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thought struggles

1 Mar

At the high school group that we lead at tonight, one of the students recited this verse:

‘And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.’ Romans 12:2

What a powerful verse to mediate on, right? And for someone like me, who struggles with their thought life, fears, anxiety and patience, this is exactly what I needed to hear tonight. I need to renew my mind. Renew my way of thinking. Taking ever thought captive and to be transformed through it. Easier said than done, but it’s truth nonetheless. I am exhausted. And when I’m exhausted, my mind runs rampant. But this verse brings me peace.

I pray that you aren’t struggling tonight as well. And that God may transform your mind to the things of Him. So that He may be glorified in your life and in what He’s calling you to do.

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23 Feb

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7 Feb

I’m not even sure where to start.

I am just really struggling with a few things in my life recently. And to be honest, when it all boils down to it, it ALL has to do with what Gods trying to teach me right now. I thought I was having an identity crisis. But as it turns out, I’m just being really selfish. Then I started feeling anxious and unhappy in being a mom. And as that turns out, I’m just being really selfish there, too.

Cruz has hit an entirely new level of difficult these days. And I’ve learned A LOT about what God’s love looks like, even though I know THAT’S not fully possible to comprehend.  I feel like I’m learning what it means to love someone even when they’re disobedient and telling you that they don’t like you. I’m learning what it means to be selfless. Because there is no room for selfishness when being a mom. And to be honest, there have been quite a few times within these last thirty days that I have wanted to be anything BUT a mom.

Maybe you’ve never felt that way before. But I bet you have, even if you aren’t willing to admit it.

It’s the hardest thing I have ever done. And I constantly wonder if I am just going to screw this up. Don’t we all wonder that? Being a mom is a constant job. It is constant. And the selfish side of me, isn’t always happy about it. Lately, I’ve just wished for my desk job back and the mornings when I put my high heels on, left with a granola bar and a coffee and drove thirty miles to my corporate job. Do I REALLY want that? Would i REALLY trade my life in for all that again? For all the free time? For sleeping in?

Of course not.

I love my family. And I love my boys. And I would do ALL of the difficult days over one hundred times if it meant that I got to have THEM. I have just spent a lot of time being really, really selfish. And trying to keep balance in my life. Really, what I’m discovering, is that while I have a LOT of discipline in my life, I don’t have much discipline when it comes to ME these days. Which is weird because I just finished telling you how selfish I’VE been. But my heart HAS been really selfish. And I’ve been discontent in my day to day routine. I HAVE been wishing for nap times and bed times to come a little faster each day. I’ve just  hit a wall where I’ve done a lot of taking care of other people (kids, husband, family, clients), and very little of myself. I am usually good at taking care of myself first, but this pat month I have let it slip. And out of exhaustion and frustration, I have created discontent in my heart. And because of that, I am missing some valuable moments with my kids. I’m realizing that I shouldn’t be living in a world where I wish for naps and bedtime to come faster. That is not me.

So I’m getting back on track. I’m trying to set aside time for myself within my week where I can just be ALONE for a couple of hours. And where I can recharge, collect my thoughts, and come up with a better plan for each week. A few things need to adjust in my world a little bit, but mostly, my attitude needs adjusting. I love taking care of my boys and my family. And I love being a mom. I love that I work and have something to do separate from them as well, as I think that that area of my life USUALLY makes me a better mom. But I’ve let my own selfishness get in the way a little bit. Because honestly, I wouldn’t trade being a mom to those two boys for anything. Even though the toddler stage has been really, really, hard. And I’m just exhausted.

So the bottom line is this. I have wrestled with being a mom this month. But in the end, I think God is stretching me and teaching me things about myself THROUGH my kids in ways that He can only do when things are hard. I’ve had to cry and pray and lean on Him a lot in this short season. And I am learning that being the mother to Cruz and Rider IS my calling. I know it’s my calling because if God hadn’t called me to be a mom, he wouldn’t have given me those boys. It is my responsibility to respond to His calling in my life. And right now, although I’m working and running my own business, my calling is to be their mother. And to do GOOD by them and bring them up to love Jesus with all their hearts. To love them like God loves me, even when I am completely unlovable.  Showing them how much I love them even when they don’t seem to deserve it. God’s love is never failing. It’s never ending. My love for the boys needs to be shown in the same ways. And loving them and EMBRACING being their mamma- even when it’s really hard and sucks- is my highest calling. There might not be a greater calling than this. And I SHOULD be spending my time grateful that God has so blessed me with a calling so high as this.

