embrace the season

18 Dec

Tis the season to be busier than you’ve ever been in your life.


I know like the rest of you, I’ve been BUSY. So busy. Like, there aren’t enough hours in the day, BUSY. AND to make it harder, I decided to start training to run a marathon. Yes. You read that right. A MARATHON. And I wasn’t going to share that information with anyone for awhile, but there it is. Frankly, I’m tired of not feeling or being fit. So I’m actually doing something about it. And making working out a priority. The last of this baby weight is being stubborn and changing my eating habits alone is no longer enough. Thank you very much, pregnancy number 2.’They’ are right. The weight is a LOT harder to get rid of after your second kiddo.

So I’ve set some goals and I’m going for it with some MAJOR accountability in my life. And I actually feel great! BUT, the amount of hours I have in the day have shrunk even more than they were before. So my days are long. My nights are short. But I actually feel rested to some extent.

I’m REALLY enjoying this Christmas season too. Last year, I was at the peak of my encounter with post partum depression and really struggling to find the joy that I KNEW we were called to celebrate. It’s crazy to think about what a different place I’m in this year in comparison to last. And I’m really thankful that that was a season and is over now. And that I can embrace the holidays this year, even though things are busy!

And it’s been raining A LOT this past week which makes THIS Arizona gal very happy. It actually feels like winter a little bit with all the rain. So I’m sipping coffee, watching Love Actually (best.movie.ever.) and planning out my to-dos for the week ahead! There’s a LOT to do still. But nothing that is too overwhelming or too stressful this time.

Praise God we are there.

Tomorrow I’m planning to pick back up on my series in Proverbs 31. I haven’t forgotten. But I have neglected it a little bit due to the season. But the next couple of verses are good, so stay tuned for that.

I pray you’re trying to embrace the season too! It’ll be over in a week and we’ll be onto 2012. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Live in the moment now. We aren’t promised next year, or even tomorrow for that matter. It’s busy, yes. But let go of things that don’t NEED to get done and just take some time to SIT DOWN. Drink a cup of coffee. Watch a movie. And take it all in. How easily we forget to do that sometimes, right?


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