swim lessons

22 Jun

We decided to put Cruz into swim lessons this year. I found a FANTASTIC instructor who is just simply awesome with the kids. Cruz started on Monday and it’s Wednesday today and he’s already making HUGE strides. No pun intended.

Except that he HATES it. And he screams the entire time. Poor kid.

And while it is kind of painful for me to watch him scream and kick and cry and BEG for MAMMA!!!!!, I do realize that this is not about me in any way shape of form. He HAS to know how to swim and he’s GOT to be comfortable in the water. More importantly, he needs to know how to get to the edge and to climb out should he ever fall in. Accidents happen way to often during these Arizona summers, and while I realize that we aren’t off the hook just because he can (or will) swim, it IS something that all of my kids will know how to do.

Scary stuff.

Anyways. He hates it. And he BEGS to sit by the towels the whole time. And he runs from his teacher when she announces it’s his turn. But it’s a two week class and I’m told that he will be swimming by the end of it! We will see!

I included a little video of it here if you want to check it out. I film him every time he’s in the water because I want to be able to see his progress. And I’d pretty much die if he accomplished something big and I missed getting it on film. AND the movie maker in me would LOVE to put all the clips together to document his first time having an activitiy in which I wasn’t really a part of.

Even though there is NO movie maker in me. That’s just wishful thinking. But maybe I’ll try it? No?


Check it out. Certainly don’t feel like you need to watch the whole thing. It’s two minutes long. But he screams the whole time and says some pretty funny stuff. Little does he know, he’s got SEVEN more days of swim lessons. Ha. Poor kid. But I don’t care. He’s gotta know how to swim.

It’s not an option.

Oh and don’t mind the ‘mom chatting’ that goes on. I mean, it’s what women do, you know?


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