I hope and pray that this has encouraged you. Just because it’s hard and you don’t always love EVERY SECOND of being a mom, doesn’t mean you are a bad mom. It just means that you are a human. It just means that you are a woman. And it probably means you need to have a little time to yourself to recharge your batteries. I don’t love EVERY second of being a mom. But I do know that I wouldn’t REALLY trade it for anything. It’s not all perfect. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows like everyone’s Facebook status’s seem to be. It’s just not. Life is messy. Human emotions run deep. And being a mom IS hard. You aren’t going crazy. It’s supposed to be hard. In my opinion, it’s the most important job that we could ever do. It’s not supposed to be easy. But it WILL be worth it. And somedays, in-between the tantrums and the blowouts, there are many little moments that make it worth it now.

So cling to that. And to Jesus. Because He knows how hard this is. And He’s designed you and me to do this very job, with these very kids. It wasn’t an accident. He doesn’t make mistakes. And it IS going to be hard. Because ALL things that are worth it, usually are.

But it IS worth it.

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don’t worry

6 Feb

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needy & poor

9 Jan

I’m jumping right on in today on the next verse in my Proverbs 31 series. The next verse is:

‘She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy.’ Proverbs 31:20

It probably seems like an obvious verse. Obviously, we all need to be helping the poor and the needy. Don’t most people have a heart for those who are less fortunate? For those who don’t have anything? For the needy?

I know I do.

The unique thing that I love about this woman, is that she is probably doing this right in her own neighborhood. She is probably reaching out right in her own community. And while I DO think she is actually helping people that don’t have much materialistically, I think more-so she is aware of those who also are needy emotionally. Mentally. Those who are wounded and broken. People who are in despair. Widows who are now raising children with no father because they were killed in Iraq. Encouraging the stay-at-home mom down the street who is so lonely that she just wants to die. Reaching out to the teenager who bags her groceries every week.

She is open to how the Spirit is to use her, all through her daily life.

Because the truth is, we all come into contact with people EVERY DAY who are struggling, contemplating suicide, doing drugs and begging on the inside for someone to notice how lonely they really are. They might actually have all the materialistic things in the world and still be needy. And I honestly have to read this verse and ask myself sincerely, ‘AM I truly open?’.  Am I opening my arms to the poor and EXTENDING them to people who are in need?

Whether it be giving a homeless man ten bucks to buy some food or just listening to a friend who has been deeply wounded in their past. Whatever the need may be, I read this verse and have to ask myself, ‘AM I truly open?’.

I always say that this woman amazes me. But she really does. This verse doesn’t say that she doesn’t have time to recognize those in need. It doesn’t say that she sees them and just prays for them because she’s too busy. It says that she just DOES it. She opens her arms and extends her hands, regardless of the need. And there is no doubt that she is busy. But she’s not ever too busy to reach out to those who are less fortunate. Or to those who are struggling. I imagine that this woman’s home was full of people who just wanted to be sitting on her couch just to be near her and her family. Her hospitality wasn’t lacking, I’m sure. The compassion that came from this woman was probably abundant.

She would just extend her hands to those who needed it. And from the depths of despair of those she saw around her she was able to share, Christ, grace, love, mercy, and friendship. And THAT, my friends is what it’s all about.

Inspiring, isn’t it?


3 Jan

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Stay faithful. For this little saying above is really true. And it’s only when we stop comparing, that we will truly find contentment. With contentment and a lot of faithful, hard work, you will begin to see the fruits of your labor.

Even if it’s hard to imagine right now.

be happy

22 Dec

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