happy new year!

1 Jan

There were so many things that we experienced this year that we are extremely grateful for.

One of them was having our OWN family pictures taken. We had the amazing opportunity to be photographed by a fellow photographer and a friend of ours in 2011 and we haven’t had the opportunity to share some of the images here. Mike Olbinski followed us around Downtown for a couple of hours with our crazy kids and it was a total blast. One goal we have for 2012 is to get in FRONT of the camera more. Someone once told me (Jess) that in order to be a good photographer, you need to know how it feels to be on the opposite side and by MANY different styles of photographers. I thought it was very smart advice and something I really listened to. I can’t wait to have our little family photographed again.

We love how crazy and fulfilling this past year has been. And whether you’re in front of our camera or we’re in front of yours, we can’t wait to meet you or see you again. 2012 is already bound to be a fantastic year. And even if it’s not, it’s ok. We’re doing what we love and that’s what matters.



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