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havin’ a day

20 Sep

I almost just wrote up an entire post about the difficult day I’m having and about how I don’t want to be a mom for FIVE MINUTES. Just FIVE. Then, I stopped myself and decided that I would post something encouraging instead. It’ll be good for my heart and maybe it’ll bless yours as well.

Because the truth is, I’m only feeling this way because I’m totally exhausted. My kids are on a ‘I’m not gonna sleep in, nap OR go to bed’ hiatus and I’m not really sure what to make of it. Top it all off with all the normal anxieties that a woman’s heart endures and goes through on a daily basis (thanks Facebook) and I just need a DRINK.

So I almost ranted and raved via this blog about all the frustrating things on my heart right now, but alas, I’m going to stop myself.

And I’m going to BREATHE.

And then when I put the boys to bed tonight I am NOT going to work. And I’m going to try not to stress out about it.

SO. Onto a fun and encouraging thing.

I think I REALLY want to paint THIS on one of my walls in my apartment! How cool is this??:

I found this on Pinterest but you can find the full tutorial on Martha Stewart’s website! It’s a chalkboard wall and calendar. Yes. I’m a fan. And I really need something creative, artistic and crafty to do. To fulfill my need and desire to be crafty, although I am NOT. But I THINK I can handle this. So it inspired me that although things might seem a little boring, mundane, frustrating, and exhausting, there’s always a way to create new things in your life that will reignite the creativity spark.

Doing something about it is better than letting the frustration take over and kill all creative energy and inspiration.

So I’m finding something fun to do, and I’m going to GO FOR IT.


original paintings for rider

6 Sep

I have been searching and trying to find a couple of pieces of art that I could put in Rider’s room- something very, very simple and basic. Something that looks ‘kiddie’, but that isn’t too babyish. I really wanted animals and I wanted them to look abstract and be weird colors.

I could not find it anywhere.

Then I found a few canvases that I had bought when Cruz was born- you know, when I was about to be a stay at home mom and thought I was going to become a crafty person. And then I didn’t because I’m not crafty at all so the canvases have literally sat inside my closet for almost two years. Tragedy, I know. But I didn’t know what to do with them. But then I found them and thought, Ooooo! I can use these to paint something for Rider’s room! And then I immediately thought, I cannot paint or draw much of anything and I’m not crafty at all and why am I trying to be something I’m just not??

Then I quickly remembered that my youngest sister is a brilliant artist and has SO much talent oozing out of her body artistically, it’s not even funny. She aspires to be an animator for Pixar someday, and I truly think that she’s well on her way! The pieces of art that she creates are incredible and she is seriously so super talented, it’s pretty crazy. SO I thought I would ask her to make an original painting for Rider’s room! And she pretty much crawled into my brain and painted exactly what I wanted to be painted. Actually, it turned out way better than I had originally thought!

She painted two paintings that hang about his crib- both are of abstract animals, brightly colored and weird looking. I LOVE these two paintings and they turned out perfectly. She actually said at once point that this project was a challenge for her because I wanted it very, VERY simple. Seriously, check out her work because all of it is extremely detailed and she can draw anything. If you’re interested in seeing more of her work, check her out here. If you’re interested in hiring her to create your own wonderful masterpieces, shoot me a message and I can hook you up with her!

I love these paintings! They look so super cute hanging in Rider’s room. I love that no one else has these paintings. I love that his Auntie painted them for him. I love that she can share her gift with people and has the ability to create exactly what it was that I was thinking and wanting. She’s so talented, and I love these paintings. Here’s a sample of one. Next time you’re at my house, you’ve really got to see them on the wall. They are so adorable. And I’m so proud of her!

Check out her work. She is an amazing artist and can be commissioned to paint and draw many different things!

Thank you so much Tina! I will treasure these paintings for many, many years! They are too cute!!

God trains the called

19 Apr

A few days ago I was catching up on Sarah Rhoads blog. She is a photographer in Seattle and she is fantastic. Her and her husband work together and they are an incredible team, turning out amazing work constantly. They are truly inspirational and I love checking out her work and reading her thoughts.

I came across a post that she titled, “The Calling” and found it truly inspirational. Do you ever feel like you’re in a slump, like you’re not good enough at your art and that maybe you should give up? I was totally having one of those doubting days and I came across it. To read the entire blog post, check it out here. In her writings, she talked about several questions that she gets from aspiring photographers all the time:

“Should I go to school for photography?” “Where should I go to school?” “Do you think having a formal photography education is essential for success?”

These were interesting questions and they provoked a lot of thought in me when I read them. Reading on, I discovered that although I doubt myself, not having a degree in photography myself, I completely agree with her thoughts. Sarah’s immediate answer to these questions?

“In my opinion, this is the wrong question to ask. What we should be asking is if creating is our passion and purpose in life…. our calling. If your answer is yes to that question then anything is possible for you and I don’t believe you need an advanced level of fine art education to make it happen.”

She goes on to say some other pretty profound words that God really used to speak to my heart as I read through her blog. Here’s a small insert from that post. I want to post the entire thing right here on my blog, but I really encourage you to read the rest of it on her blog. Then check out her work. It’s phenomenal.

” “God trains the called he doesn’t necessarily call the trained.” Whether you are a spiritual person or not, there is a great deal of truth in this sentiment. A calling can also be considered a “purpose” a “passion” or a “deep desire or longing.” You see, in my opinion, the most successful photographers are not necessarily those who completed years or schooling or studied under the most prestigious educators; although I’m sure this is helpful, their art degrees are not the keys to their success. I believe the key to their success is that they have a calling, people who felt like if they did anything other than create imagery they would be doing themselves and the world a great dis-service. When you have THAT kind of passion behind you – sacrifice becomes bearable and hard work like eating an ice cream cone. Someone who has that kind of purpose will always forge their own path…. they will ALWAYS make a way even when it seems there is not one…. they will take initiative to learn, grow and stretch themselves because they have the conviction of knowing it is what they were put on this planet to do.” – Sarah Rhoads

The line that struck me the most is, “God trains the called, he doesn’t necessarily call the trained.” Wow. That is so true, and can apply to any walk of life. How often do I forget that God is so much bigger than my education? He’s bigger than what society says is right and wrong? And that he used so many men and women in the Bible that weren’t educated or trained or even prepared? It was a humbling line to me, that  reminded me that He will take care of me, prepare me, train me and is with me as I walk this journey of my life. As Jason and I have begun this journey as photographers as Session Nine, it’s so easy to compare yourself to others and to feel like you aren’t good enough. It’s so easy to get caught up in things that can be a distraction from your true calling in life. It’s the same way in any line of art or work, for that matter.

She goes onto say a lot more great stuff- including that she is NOT knocking having an education. Of course it’s important. But I found her words super inspiring to me during a day when I really needed it. We all doubt our path in life at times, but if it truly is your purpose, your passion, your calling- you WILL make a way even when it seems that there is not one. Even when you’re doubted by others. Even if you’re lonely. Even if no one agrees or all others abandon you. Mostly, especially when you’re doubting yourself.

Please check out and read the remainder of her post. It really encouraged me, in so many ways. No matter your profession or walk of life, I think it can apply in one way or another. So I hope it encourages you too!