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28 Mar

Friends. I am so sorry I have been gone. We have found the perfect house for us and we are moving TOMORROW. I’m excited to get settled and have several fun posts coming up. But during this past week or so, I have packed an entire house, started moving, shot three weddings and have tried to keep up on the business side of our business. Which is a nice way of saying I have checked over THREE HUNDRED emails. Holy moly it just keeps getting busier!!

So I will be back. And very, very soon. I feel like I am going to be coming back as a better ‘me’. I can already feel my morale lifting as we are moving to a home that has a HUGE office space for us. I’m ready to be more productive in ALL areas of my life.

So wish me luck and say a prayer that moving goes great. We are almost out of a 1,300 sq ft apartment and into a 1,900 sq ft HOME with a backyard. I can’t even wait!!