and he just loved it.

It’s great because when we travel now, we won’t need to bring that portable bath tub, which yes, we brought with us. It made hotel stays easier, but car space harder. Now we won’t have to worry about it.

IMG_2835He’s also starting to scoot around the floor a little bit and he can play a little bit more independently. It’s fun to watch him from the other room as he plays and “talks” to his toys.

7 months is really a fun age and I’m really enjoying it.

I feel like we’ve really settled into a “groove” somewhat and I’m really enjoying being mommy. Those first few months are really, really hard- at least they were for me. I loved being home with him and I really tried to cherish those beginning months.

They are gone and I will never get them back.

But they were also really hard for me. There was so much life change that happened and so many unanswered questions that I had for God. I spent a lot of time being really stressed over his feeding schedule, finances, and to be honest- even just keeping the house clean!

But I really feel like we’ve entered into a great stage and so far it’s been my favorite. He can’t talk back to me, but he’s starting to understand some things.

IMG_2841I know I always say it, but when I plunked him into the big boy tub, I was happy and sad at the same time. Happy that he’s starting to do and adventure onto new things- even as small as a bigger bath tub. But sad because it really is going so fast. Before I know it, he will be one, two, five, fifteen- and I will be wondering where the time went.

What I don’t want to wonder is if I truly enjoyed it. Enjoyed him as much as I could have. So no matter how hard the stage or even day, I try to remember that this will be over before I know it. I will be packing his car when he’s 18 and heading off to college, hoping that we did everything we could to equip him to be a successful Godly man and wondering “where did the time go?”.

He might be moving into a different bathtub today. But someday he’ll be moving into a new apartment. And I don’t want to think back to this day- this bigger bathtub day and remember how I didn’t enjoy it. I’m soaking in every minute. For the minutes go quickly.

And eventually I’ll be praying for just one more minute with him.