home together

9 Jun

When we were getting ready to move out of our house, and as we were packing, Jay made a comment that made me a little sad, I’ll be honest.

He said, “I’m kinda sad to be leaving our comfy home.”

When he said it, it not only made me miss our home incredibly (even though we hadn’t even moved yet!) but it made me fearful that we weren’t going to be AS comfortable in our new place. Or that we wouldn’t love it as much. Or that it wouldn’t be what we thought it would be. Or that our stuff wouldn’t fit. Or that it wouldn’t feel like ‘us’.

The list of worries went on and on from that one comment.

Jason didn’t mean to worry me or make me sad. He was feeling the exact same way I was. But as a wife, mother and home maker, every single ounce of me wanted my whole family to feel and be comfortable in our new place. I want our children to have a safe and comfortable place, but I also want my husband to be comfortable and to feel at home. To have a place he can come home from work and unwind and relax. It actually scared me that we wouldn’t have that in this new place. It’s ridiculous to type out, but it’s truly how I felt! I just deeply wanted everything to be good.

So we moved, painted our new place and unpacked very quickly. We’ve only been here about two weeks and the boxes are gone. I had to make this place feel like home fast so it could be a place where we could work and live and be at ease, right away. It was a hard two weeks, but I’m super glad that I did it.

Last night as we were eating dinner, Jay said out of nowhere,

“I really like it here. It’s really comfortable.”

And it kinda made me beam on the inside! I feel the exact same way! It’s not our comfy Gilbert home, but it is a new place that very quickly has become home to us. And more importantly, we all consider it home already. All three of us sleep better at night for some reason. Cruz falls asleep faster and I’m not sure why. We love the area more than anything and it has very quickly felt like home. It’s music to a wife and mother’s ears that the home you’ve created is a comfortable sanctuary for the entire family. And that everyone’s happy here.

What a great feeling.

2 Responses to “home together”

  1. Sheri Stribling Williams June 9, 2010 at 6:12 am #

    It looks great! Can’t wait to come and see it again in person…

  2. bloomintoyou June 13, 2010 at 6:09 pm #

    Looks beautiful, Jess! I can’t wait to come see it in person!

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