fab find

16 Apr

Normally, I don’t really shop online. I love hunting for the one quirky find through thrift stores, Target, or even other popular stores. I don’t like to limit myself to where I shop or where I find my clothes. I like to wear something that is cute, comfortable and ME. And if I like it, then I’ll wear it, regardless.

But I found this fun little top from Fresh Produce the other week and had to have it! I love pairing it with my Savers shoes that I scored for $4 and other fun jewelry. I’m always leery about shirts not fitting right if I shop online, but this one fits me perfectly!! Their size charts are awesome and this shirt is super comfy and light. Fresh Produce has a lot of different summer tops, tunics and other women’s tops that are super fun! This one that I’m wearing here was my favorite. I’m a total sucker for stripes. But they have a lot of different things to choose from that are simply perfect for summer. And you can rest assured that your item will fit you, once it arrives. Which is always a bonus because if you’re super busy like me, then you don’t really have time to waste mailing things back and forth. OR spending a lot of time in the dressing room.

With my fun Savers shoes!

Go check ’em out if you never have! I love this shirt and can’t wait to try it with new skirts, jeans and other fun shoes!

** Fresh Produce now ships to over 200 countries, so women outside the US can enjoy the colorful styles, too!

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