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simply adorable

24 Feb

Ok, how cute is THIS? This Fortune Cooke Coin Purse is absolutely adorable. And it comes with a printed fortune inside! SO FUN. I love fun things like this that do nothing but make you smile.

Definitely on my favorite things list. Not that I have a list, really. But if I did, this would be on it.

* I found this lovely item and photograph HERE.

pretty things

4 Aug

I haven’t always loved jewelry. I used to only wear studs in my ears and that’s it. 

But my taste has evolved. Now I love to wear jewelry. I wear it as much as I can- which is difficult with a 9 month old who likes to grab everything. I usually end up taking it off as soon as we get out of the car for fear of him ripping my dangly earrings out of my ears. 

While we were in Payson visiting Grandma this past weekend, I ended up looking at all her jewelry with her. She has so much fun jewelry, I couldn’t even contain myself! She has so many rings, necklaces, hats. She loves pretty things. We had fun looking at all her jewelry together. 

At the end of the ‘treasure hunt’, she told me I could pick out a few rings to keep. I was overjoyed and it totally made my whole day. I actually told Jason that for the rest of the day- that it made my whole day. 

Below is a picture of the three rings that I picked out. I think they are fun and beautiful. I love wearing big, flashy, unique pieces. I don’t buy them all the time because it takes me a while to find certain things that I love to wear. I don’t usually wear something like this, unless I love it. 

I can guarantee that I will wear these three rings for years to come. I think they are so fun and they were given to me by a very special lady. One who likes pretty things just like me. 

IMG_0809Grandma & Cruz