big boy bed

5 Dec

I sort of was dreading this milestone. I mean, I wanted him to be able to sleep in a big boy bed and to move out of his crib. BUT, we had grown extremely accustomed to him sleeping through the entire night, since he was three months old. That is a long time to be sleeping peacefully, and I was nervous that I wouldn’t know exactly when he was ready to make the transition. I didn’t want it to be too early and have all kinds of problems with him sleeping. We’ve never had problems with him sleeping and I just didn’t want to rock the boat!

A great friend of mine said something to me that finally made A LOT of sense about this whole situation. I was explaining to her that I thought he was ready to move out of his crib, but that I was hesitant and I wasn’t sure why. How do you know when they are ready for sure? What if he’s not ready and he’s scared? What if he starts waking up and getting out and just doesn’t understand or grasp the concept? Keeping him in his crib was SO much easier! He could just sleep in there until he’s twelve, right? He never, ever tried to climb out so I just had no idea when he’d be ready. I was very wishy washy on it until she gave me great advice. She said that she feels like once you are confident that you child understands the concept of obeying, they can be ready to move to a big boy/girl bed. And after she said that, something clicked for me. It was exactly what I had needed to hear! That made A LOT of sense! Cruz does understand how to obey. He doesn’t do it all the time, but that goes without saying. But he does understand what obeying is and he does actually do it well most of the time. Without this understanding, how can he understand me when I say, “Don’t get out of bed or else…”?

Yes. This finally made a lot of sense to me.

So I went home and told Jay that I really thought Cruz was ready to do this and that I had finally gained the confidence I needed to make it happen. So after his birthday and after Thanksgiving, we thought we’d give it a go. So we took down his crib on a morning after Thanksgiving and put up his toddler bed. We made the whole morning fun and talked about what we were doing the whole way. Nap time came and I told him that he was going to sleep in his big boy bed now and that he was supposed to stay in his bed and not get out until nap time is over. We hugged and kissed him, tucked him in and walked out.

Jay and I looked at each other like, oh my gosh what have we gotten ourselves into??

Fully expecting him to cry, scream, get out of bed and that we’d have to lock him inside his room, we were pleasantly surprised. It was more like pleasantly shocked actually, because Cruz didn’t make ONE SINGLE PEEP. He took a four hour nap in his big boy bed, and was SO proud of himself when he woke up!! We were obviously thrilled, but bed time was coming so I wasn’t going to get too excited just quite yet! But he did the same thing at bed time! He whined only a little bit as we were putting him down for bed, but he slept the whole night and never got out of bed. Since then, he’s only gotten out of bed one time and he waits for us to come in to get him once he wakes up.

So I am one proud mamma, that’s for sure! He was a rockstar through the whole transition and blew me away at how easy that was. He really does understand what it means when I tell him that he needs to stay in bed. And although he has tested the waters a little bit, he’s very good at obeying us. He’s such a good boy. I am so proud of him. And I am so thrilled that this transition wasn’t traumatic or a bad experience for him.

You gotta follow your mamma instinct on things like this. And good advice from good friends is always extremely helpful too!

One Response to “big boy bed”

  1. Alex Evjen December 6, 2010 at 6:44 pm #

    Wow!!! He’s growing up SO fast!!!

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