25 Jan

I’ve been finding my ideas of ‘home’ changing, yet again. I’ve been doing a lot of research around the area that we live in and checking out homes for rent and homes for sale. It’s really fun for me to see what’s out there and since our lease will be up in August, we will be looking to move again. So I’m just getting a feel for the neighborhoods, their prices and what has been and potentially could be available once we are ready to move. I’m a planner, in case you didn’t notice. But I’m really excited about it. The more that I check out the area, the more I find myself wanting something so much different that what I thought I would want. I’m finding myself falling in love with these little townhouse communities. Townhomes that have been there since the 70’s, are smaller and are laid out differently that homes that are built today, with small roads and green lawns, small yards and have usually been remodeled on the inside. They are just so awesome to me. They are all over the place down here.

I’ve always thought that I would want a bigger home. That’s natural, right? You have kids and you’ve got to fit them somewhere! But what if we just don’t do that? What if we actually live below our means when it comes to housing? We’d still have room for our kiddos, space for them to grow up and be comfortable. But what if we just don’t have an enormous backyard? What if we just keep it simple, teach our kids to keep it simple and don’t even try to keep up with the Jones’?

Those thoughts are very appealing to me.

I’d love to travel with our boys and take them to see things that they’d never have the chance to see if we had a huge mortgage payment. I’d love to not have a lot, but to be good stewards of what we DO have and to teach them that. I’d love to settle into a smallish home that we could just keep forever. You’d think that living in Scottsdale there would be more of an urge to keep up with people in regards to what you own. But I actually, and honestly, don’t feel that way. Maybe we are surrounded by amazing people or maybe my mind has just shifted enough that I don’t care what people think, but I really find myself not worrying about the ‘stuff’. In fact, it’s the opposite. I find myself wondering how we can get rid and give away most of it.

It’s liberating, to not have to keep up with people.

God’s blessings still pour down on us, and it’s not always in the form of ‘stuff’. And I am so grateful that He meets our needs and that we do have everything we need. I feel really content with that and really don’t want or need anything more. So when it comes time to buy our next house, which Jason says is a long time away, I’m really looking forward to keeping it simple. Living in a smaller community in a city that offers lots for my kids, teaching them that it’s ok that we don’t have a pool in the backyard, and spending our money on actually living life and not what we’re living in. I’m not saying it’s bad to own or rent a big home, and who knows what type of home we’ll buy when the time is right. But I’m liberated by the idea of living way beneath our means.

Who knows if we’ll even end up staying here! Life can change in an instant and I’m definitely open to that. But when it comes to our next home, I’m really excited to keep it simple. These are just a few examples I love, and not all from the same house. But you’ll get the basic idea.

2 Responses to “home”

  1. Julie January 25, 2011 at 11:53 am #

    I feel the same way! I hate having lots of stuff and overwhelming amounts of space. Mike and I live very simple. I do find it hard sometimes wanting the things other people have and I do feel pressure to keep up with the cool/hip mom’s. At the end of the day though I sleep easier knowing that I’m not piled in debt trying to keep up with the Jones’s. Living in your means is hard when you grew up having everything. I don’t want Joanna learning those lessons in her 20’s like me.

    • jesswilliams January 25, 2011 at 5:26 pm #

      You’re a great mom Julie! AND you ARE a hip/cool mom! Love ya!!

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