13 Jul

I won’t post all the pictures we posted on our site here, but I did want to post a few. Jason and I photographed a wedding back in April and we completed all the edits this past week! We are very, very proud of the work that we did and I wanted to share it with you here!

I love photographing weddings. It’s hard work, that’s for sure. Especially while being pregnant! Ha! But I love that it’s such a big and important day for a couple. I love that everything is beautiful. I love that there is so much LOVE in the air. I love that a wedding usually always reflects the couples individual style. And what I love more is being able to spend time with our clients and get to know them through the process. It’s so gratifying to watch people you would consider friends as they say their vows to one another.

And they’ve asked us to capture it. Wow.

It’s so amazing to be able to pay very close attention to our work in post production. To be able to collaborate with Jason and to put something together that genuinely tells a story. I just love it, the whole process from beginning to end!

Julie and Luke’s wedding was an amazing event. It was such a fun wedding!! People danced, drank and celebrated. Here’s a few of the pictures that were my favorites from the day. To see all the pictures, please check out our Session Nine Photography site. I love being able to create memories for people. This is my job?? Are you kidding me?? Wow. What an honor.


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