29 Jan

We started off the first week of the new year a little slow. After the initial ‘high’ from the holidays wore off, we were left looking into 2012 actually wondering what it held in store for us. Creatively, that thought left us in a slump for about four days. And in those days, we set some HUGE goals. Goals that actually still kind of frighten me a little bit. In the best way possible, of course. But we just looked at each other and said, ‘Welp. Here goes nothing!’. And then we wrote them down as if they’ve already happened.

I think there’s something amazing that happens when you actually believe you can do it too. When you set goals and you REALLY set your MIND to it.

And can I tell you something? 2012 is going to be CRAZY, as far as our goals are concerned. We aren’t even out of January yet and some of them are already beginning to take shape. And the possibility of some of these things actually ARE tangible. WHOA.

You guys. Lets work hard this year make it awesome. Because you can’t just make goals and hope that they come to you. You have to work very, very, VERY hard. And it is just possible for your passion to become your purpose. And for your goals to become items that you CAN cross off your bucket list. And it IS possible to make your own dreams come true. It takes a lot of work. A lot of prayer. A lot of patience. And flexibility.

But the sleepless nights, creative slumps, and meltdowns are ALL worth it in the end. I’m really motivated to make these goals come to reality in my life. So no matter where 2012 ACTUALLY takes us, I’m still going to reach for those stars.

And as it happens, I’ll let you know what goals we’re reaching once we reach them. So stay tuned for that.



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