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7 Apr

We were asked very last minute to do a photo shoot today for good friends of ours. They have just found out that their sweet little son has Leukemia, and they would like photos of him and with him before he looses his hair. Of course we agreed to spend the afternoon with them, to love on them, and to capture them.


Why does cancer even need to exist? My heart burdens for the children that have to go through this. I can’t even imagine what it must be like as a parent to have to walk that road. To have to ask God the hard questions. And to wonder why YOUR child has to endure such a disease. We are always honored when people ask us to step into their lives in such a way, to touch them with our art and to bring to life emotions that they themselves aren’t aware that they are expressing.

But my heart is heavy.

Jesus, I pray that these images we take today would be so deeply special to this family. And that they would have some relief from the pain, fear and burden while they are with us. That they will laugh together and for a time, forget that cancer even exists. I of course pray for ultimate healing. But mostly for your will in their lives and that of all the people this family touches. Strength. I pray for strength. And peace. And healing in his little body. How frightened his mother must be. But I know that she trusts in you, in only ways you can give her strength to do. Give us a remarkable photo shoot for this family. And surround them with your peace in their lives amidst the scary road ahead. Amen.

* Image found on Pinterest.


6 Apr

We did it. We have successfully moved in and MOST of the unpacking is done! I hate being away from blogging, well, ever. I always take a couple breaks throughout the year so I can refocus my thoughts or just get reorganized. This instance it was to focus on getting us moved and into our new space. We happened to move during a week when we shot THREE weddings. So yes, we are crazy. CRAZY. But it was such a great week, honestly. It actually wasn’t stressful at all! But it WAS exhausting. EXHAUSTING. So I’m glad that we’ve had some time to recover and to get our office reset up. We’ve still been working non-stop, but having the space in our home is exactly what we needed. I was about to go crazy in our little apartment with ZERO office space. So to have an entire room dedicated to our work is seriously refreshing.

I have so many fun posts coming up. I finally feel like I can get back to blogging like I want to blog. This blog has always been my creative outlet in a lot of ways. I love to write and to share my crazy thoughts and ramblings. I love sharing my stories of my family, my life, and my experiences. When I go too long without writing here, it starts to feel really crappy. HA. So I’m happy to have gotten us settled again AND to have had a huge burst of creative energy. There’s still mountains of work to be done, but I’m so grateful that God has allowed us to have a bigger home to spread out in. One that inspires us creatively and that keeps us in Scottsdale too. I can’t imagine living in any other city than Scottsdale. If we’re going to be in Arizona, Lord willing, then I think we are in Scottsdale to stay. We are seriously loving it.

I know I’m kind of rambling I think. But it’s late, I’m tired and have a million and one things to blog about. Since I can’t fit them all in one post, I’ll leave you with an image from Instagram of our new home. We’ve been blessed with a perfectly sized home for us. We are so grateful and can’t wait to focus in and work harder than we have been already.

More posts and thoughts to come. Here’s to getting back on track.


8 Mar

I wish I could say that we are buying a house. BUT. We are not. If you would have asked me just a mere two weeks ago, I would have answered differently.

We have PLANS to buy a house and hopefully in Scottsdale. We LOVE it here. It’s just exactly where we want to be. But I think we are going to wait another year before we buy so we can save some more money. THAT said, we ARE most likely going to be moving soon into a rental home. We don’t have one lined up or anything yet. But it is a huge priority. With two kids, we are just really realizing how much we need a little more space. That, and I’m DYING to have an office. You guys. I work almost 60 hours a week in my BEDROOM. There’s been nothing wrong with this scenario until lately. It’s worked fine. But our business is STILL growing and Jason and I just really feel like we need a space of our own to work in. A place where we can be creative in. Not a place where the laundry piles up behind me.

I’ll be honest. Working in my room has been a little paralyzing. But it’s been a better option for our family that having our computers out in the living area. SO. We are house hunting! And so of course that means I’m Pinterest hunting as well! But I stumbled upon this BEAUTIFUL office that I just have to have. Jason and I have already begun dreaming about how we can go about decorating it so it feels like a boy works there AND like a girl works there. HA. It’s actually been fun. I sort of envision my half of the office looking something like this:

Be still my heart. I love it. I’m SO desiring a creative space to be…well, creative. HA. And I’m also excited to have my sleeping space back without my computer in the same room. It’s just a little cramped and we need to spread out. Here’s to hoping and praying we find a GREAT house!

* Image found on Pinterest.

harder, but worth it

6 Mar

I still feel like I’m recovering from Vegas. NO, not like THAT. I just mean, getting back into the routine of things and catching back up! BUT I’m still thinking about that week and how crazy and amazing it was all at the same time. It went by too fast if you ask me. We love traveling with the boys whenever we can. It always makes things a little bit harder. Kids are hard. And they are LOTS of work. But when I became a mom, I knew that I wasn’t going to sacrifice certain things that I loved JUST because it was harder with kids. Your life and business doesn’t have to stop once they enter your world.

But you do have to work harder.

In my experience though, it is always worth it. The sweat, the tears, the late nights, the planning, the preparation- the SACRIFICE. It’s all always worth it to make sure that you are bringing your kids along to experience something that you love to do so much. Traveling is that way for us. It’s a huge passion of ours and so whenever we can go experience something new, we bring them along! And it always takes more preparation. And there ARE certain things we might have to miss out on. But bringing our family with us while we work is something I hope we ALWAYS do.

