double ear infection

14 Oct

Cruz now has a double ear infection. We went BACK to the doctor, got different antibiotics, and are praying for it to GO AWAY. Cruz has never had an ear infection at all until now and let me say this:


Ear infections suck because he’s in a ton of pain and there’s not a TON I can do for him. I’m really ready for him to be feeling better. The doctor said that we are lucky that his eardrums haven’t burst yet. So that’s awesome.  My poor kid. There’s nothing worse than watching your own kiddo be sick. I wish I could be sick FOR him. Would that be great if it worked like that??

To top it off, we are in a HUGELY busy season with Session Nine. Weddings, Lifestyles, Engagements. I’ve already missed a few shoots because he’s sick, but there’s others that I CAN’T miss, unless he’s in the hospital, obviously.

Talk about MOM GUILT.

I’m sure some of you have had to go to work while your kids are sick; I can’t be the only one here. It SUCKS. I’ve missed everything I can and will continue to do so, but there’s a few things I just can’t miss unless it’s an emergency. Like WEDDINGS. I have one tomorrow and I’m kinda stressing out over leaving him while he’s in so much pain and while he’s got a fever. I always leave him with AMAZING people. Tomorrow he’ll be with my sister, brother-in-law and my mom will come over. So it’s the next best thing to me. BUT I still feel horrible. It’s tugging at my ‘mom heart strings’ big time. And I hate it.

Sometimes this whole ‘balancing it all’ thing just really blows. And maybe I’m just being overdramatic because I’m exhausted. Sorry if that’s the case, but I’ve slept less this week than I did when the boys were newborns.


So I’m just feeling tired and emo about the whole thing. I’m glad he has the medication he needs now. I’m just praying that it works and that he gets to feeling better soon. I’d really be sad if his little eardrums burst AND I hear that that’s SUPER painful. Just what we need. More pain.

If you’re the praying type, please pray for me! I’m exhausted and need REST when I can sleep a little. I have to still work through his sickness. It’s sort of the blessing and the curse of running your own business. I’ve stepped out of what I can, but there’s few things that I can’t. And it breaks my heart to leave him. Pray ultimately that he’s HEALED. I miss my little Cruzer. My bubbly, strong-headed Cruzer.

I’m just ready for him to start feeling better. And for the rest of us to get some sleep.


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