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13 Jun

Is anyone else addicted to their iPhone? Does your ENTIRE LIFE exist in it? Do you rely on it A LOT? I do. If my computer exploded, aside from editing photos, I could do the VAST MAJORITY of my work from my phone. That’s pretty neat, if you ask me. That we live in a time and place in history that we are able to enjoy little gadgets like that. And that they enrich our lives as much as they do and help us to be productive.

But lately, Jason and I have been having a heated conversation about whether or not it’s super healthy to be on our phones as much as we are. I say ‘heated’ because it causes me to get a little defensive for some reason (red flag #1). It’s been a good, healthy debate- don’t get me wrong. Weighing the pros and cons of how much we actually use our phones, how often we should be on them, and what it takes away from socially sometimes.

And what it’s taking away from our kids. Yikes.

He shared a blog post that I’m going to share with you today. You may or may not have read it. But holy moly, it is convicting. It makes me wonder exactly how much am I missing in my kids lives, just because I am on my phone. It reaffirmed the conversations that Jay and I have had about how you can be in the room, but not really there. Not listening. Not connecting. Because there is an entire world on the internet that is always distracting me, pulling me in another direction, and vying for my attention. All while two little boys of mine are vying for my attention too. And they don’t know anything about the world wide web.

And nor do they care.

They are going to grow up before my eyes. And I am going to miss it if I am always on my phone. I am going to regret it if all I do is pin stuff, Instagram stuff, and ‘Like’ every status known to man. But I WON’T regret being there for them. I WON’T regret watching them grow up. The internet is always going to be there in some form. But my small, little boys won’t always be. I don’t want them to remember their mom with a phone always in her hands. I want them to remember me as a mom who played with them. Who was silly with them. One who tickled them and made them laugh until they couldn’t laugh anymore. I don’t want them to think I was too busy ‘working’ that I couldn’t build legos with them.

I need to put my phone down more often during the day.

This article was super convicting to me. I’m not saying that being on the phone during the middle of the day or when your kids are awake is a bad thing. BUT, I am suggesting that you read this blog post and figure out what this might mean for your own life with your own kids. There’s a lot of things I HAVE to do during the day through my phone because of the nature of my job and because I have toddlers. I work a lot and at very random times during the day. But is it out of control? Am I too busy on my phone to actually SEE my kids? Am I missing huge parts of their childhood, even though I’m a stay at home mom? That’s what I’m sorting through right now.

Read the blog post HERE. And then make your own conclusions. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

7 Responses to “hands free”

  1. Shari Lopatin June 13, 2012 at 4:29 pm #

    I think that’s a great revelation, Jess. I don’t have kids, but several months ago, I realized I was missing out with my own things: enjoying time with my boyfriend, my sister, and my parents. Gaining weight and not exercising or eating right. So, I cut back on the tech stuff. Since, I’ve felt MUCH better and lost 20 lbs! LOL!

    Anyway, a year ago, I wrote a blog post about this topic that you may enjoy, so thought I’d share. It’s called, “Top 8 Reasons to STEP AWAY from the Computer.” I don’t have internet on my phone, so for me, it’s the computer. Here’s the link: http://sharilopatin.com/2011/08/18/top-8-reasons-to-step-away-from-the-computer/

  2. veronica fonner June 13, 2012 at 11:22 pm #

    Wow re-affirming my conviction I have now had for 2 weeks. I believe my smart phone is making me dumb and taking away my life. I am so consumed with my phone its like a bad addiction. Chris and I have the heated conversations as well. We actually had a much needed date night and instead of enjoying my husband and his excitement for his new job I played on my cell phone, even worse he caught me talk about ruining the moment. I realized I am missing out on life not only with Chris but with our 3 amazing girls. Looks like I will be phone shopping soon for an old school phone no 4g for me. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Elizabeth June 14, 2012 at 12:07 am #

    Wow, this is so convicting:/ I have been feeling this way for a while now. My heart broke as I read the original blog post. It’s time to make a change!

    I reposted the original blog post on fb but couldn’t figure out how to tag you from my phone:) Thanks so much for sharing though.

  4. Dena June 14, 2012 at 9:38 am #

    Jess, I’m not a mama but I’m a nanny and this melted me. Made me feel much and not in a good way. I’ve go to agree with you more. I’m so guilty of this. But I’m more guilty of doing this with my sisters kids then the lil ones I nanny which breaks my heart more. They are as close to my own children you can get. Thanks fro sharing. I needed this!

  5. Working Mom June 14, 2012 at 10:18 pm #

    I think technology has gotten the best of us. It’s a double edged sword, because in a sense, it’s such a convenience having internet on your phone (when in need of directions, an urgent email or even transferring monies into your account). But at the same time, it consumes sooooo much of our time, when we’re by ourselves or our loved ones.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  6. leslietjackson June 18, 2012 at 7:07 am #

    I completely agree… both my phone and my laptop are evils in this scenario. I envision that William will have an image of me sitting on the couch with the computer on my lap when he remembers his childhood. It’s hard when you’re juggling both mom and work – but so worth it to put it down when they are up – that’s my goal, never work when they are awake and when we sit down to eat, do stuff etc… to turn it off/on silent and put it all away… harder though since we get so addicted to being connected.


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