We took Cruz and Rider onto the strip at night to see all the lights and the Bellagio fountains. Yes, we were THOSE people with a stroller on the strip. But they LOVED it. It was completely worth the efforts to take them to see the lights and the fountains and all the different fountains in Las Vegas. It was an experience that they might not have had otherwise.

And Cruz keeps talking about ‘BOSS BEGAS’ in his cute high pitched voice that just makes you want to die it’s so cute.

He LOVED every minute. I know that traveling with the kids is hard. I know that it would be easier for Jay and I to just have my mom stay home with the boys while we catch a flight there and back in the same weekend. I know we’d save a lot of money if we didn’t bring them. But it’s not about that for us. It’s about being together as a family, bringing them along with our lives, and giving them the opportunity to experience new things.

Sacrifice it might be for me. But although this job as a mamma is the hardest work I’ve ever done, I’d work even harder and sacrifice even more to give them the entire world if I could. Having them come along for the ride has been the greatest thrill of this thing called motherhood. And discovering that we actually DON’T have to sacrifice our own lives to have a family. 

It was a great week. I can’t wait until we travel again. It looks like this summer we are going to Dallas, North Carolina AND maybe NEW YORK CITY. NYC has been a life long dream of mine. So we’ll see what happens!

valentines day

14 Feb

We had such a great, simple, relaxing day. Well, until Cruz came down with a fever. I’m not quite sure what’s up with that. But I got really pretty flowers from Jay and we ordered PF Chang’s and just ate in our living room together. It was exactly how I wanted to spend today.

Want to hear something funny? We got Cruz an Angry Birds stuffed animal for Valentine’s Day. He is OBSESSED with Angry Birds. Funny thing? He has NO IDEA what it is. He calls them ‘Red Fishy Birds’ and just loves them. But he doesn’t know how to play the game, nor does he understand what it’s all about. But I think he almost passed out when he opened this today, he was SO excited.

Only our kid.




29 Jan

We started off the first week of the new year a little slow. After the initial ‘high’ from the holidays wore off, we were left looking into 2012 actually wondering what it held in store for us. Creatively, that thought left us in a slump for about four days. And in those days, we set some HUGE goals. Goals that actually still kind of frighten me a little bit. In the best way possible, of course. But we just looked at each other and said, ‘Welp. Here goes nothing!’. And then we wrote them down as if they’ve already happened.

I think there’s something amazing that happens when you actually believe you can do it too. When you set goals and you REALLY set your MIND to it.

And can I tell you something? 2012 is going to be CRAZY, as far as our goals are concerned. We aren’t even out of January yet and some of them are already beginning to take shape. And the possibility of some of these things actually ARE tangible. WHOA.

You guys. Lets work hard this year make it awesome. Because you can’t just make goals and hope that they come to you. You have to work very, very, VERY hard. And it is just possible for your passion to become your purpose. And for your goals to become items that you CAN cross off your bucket list. And it IS possible to make your own dreams come true. It takes a lot of work. A lot of prayer. A lot of patience. And flexibility.

But the sleepless nights, creative slumps, and meltdowns are ALL worth it in the end. I’m really motivated to make these goals come to reality in my life. So no matter where 2012 ACTUALLY takes us, I’m still going to reach for those stars.

And as it happens, I’ll let you know what goals we’re reaching once we reach them. So stay tuned for that.


stir crazy

19 Oct

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you might have seen me post about how I’m going crazy being at home for so long that I started painting all the furniture.

This would be a true statement. I, right now, have big plans painting walls, tables, shelves and anything else I can get my hands onto. I just go sick of looking at my furniture and I got really tired of BROWN. So I started painting! I’m in the process of changing everything over that I can- on a budget! So Goodwill and Savers are about to seriously become my best friends as I search out some new pieces to add to my home so I can get rid of other ones. But the ones I want to keep are getting a paint job.

I found some old box shelves in my closet that I totally forgot I had. So I brought them out and gave them a facelift! They were white before, but now they are GRAY. Sounds as boring as brown?? Not to me! I’m adding in some really bold colors to compliment the grays and charcols that I’m adding into the house. I started doing this:

And it turned into this!

See the orange frames that my hubby built together? They are getting a facelift and full paint job as well! I can’t wait to start working on it!!

Cruz painted this little frog from THIS POST a couple of weeks ago. I’ve hung onto it because I thought it was so cute. Now it’s become a part of our home decor. One of those things that I’ll keep forever I think! Usually I don’t keep every piece of artwork, but I really liked the added touch that this quirky little frog gave to the shelves. Even better that it’s an original art piece by my Cruzer.

And for the update on Cruz. He SEEMS to be feeling better. No fever over 100.9 for 48 hours now. I’ve read that ear infections can last a LONG time. So I’m waiting until he’s done with his antibiotics to take him back to the doctor, UNLESS he takes a turn for the worst.


We’ve been getting out of the house for short activities and he’s just a GRUMP-A-GUS. Seriously, not happy. He’s sleeping a lot and taking long naps and still not eating much. But I can tell that getting out in little spurts is good for his morale. Who REALLY just wants to lay on the couch for two weeks watching Bugs Life and Cars over and over and over. He’s three, people. He wants to be throwing rocks and jumping through the sprinklers outside.

So we’re doing the best he can. I’m trying to discipline with some GRACE, but still, whether you’re feeling good or not there are still rules that apply.

So navigating that has been exhausting.

I’m hoping we’re almost through it and that there’s not something else that is going on with him. He hasn’t complained of much else. Just super grumpy, tired, and a slight fever just about once a day now.

*Sigh* I’m tired.

Back to painting my furniture.